Evangelion rei and shinji relationship help

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evangelion rei and shinji relationship help

Rei Ayanami (綾波 レイ, Ayanami Rei) is a fictional character from the Japanese media As the series progresses, she begins to develop relationships with others and to show After she recovers from her injuries, she goes on to assist Shinji in defeating the Angels with their first major victory being against Ramiel. Rei's. (Keep in mind Rei, Shinji, and Kaworu are now all connected together by the angel) The angel attacking Unit 01 actually takes Rei's form Then he says there was no helping Rei, and that she was a fool. He leans in to kiss Shinji again. Rei Ayanami, Kaworu Nagisa, In Relationship, Neon Genesis Evangelion. Kaworu x Shinji x Asuka Neon Genesis Evangelion, Evangelion Kaworu, Simple .

Rei needs someone to connect with, and is drawn to Shinji. Or, you could say it's because she sees a younger, more ideal version of Gendo, who she holds in high regard. Not only does he overcome his introvertedness, he actually talks to the girl everyone else avoids.

Not only that, but Rei responds, holding what passes for a conversation.

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The problem with these 'per episode' arguements is I'm forced to restate a lot of things. Shinji is a good person; he wants to reach out to Rei because she seems so lonely.

She's mysterious, so he wants to know what's going on inside her head. To top it all off, Rei blushes at the comment a damn cute scene if I ever saw one. Okay, I don't even know why you brought this up. This scene more or less cripples the argument. How often do you think an Ice Queen like her feels embarrassed? So embarrassment means love? Wow, Doctor Ruth move over, there's a new love guru in town!

Honestly now, her maternal instincts cause her to feel a sense of vindication when she hears those kind of things coming from Shinji. She knew Shinji was nervous about meeting his dad, and came to see how he was doing. In addition, the sight of Rei looking at him gave Shinji the courage to call out to Gendo.

Another really bad point. Rei follows Gendo all the time. Seeing Rei if there is even a connection, which I won't say there is or isn'tcauses him to call out to his dad because he sees that his father is capable of connecting with someone, which is what Shinji wants from his dad.

He wants his dad to care for him the way he does Rei. We've been through this. You're not presenting me with anything new to work with. It's a given that everyone else was afraid, but for Rei to show emotion like that really means something.

My mom goes nuts every time I step into the ring. Rei worries about Shinji like a mother worries about her child. Misato has to repeat her order to get Rei to leave. Not only that, she actually looks annoyed. A mother bear will die to protect her cub. The same goes for humans. I'll get into Asuka's actions in that scene later. Remember the only time before this when Rei took independent action was when Shinji insulted Gendo, a person important to Rei.

Asuka was insulting Shinji, and Rei again takes independent action. In addition, if you listen closely, you can hear just a hint of anger in Rei's voice.

evangelion rei and shinji relationship help

Of course, she does care about Shinji. But where, pray tell, is the definite romantic connection? She even compliments him. BTW, Asuka is waiting outside his door when he wakes up, but you didn't notice that, did you?

The first time anyone has helped her for the sole purpose of helping her Gendo was trying to preserve his piloting pool when he saved Rei. So you're saying that Rei is a complete bitch, and nothing short of true love will make her say thank you? It sure sounds that way. Shinji WAS the first person to do anything really nice for her. Shinji reaches out to Rei because she reminds him of Yui. To most other people, she's just a creepy girl that they have no reason to talk to.

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And no, Gendo helped Rei because he see's her as a link to Yui. Rei spends a lot of time thinking, you ever think of that? This is one of the few times she does anything nice for the sake of being nice. Perhaps Shinji's making an impression on her. Ever notice that Asuka causes Shinji to be more aggressive?

Rei Ayanami

Perhaps she's making an impression on him. Well yeah, he knows that he's one of the few people that she talks to. You're grasping at straws here. How often do others know what's going on between two people? And besides, he says she cares for him, not love. I know about a dozen people I care about, and would even die for.

That doesn't mean I'm in love with any of them. He wants to know, she tells him. Not to mention that on many occasions she officially passes information on to him.

She knows one of Shinji's friends is the pilot, and that Shinji would be hurt if Touji were to be killed. Now you're back to insulting Rei. Don't you think that just MAYBE, she hesitates because there's a human being in there and she's starting to develop a concept of the value of life? We've been through this one. YES she cares about Shinji! The rest of us got that point already, but you seem to want to drill it into our heads.

She is a sight that calms him, and someone who he feels can help him.

evangelion rei and shinji relationship help

Rei is a symbol of wisdom, but then we're getting into the underlying theories around Eva, and since you haven't acknowledged them yet, I won't bring that up. Anyway, of course she's a calming sight! She's a human quelude for cryin' out loud. Also, throughout the series, Rei gives Shinji advise at times, thus he associates her with wisdom. Back to the underlying story, but this time it's justified. Again, he wants her to help him. Rei is there to guide Shinji, thus he sees her that way.

Asuka is Eve as Shinji is Adam. She isn't there to help him, she's his goal. She's there to challenge him, not help him along. Note, this applies mostly to the movies and the 'mindfuck' episodes, where we see Shinji's subconscious view of things. This is truly significant, because we've seen that Asuka and Rei do not get along at all.

But Rei still tries to be nice, knowing that Shinji is also nice to Asuka. The pause was just to emphasize that this is not an easy step for Rei. Yet she takes the step, anyway.

This made no point what so ever. I'll get back to that later though. Anyway, like Rei talking to Toji, this is evidence of Rei's development as a human, it has nothing to do with romance. So, I'm not going to quote it this time. But tell me, Does she say, "My soul wishes to become one with Ikari's. Rei, like every other character in the series is racked with conflict.

Please note she was not ordered to do so.

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In fact, she was ordered to pull back. How do I know she did it to protect Shinji? Back to the 'Mother Bear' concept. She was willing to die to protect the one she was drawn to. Not to mention, "If I die, I can always be replaced She compares herself to Kaoru, saying "even though he was as human as me?

As with Kaowru, love has many meanings. Do you love you parents or siblings? It doesn't work that way. And the whole maternity argument comes back into play. It's a good thing I'm in a little padded room when I'm doing it because that's where she belongs. She knows she's expendable, but the thing is, she's still human so you can't do her totally catatonic.

Ritsuko Akagi states that Rei was born in a certain room deep in the lower levels of Nerv headquarters. The connection between Rei and Yui is implied a few times during the series. Gendo introduces Rei to the Nerv staff in as an "acquaintance's child" whom he is temporarily taking care of. In episode 21, Naoko Akagi says that Rei physically resembles Yui.

The character model used in the scenes is based on development materials in which her age is only 4. Rei first appears in the first episode of the anime in an injured state after a failed activation test with her Evangelion. She is seen later when creating the dummy plugs for the Evangelions. She, along with Shinji and Asuka, later battle Leliel.

She and Asuka attempt to overcome the Angel Zeruel, but are defeated.

Theory and Analysis:Shinji and Asuka's Relationship

Rei is seemingly killed saving Shinji from Armisael late in the series yet she returns under mysterious circumstances; it is then revealed that the resurrected Rei is in fact the third incarnation of Rei, the first having been killed years prior to the series and the second having died in the previously stated incident.

During the impact, a shining figure of Rei is shown for a few frames looking down at Misato and Ritsuko moments before they die. These spectral images also appear over the corpses of the slain Nerv personnel.