Egypt and france relationship

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egypt and france relationship

The Egyptian-French relations are based on historical and cultural foundations. The scientific mission that accompanied the French Campaign. Relations between Egypt and France span from the Middle Ages to the present. They are part of France-Africa relations. Contents. 1 History. Sixteenth to. Egypt-Libya relations • 14 min read. Diplomatic distance: Egypt skeptical of French diplomatic play in Libya. Asmahan Soliman and Sherifa Moataz.

D — Political and Military Relations There has been remarkable dialogue, coordination and proximity in views on the issues influencing the security and stability of the MENA region and Europe.

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In addition, joint military exercises have been taking place, such as the Cleopatra naval and urban exercises launched inthe Nefertari air exercise, the Ramses military exercise, and the Bright Star exercises comprised of multiple nationalities. Meanwhile, top French exports to Egypt are electronic and electric devices, information technology IT services, prosthesis, measuring devices, turbines, motors, visual media, cylinders, poultry, sugar, dairy products and transportation equipment.

The EU-Egypt Association Agreement activated in enabled the penetration of Egyptian goods to European markets in general and French markets in specific. Inthe Egyptian-French Business Council was founded to further boost partnerships.

France and Egypt

Infrastructure Projects French companies have executed the Cairo Metro, launched the Nile Sat satellites, installed a mobile phone network, restored the Suez Cement Factory, and constructed the Alexandria Oil Refinery, water supply stations in Fayoum and the 10th of Ramadan industrial zone, terminal 3 at Cairo Airport and its radar, an electricity station in Tanta, a wastewater treatment station in Gabal al Asafar, a thermal power station in Suez and Port Said governorates, and natural gas liquefaction plants.

It also contributed in the construction of Bibliotheca Alexandria. From through40 cooperation protocols and agreements were signed between both countries in support of the economic development in Egypt.

Cultural-Scientific Cooperation French-Egyptian Egyptology institutes and laboratories have unveiled many archeological discoveries. The expert explained that Russia will build factories serving the industries of electronics, electric power, engineering, vehicles - especially cars and trucks - and cranes.

egypt and france relationship

The contracts cover designing and construction of the plant, supplying nuclear fuel, consulting services for operation and maintenance, and fuel recycling. The plant includes four third-generation reactors, with a capacity of 1, megawatts MW each, for a total of 4, megawatts. The plant will be built on approximately 12, feddans and is expected to create over 50, job opportunities.

The first reactor will be accomplished inwhile the rest will be finished in Local funding for the first two reactors will be 20 and 25 percent respectively, and will gradually increase to 35 percent for the other two reactors. He concluded that was very important to develop Egyptian-Russian strategic partnership. EgyptSat-A may also be launched within the last months of substituting the lost EgyptSat 2.

The new satellite manufactured by Russia - funded from the insurance sum of the lost satellite - is designed for photography to help designing development plans and preserve borders through images of Egyptian territories.

Picture taken January Photo: The president visited China in September as he attended the military parade marking the 70th anniversary of World War II whereas a number of military soldiers participated. He was also invited to attend the G20 Hangzhou Summit.

Egypt–France relations - Wikipedia

El Kamhawy clarified that over 60 agreements and memoranda of understanding MoUs were signed but very few were put into effect adding that the implementation of further projects may start in Other matters include structural reforms in the United Nations as it did not adequately fulfill the goal it was established for in the first place which is serving all peoples in the world.

One of the aspired reforms is increasing the number of permanent members in the Security Council as Egypt wants to become a permanent member, El Kamhawy said. El Kamhawy said that China has to contribute more in international diplomacy as it prefers to appear as keeping a distance from conflicts.

El Kamhawy also shed light on the ascending cultural cooperation between both countries as China increased scholarships granted to Egyptian students amounting now to 1, in sciences and technology. Chinese language departments are now available in 11 universities instead of two, which were Ain Shams and Suez Canal. On the other hand, the number of Chinese students learning Arabic is increasing, the expert added.

egypt and france relationship

El Kamhawy stated that the execution of Chinese investments in the SCzone may be launched in encouraged by currency flotation and the new investment law. Around 28 Egyptian marble companies will take part in the Xiamen International Stone Fair - one of the biggest fairs for stones in the world and it displays the latest techniques in this field - that will be held in China on March ,