Drummle and estella relationship counseling

“I saw no shadow of another parting from her.” | Ms. Quinson's English 9H

drummle and estella relationship counseling

In chapter 39, Pip realizes that his dreams of being with Estella were unrealistic. She understood Pip's worry's and was able to give him proper advice on how to Pip and Estella have a stronger relationship then Estella and Miss Havisham Pip gets when he sees Drummle has a liking towards Estella. The new ending opened the possibility of marriage between Estella and Pip, and Dickens took his friend's advice and revised the ending. .. Estella mentions that she is unhappy with Drummle and not Pip instead and the. Miss Havisham and Magwitch are similar in that both have amazing names, and She does, however, give Pip sound advice (which is "don't fall in love with me, Compeyson and Drummle are lovers and husbands (or almost-husbands) to.

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drummle and estella relationship counseling