Dr burke and yang relationship quiz

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dr burke and yang relationship quiz

Meredith GreyPreston BurkeThe HospitalA RelationshipCallie TorresArizona RobbinsCristina YangGossip GirlDerek Shepherd. More information. Article by. Cristina Yang, M.D., Ph.D., is a fictional character from the medical drama television series Yang earlier in the series got engaged to Preston Burke ( Isaiah Washington), in the past had a relationship During her internship, Cristina has an on-off relationship with the chief of cardiothoracic surgery Preston Burke (Isaiah. Cristina Yang was on Grey's Anatomy for years, but now that she's left, of her initial storylines revolved around her relationship with Dr. Burke.

It's good this didn't happen as it seems pretty implausible given everything we know about Cristina. Falling in love with a heart surgeon is her thing, not going for the dreamy patient in the bed down the hall. She did this by casting actors who resembled the original three characters who has since left the series Cristina, Izzie, and George.

Not only did these folks look a bit like the characters, their time on the episode hearkened back to storylines from the first few seasons.

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All of this unfolded under the watchful gaze of Dr. Meredith Grey who, along with the audience watching the episode, experienced a feeling of nostalgia to what must seem like a simpler time for the series. It was a great way to honor the amazing achievement of airing a th episode while also paying homage to the character who made that very achievement a possibility.

When she was deeply involved with Dr. Burke, he was shot during one of the series' more dramatic episodes. This led her to perform complex procedures she was in no way prepared for at her level of experience.

By doing this, she ended up advancing her career and abilities at a much faster rate than other surgeons at her level. That makes a lot of sense when you learn there are only so many positions for a large group of people vying for them.

dr burke and yang relationship quiz

They have to compete against people within their own programs as well as those outside their respective hospitals or they could be out of the job. When it comes to Cristina, her need to compete seems to be more deeply ingrained than others. At the end of season 10, she says goodbye to her fellow co-workers she has come to know and love including Owen and Meredith.

Cristina Yang

Cristina and Meredith share special moments together reminiscing about all the horrors they went through and dancing it out one last time. Cristina leaves for Zurich with surgical intern Shane Ross, who chooses to leave in order to study under her in Switzerland.

Casting and creation[ edit ] Sandra Oh 's character was not supposed to be of Asian descent. On the creation of Yang, Shonda Rhimes said the character contained "a little bit of [her] personality". There's something interesting about a person who is that driven, a little bit emotionally disconnected but still a caring, sweet, and smart individual you could be friends with. From the beginning, I've been shaping Cristina around Sandra a little bit. One of my favorite things to do is take as much of her dialogue out of a scene as possible because she does so much nonverbally.

Then I just watch what she manages to do without having a word to say. Oh said her character was "a pert little blonde and the thing is the woman who runs the show, Shonda Rhimes, is a black woman, which makes a big [expletive] difference.

It's a changing time on television because five or ten years ago you wouldn't have a major network show where half of the cast were not white. Online reported in Maythat Oh, as well as all original cast members, had signed on for two more years. I mean, in real life there aren't many of them. But the ones you encounter are at the very top of their game. You have to have a kind of ascetic personality to survive. Rhimes commented, "[We see] her struggle to suppress all of her humanity in pursuit of perfection.

And in my mind, what we realize is that she is not cold.

Cristina-Owen-Burke Comparison- Defining the Relationship

Scared that if she lets her emotions out, they will overtake her and she will be hurt. And you can't hate her. Because it's so incredibly human and understandable. This led to the two being dubbed "the twisted sisters". At the conclusion of season threethe duo went on a "honeymoon" together, and Rhimes called it her favorite detail of the finale. It has long been her defining characteristic.

If it occasionally makes her into a caricature, it has also unquestionably established that she would have an abortion in this circumstance. As for the abortion in the eighth season, Rhimes commented: And I feel like that is a character who has never really wanted to be a mother. The idea that this woman would have a child that she did not want and resented for ruining her career and resented Owen for making her have [it] would have been hideous.

What I read when I read the season premiere, and this is just my take on it, is that it was very much two very analytical people, Owen and Cristina. They're very similar in a way, I think, as people. Two analytical people see each other over a crowded ER room and their eyes meet. We would shoot all our scenes for a day or two straight, and that was extremely challenging because emotionally and physically it becomes really exhausting. To see someone being pulled apart so intensely, which honestly most everyone goes through in their life in some ways, if you're lucky you're completely pulled apart and then you have to pull yourself together, which hopefully will be the exploration within hopefully the next season.

I hold out faith in Cristina and Owen, even though they go to the darkest places out of all the couples on the show. It's going to get worse but it's going to get better soon. The character was well received by the critics at the time of its inception and as the series went on the reviews became increasingly positive and Cristina went on the become an iconic character not just for Grey's but for television itself. Viewers could clearly see a softening of the typically hard-edged Cristina, a pleasant change for what had become something of a one-note character.

Is it because they're both married now? Whatever, it's the opposite of Blair and Serena's annoyingly fickle frenemy status on Gossip Girland I can't get enough. Mark Perigard of the Boston Herald considered the friendship to be "the secret core of Grey's". Aisha Harris of Slate called their relation The Best Female Friendship on TV adding that "With those two characters, showrunner Shonda Rhimes and her team of writers created one of the most nuanced and realistic portrayals of female friendship on television.

There's nothing fake about them, which is a rarity in how female friends are portrayed on television. Yes No 12Did Meredith and Derek have three children?

Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd had a rocky relationship, given that they did not meet in a conventional way! They had a massive amount of sexual tension going on between them for most of the series. Derek and Addison initially try to work things out, but the relationship ultimately fails again. In season seven Meredith and Derek finally marry in order to adopt a kid named Zola. But how many children in total did they really have?

Addison had a very complicated relationship with both Derek and Mark, as the three had some sort of love or sex! And this is without Meredith in the picture, which complicates things even further! This relationship was terribly strained for a long time before it was fixed. Addison was married to Derek, whom she was cheating on with Mark, his best friend.

dr burke and yang relationship quiz

Derek and Addison tried to fix their relationship while Mark meanwhile tried to make her see Derek had moved on. She did have a baby though, which she had aborted. But whose is it? But before her end was…her beginning duh! Yes No 15Was Preston Burke an attending cardiothoracic surgeon?

Preston Xavier Burke, M. Well, Cristina and Preston were romantically involved and this was part of the main storyline in the first three seasons. Burke specialized in a specific area of medicine, but what exactly was it? Yes No 16Did Dr. He could be described at times as enigmatic, vigilant, and ambitious. He seemed to be quite the leader at Seattle Grace for our interns. Woman sort of gave him no choice though because she left him anyway.

Later it is revealed that she got pregnant. Yes No 17Did George repeat his internship? The fourth season opener was surely signaling the times are a-changin! Meredith and Cristina, for example, have moved on to commence their residency. But was it really George? Or was it Izzie?

Yes No 18Did Meredith have two half-sisters? But just how many half-sisters did Meredith Grey really have? Is it only Lexie Grey? Could there be one more?

Or more than one more?! Yes No 19Did Maggie Pierce become head of her department at just 30 years old? Maggie Pierce, a doctor who finished both her high school and medical school education early, becomes head of her department at a relatively young age. In fact, because she finished school early, she is one of the youngest members of the hospital. Perhaps it is because of her young age that her disposition and outlook is also more on the optimistic and light-hearted side!

Her academic excellence propelled her to a good position too. A brilliant woman, she has worked not only at Seattle Grace Hospital, where she trained for and practiced her residency, she also went to work at Mass General and the Mayo Clinic.

But her accomplishments do not stop there! A woman this brilliant surely would attract numerous awards! The Harper Avery Award is just one example of this, but how many times did Ellis win? But the deed had to be done because Patrick Dempsey stated before the eleventh season came around that he would be leaving the series.


Sad day for Mer-Der fans! But character exits can be quite satisfying too they could die, or move away. Did Derek Shepherd die of cardiac arrest? Lexie Grey is the half-sister of Meredith Grey. Though she was often involved in many complicated and frequently steamy romances throughout her run on the show, she was also described to be quite timid and even innocent at times.