Final fantasy 13 fang and vanille relationship help

Whats up with Vanille and Fang? : FinalFantasy

final fantasy 13 fang and vanille relationship help

For Final Fantasy XIII on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message and for Fang and Vanille it said they have a relationship "just like sisters". For Final Fantasy XIII on the Xbox , a GameFAQs message but if there's some romantic love between Fang and Vanille it would add more. Oerba Yun Fang is a playable character in Final Fantasy XIII who appears as In Final Fantasy XIII-2, Fang appears alongside Vanille in Serah Farron's dreamworld. . His Eidolon Alexander appears and Fang and Lightning help him tame it.

Why couldn't Fang and Vanille at least just share a kiss? I guess I shouldn't have gotten so hyped up before I played myself, but it's a bummer for me. Not the end of the world but I wanted to see something like this included in a serious manner in a FF. And I know I can ship them anyway regardless of whether they're canon, but Fang treats Vanille like she's a little baby and Vanille totally acts like one.

Nevermind sister, Fang acts like Vanille's mom a lot of the time. It just turns me off. It could win me over if Vanille would mature a little bit in her personality, but I just wanted more from it!

Sorry, didn't mean to go on, but I just wanted to complain a bit I already did enough to my friends I don't wanna annoy them anymore.

final fantasy 13 fang and vanille relationship help

There's just that one scene where Fang and Vanille first reunite and they cry and hug and Fang looks under her skirt to check her brand. The gaming community sees this is as a lesbian thing because it's dominated by hetero guys who like to ship female-female relationships.

I couldn't do it" - Vanille User Info: We are very close we weren't when we were younger, but when I turned twelve my parents started homeschooling us and we started spending all our time together. I won't go into too much detail, but a few years ago she got sick and almost died she had to have a blood transfusionand that just brought us even closer and really activated my maternal instincts. It made me appreciate her even more and since then I always worry about her and make sure she takes care of herself so that she doesn't get sick again.

Maybe this makes me sound like a loser, but in real life she's my only friend, and the only member of my family I really get along with. We live together, and since neither of us want to get married, we probably always will.

final fantasy 13 fang and vanille relationship help

My own relationship with my sister affects the way I see this, same as you. I guess the degree of affection characters can express for each other without it having to have romantic connotations is different for me than other people because of how close we are.

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I mean, I would look at my little sister's leg without a second thought if my sis had a mark that was the only indicator of how long she had left before turning into a monster. It's her leg, not her genitals. Since I haven't played the whole series yet I will keep an open mind, but a lot would have to change with the way their relationship is presented to convince me, especially since they've already said their relationship is sisterly.

Ladysoalluring Ladysoalluring 4 years ago 5 I am sorry to hear about your sister, I hope things life as it is stays stable for you two, and doesn't get that bad again. Official "Vanille" of the Dissidia Duodecim boards "To hate, to hurt, to destroy She's fine now, and she should stay that way as long as she doesn't neglect herself.

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I wonder if SE had kept Fang a man if they would have described his relationship with Vanille as "brother and sister". If the game was exactly the same but just with Fang as a man and they called them "just like brother and sister", I would have thought that SE was telling me their relationship was platonic, not romantic, just like I do with our final versions. Final Fantasy likes to draw on different mythologies, but they take bits and pieces.

It's like Kain Highwind; he represents the biblical figure Cain and Cecil is his Abel, but not every aspect of their story matches Cain and Abel's.

final fantasy 13 fang and vanille relationship help

I'm tempted to go and spoil it since I probably won't get to play the last game for a while and it's fun to talk about, buuuuut I'll wait. Would you mind linking me to where they said the nature of Fang and Vanille's relationship was left open to interpretation?

I don't doubt you, but I always ask for links. Iightningz Iightningz 4 years ago 7 I really don't think it's technically "confirmed" canon. On the topic of B, I saw that in a literal translation of the dialogue before the final battle, that Bhunivelze talks to Lightning in far more… affectionate terms.

Credit where credit is due, that is kinky as hell. After all, he was the one who gave Lightning a boob job along with the other modifications to her self. Not that we need to. Better than a character so straightforward everyone just nods their heads when discussing them before moving on. Although I still wish something happened between her and Fang. Besides, as I mentioned before, the fact that she remains unattached helps with self-insertion fantasies.

On that day Bhunivelze created the Crystal of Atonement, so that his mistake may be corrected. The reason behind his decision to turn Hope fifteen again was never fully explained, after all. The whole removing emotions thing might have been done because Bhunivelze lacked the confidence to keep her. Especially since Light probably has to sleep on the Ark, and Hope would be right there. Screw it, the idea amuses me. I never felt this way about any other fandom.

Final Fantasy XIII is Still Queer as Hell: Jaydra Discusses ‘Lightning Returns’

I really, really wanted there to be something to add here to elabourate on the previous article. Fang is at least a lesbian, and probably flirted with Light regardless of intent. I did like how Fang and Light teamed up. Look at how focused and determined they are. A lot of people have said that maybe Light just needs a friend, and Fang comes through in that role. You could argue for a Napoleon relationship here.

When under threat, with your survival depending on each other, and emotions running high, a bond is getting forged.

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Maybe she decides to make up for lost time. I completed my in-depth analysis on themes of sexual identity in a non-Western narrative. Look at how Bhunivelze alters Lightning, and how he grooms her to be a goddess at his side.

final fantasy 13 fang and vanille relationship help

The lengths to which Lightning is being controlled, along with her struggle between letting it happen or breaking free, is a large part of the story.

Lightning exists because someone had to raise Serah, without that need Claire would have never created her. When she does act purely of her own accord, it comes at the end of her journey, and shortly after she re-integrates Claire Farron into her self. To conclude, there is a disturbing lack of Lanille on Tumblr. Step up your game, shippers. Hell, it ends with them on Earth. Lightning ends the fantasy world. Another interpretation of the ending is that the fantasy, really was just that.

The entire universe ultimately revolved around a small group of people, and a lot of time was spent on them working their interpersonal and internal issues out, as well as fighting gods. That sounds like a tabletop RPG to me. Maybe Claire was DMing the whole thing, or leading the party through a campaign. The end has Light reconnecting with Claire, what if that was Claire disengaging from the fantasy world? Another fantasy, though certainly not the last in this case.

Sazh comes over and visits. I would pay good money for DLC that was nothing but the cast getting together over coffee and shooting the shit. How does that play out? How are Serah and Snow are doing, especially now that Light accepts their marriage?

final fantasy 13 fang and vanille relationship help

Now that the world-ending threats have passed, what challenges are they finding? How are they doing on Earth? Is it easy to stay connected?

Which country did they each decide to live in, and why? Is existence low key, or are they still finding trouble? They all needed each other to change themselves. It was nothing but a couple hundred pages of what happened during those first thirteen days after Fang and Vanille woke up.

A realistic expectation for an unrealistic hope. For some reason in the summer of I decided to play through again.

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I guess that my feeling at the time was that it was a pretty good game, I wanted an RPG, and I wanted to run through it now that I knew how the weapon upgrading system worked mostly…. I loved the hell out of it. How I feel during a depression cycle. Also too cute not to link I had never been big into fandoms, nor had I ever actually read fanfiction before. Best twenty bucks I ever spent. But perfect is never beautiful. It taught me about healthy friendships and relationships.

I love it not in spite of its flaws, but the package as a whole. Even if the sequels never fully understood the magic of the original.

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If the Order gave it to her, then why is it designed so differently from the rest of their gear?