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What happens if it was just an acting test so Tina can get up in her college? Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance/Friendship - [Tina C., Mike C.] Blaine A. - Chapters: 6 She didn't like keeping her relationship hidden either. Television Quiz / Glee Relationships. Random Television Quiz Blaine Anderson, Ex-Crush. Blaine Tina Cohen-Chang, Ex-Fake Boyfriend. The Blaine-Tina Relationship, most commonly known as Blina or Blatina (as Tina refers them as in Sadie Hawkins, the eleventh episode of Season Four) is the friendship between former New Directions members and McKinley High alumni Blaine Anderson and Tina Cohen-Chang.

Tina later confronts Blaine by his locker and says she owes him an apology, but also demands an apology from him because she felt that his rejection was the most humiliating moment she had ever experienced in glee club which she admits is saying something. She then apologizes for asking him to the Sadie Hawkins dance seeing as how Blaine was a victim of a hate crime at a Sadie Hawkins dance.

However, Blaine reveals that he didn't turn her down because of that, but because of something else. After Tina insistently demands for a reason why he rejected her, Blaine reveals that it's because he has a crush on Sam before slumping to the floor. Blaine believes he is being stupid, but Tina then tells him that she knows what it's like to be in love with someone who won't love her back, implying it to be Blaine. They laugh together and Tina then asks Blaine out a second time, this time as "best friends," solidifying their friendship, though Tina still harbors feelings for Blaine.

Italic text At the dance, Blaine compliments Tina on her dancing decorations and admits that he's glad he came with her. Blaine then joins the guys in singing No Scrubs while Tina watches in appreciation. They share several dances with each other and compliment each other - with Blaine saying that he loves Tina's new attitude and Tina admitting that she loves his everything and that he's perfect. Just as they appear to be about to kiss, Sam runs in and takes Blaine away to investigate a cheating scandal with The Warblersleaving Tina to feel rejected and hurt once again.

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Later, Tina is getting herself punch when Blaine walks up behind her explains his absence, which Tina dreamily asks if there is nothing he can't do. Blaine replies that he can't possibly leave without one slow dance with her and the two dance to Ryder 's I Only Have Eyes for You. During the next "Too Young To Be Bitter" club, the girls praise Tina for her Sadie Hawkins idea and Tina admits that she has found the love of her life and then disbands the club as there is no longer a reason for the girls to be bitter.

Sadie Hawkins Throughout the episode, Tina's crush for Blaine continued to grow. Since the club needed funding for Regionals now that The Warblers were disqualified she comes up with the idea to create a Men of McKinley calendar. She even noted that Blaine should be December, because he would make a sexy Santa.

Although this would benefit the group, she was obviously creating reasons to see Blaine almost naked. She also goes up to his locker asking that she would accompany her to the mall to pick up clothes, and defends his body and "perky and delicious behind that looks like it got baked to perfection by some master chef," which an uncomfortable Blaine awkwardly thanks her, when Sam starts accusing him of jealousy.

During the photoshoot in the boys locker room, she suggested that the men double up in photos since Artie didn't want to participate, and singled out Blaine to jump into the photo with Sam. Later in the halls, Blaine starts developing a cold and Tina is immediately there with remedies and soup since she noticed this early when she mentions that his nose was red.

She also tells him that he is always able to inspire her after he talks about his view of males being divas. Back in the halls, Tina has a sudden epiphany about how she is pursuing a romantic relationship with a gay guy. However she shakes it off and continues her pursuit. At Blaine's locker, she tells him that she is having trouble finding a song since there isn't much inspiration out there for her. Blaine tells her that she isn't giving enough credit to herself and that after school they will go to his house where they will find the perfect song for her.

In Blaine's bedroom, Tina is sitting on his bed when he walks in. She starts asking him about his sexual activity, and whether he has ever been in a relationship with a women. Blaine tells her that he is a gold star gay, and that he hasn't except for that kiss with Rachel. Blaine then starts telling Tina the way he feels about women, and even though he loves them, it's not in the same way.

He then changes topics back to her song, and she opens the playlist that he thought of for her. She is genuinely happy seeing some of the names, but Blaine then starts to drift off from the medicine and starts to lie on his bed. During this Tina tells him that being a diva means you have to be honest.

She admits that she is falling in love with him, and that she doesn't even care if they have a sex-less relationship, it would be worth it.

When she asks for his thoughts, he falls asleep. Tina then looks and slowly starts to unbutton his shirt. She then climbs on top of him and starts rubbing the vapour rub on his chest. While doing so, she begins to cry and lies on his chest. At Tina's locker, she tosses her photo of her and Blaine that was posted on her wall. She then stomps up to Blaine and starts getting up in his face.

When he starts to feel better, she immediately takes the credit. Throughout her tantrum, Blaine doesn't understand why or what caused her sudden outburst. She tells him that she gives her all her heart, and that it's sad that he doesn't see the support she gives him and that he should go find someone else. The scene changes to Tina and her entourage performing Hung Upin an angry rage. At first, Blaine seems shocked, then starts jamming out to her performance, but is then confused again when she leaves.

In the choir room, Tina wins the dinner for two prize and Blaine starts clapping at the news. Then in the halls, Blaine gives her a rose, and Tina smiles. He then apologizes to her for being unappreciative. He admits that she is the closest person at the school for him right now, and Tina seems over the moon.

He then asks her if that she would be his date for Emma and Will 's wedding and she happily accepts. Diva Tina jealously watches Kurt and Blaine sing Just Can't Get Enough and after the duet, she confronts Kurt and tells him that he has treated Blaine horribly since the cheating scandal and that she has been there for him while Kurt was always "coming and going.

Kurt offers to let Tina accompany them for a double-feature at the Revival House and Tina laments that she'll be a hag forever, but Blaine says that he's going to help her get a boyfriend. During the performance of Anything Could HappenTina and Blaine share a little dance solo together. But Sue says that she dismissed then Tina leaves the office sadly.

glee tina and blaine relationship test

Unfortunately she was the only one voted for Blaine, so Blaine lost to Sue. During Closer they are seen dancing together. Feud In Guilty Pleasures, while Sam and Blaine tell each other their guilty pleasures, Tina interrupts them by telling them that Glee Club is cancelled this week due to Mr.

Schue being out and is sick. Sam then offends her by asking if she is going to go on him and vapo-rub his chest like she did with Blaine in Divato which she replies that it was just a phase and tells them not to show up. Blaine comes up with the idea to run the club with Sam this week including a new assignment, "Guilty Pleasures. Guilty Pleasures During the shooting, Blaine worries about Tina not being in the choir room. Mike is reluctant to perform due to his lack of confidence in his singing.

The two argue about it quite publicly in the library, making several references to dim sum and chicken feet salad. Mike sarcastically suggests they go for "Asian couples counselling" and walks away abruptly. Tina is rather annoyed at this point, and asks Artie to be her duet partner, but this fails, and she and Mike end up performing Sing! Although he initially wanted to dance whilst Tina sang, he ended up "singing" and the two were very well received.

Tina loves Mike so much that it often causes her to become emotional Early in their relationship Tina suffered from low self-esteem and occasionally questioned that Mike may be too good for her, or that their relationship is too good to be true. This may have been due to the fact that they were in the opposite ends of the social hierarchy by association: Mike was both a straight-A student and a football player and therefore at the top by proxy while Tina was at the bottom as she was in the glee club and not a cheerleader.

In Special Educationthis insecurity took over when she started to suspect Mike of cheating on her with Brittany, who was a cheerleader. However, Tina's fears are put to rest by the end of the episode when she realizes that Mike was just putting in long hours of practice with Brittany and may have borrowed her Lip Smackersbut was indeed not cheating on her. Tina's emotions got the best of her again during Silly Love Songswhere she breaks down during her performance of My Funny Valentine.

Mike-Tina Relationship

It is implied that she's never been so deeply in love with someone before, and is overcome with emotions more powerful than she has ever felt. In Season Threeit is implied they might have difficulty, seeing Tina is a junior and Mike is a senior.

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It is revealed in The First Time that Mike and Tina first had sex during the summer in halfway between Season Three and had been sexually active for some time. In the conversation, she says that they had discussed it at length before doing it as it was first time for both of them. As of Season Fourthe long lasting couple have finally separated due to Mike not being able to handle long distance relationships and Tina still at McKinley.

Tina still feels strongly about him, even had his name tattooed on her. This makes Tina extremely furious but in Gleasethey work things out together but they still aren't a couple. In Season Six they reunite for the wedding of Santana and Brittany and Kurt and Blaine and dance together at the reception. Episodes Tina choosing Mike as her partner For the ballad assignment, Tina randomly draws Mike's name out of the hat and so the two end up being partners.

Tina calls Mike "Other Asian" and Mike looks offended. Their actual performance was not elaborated upon and it is unknown what they sang or if they did sing at all. At the end of the performance of Lean on Me Mike has his arm around Tina. In the end, she choose Mike as her partner and the two tap dance as Artie sings Dream a Little Dream. Journey Tina is amazed by Mike's abs Tina officially breaks up with Artie and goes public with her relationship with Mike after being attracted to him while teaching at Asian Summer Camp.

They are seen holding hands in the hallway, dancing together in the choir room, and standing next to each other while watching Sunshine 's audition for Glee Club. This is also the first time they kiss. Audition The two share a toothy kiss after finding out that they both have impeccably clean teeth.

They also sit next to each other after Tina hugs Kurt Hummel when she finds out about his dad and they stand by each other when they all sing One of Us. Grilled Cheesus Mike and Tina sit together during all of the Glee rehearsals in this episode. Due to Mike's apprehension about singing a duet, Tina helps him find a song that will boost his confidence.

glee tina and blaine relationship test

Mike suggests that they go to Asian couple's therapy to resolve their problem, to which Tina expresses further frustration. Mike later expresses how nervous he is about performing a duet in front of the Glee Club, but is reassured by Tina as she holds his hand that it will be fine.

The two perform Sing! After they finish singing, they embrace lovingly and when the club votes for the best duet, Mike writes Tina's name inside a heart on his paper. They do not win the duet competition for them getting only a single vote. Tina is impressed and proud when Mike volunteers to play Frank-N-Furter. Mike reveals Sam 's "cool off" secret thinking about Coach Beiste and Tina suggests that they try it out.

They begin making out in an empty classroom but things quickly get too hot, which results in Tina imagining the coach and muttering " Beiste " out loud. An embarrassed Tina runs away and a confused Mike gets jealous and goes up to Coach Beiste to tell her to stay away from Tina, thinking that the two have some sort of relationship.

Never Been Kissed Mike and Tina at the wedding reception Mike is seen being massaged and iced by Tina while the Glee guys recall their fight with Karofsky. During the wedding entrance procession, Mike and Tina harmonize during a few lines of Marry You. During this number, Mike picks up Tina and twirls her around. They both sit together at the wedding reception, along with SamQuinnand Rachel. Furt Tina suspects Mike of cheating on her with Brittany during their dance practice for Sectionals.

Her suspicion and jealousy gets to the point that she dresses up as a cheerleader albeit with a Gothic flairshowing her insecurities about her not being good enough for a football player. During Sectionals while they're in the green room, Tina calls Mike a jerk but later on Tina and Mike share an "Asian kiss" after the misunderstanding was cleared up.

He casually comments on how she changed back to her original style of dress, showing that he cares for her no matter how she dresses or looks. Special Education Mike looks on with horror after Tina gets tackled Tina and Mike are first seen practicing dance moves in the choir room. Later, Tina joins the football team, to show support for the Glee boys, especially Mike. During the game, the ball lands directly in front of Tina, at which point Tina takes the opportunity to grab the ball and make a run for the end zone.

However, Tina is brutally tackled by a player from the opposing team, causing Mike to stop and stare in horror. He runs over to her side and shows visible worry and distress, but is relieved when he finds out that Tina is fine. Mike then joins up with Artie to devote P. Pretty Young Thing to Tina and Brittany. At the end of the song, Tina exclaims how deeply in love she is with him.