Gotye and kimbra relationship memes

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gotye and kimbra relationship memes

However, because Kimbra was used as a throwaway addition to his If the female in the narrative is in an abusive relationship, it's hard to tell if. Web Culture · Sex & Relationships · Celebrities · Memes · Parenting · Social Gotye's 'Somebody That I Used To Know' Cracks YouTube's "Somebody That I Used to Know" — about memories of past relationships and That month Gotye and Kimbra also performed the track on Saturday Night Live. What Gotye's 'Somebody That I Used to Know' Teaches About Relationships - Lucille Zimmerman. Love love love this Gotye song. Types Of SandwichesJimmy .

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In case you're wondering, that is a John Wayne quote, but there's no way- on that night- that Clint would have known he didn't say that. Eastwood made a surprise appearance at the RNC and posited questions like "how do you handle promises you made when you were running for election?

gotye and kimbra relationship memes

At one point in the "interview", he said to the Obama chair, "I'm not gonna shut up. It's my turn" which was super laughable because the ish minute rant ran well over time and pushed the appearance of Mitt Romney out of primetime.

The internet responded to the appearance immediately, natch. And other popular meme figures found their way onto that empty stage to keep Clint company. SNL put in its two cents, of course.

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Not that they really needed to spoof what was already coming off as a complete farce. Notice anything odd about that photo besides everything?

  • Hannah Gill's sultry voice completely transforms Gotye's hit.
  • Educate, advocate, advance.

This photo was taken for Time Magazine. The photos, taken in when Ryan was being considered for the Person of the Year cover, were released hours before the Vice Presidential Debate. We see what you did there, TIME.

Kimbra Tells All About Gotye

Did I mention there were pictures plural? I just don't understand.

gotye and kimbra relationship memes

Here's how the internet interpreted the situation. Mitt Romney to Big Bird: People were pissed that of all the things Romney could pick on, it was the sweet, lovable giant bird we all grew up with. The gentle giant who totally didn't care when we hung out and bogarted all the Snack Packs for ourselves.

The video does well to match the song's bizarre structuring for a duet that doesn't see its second singer enter until it's over halfway done, with the camera staying tight on Gotye until a simple zoom-out introduces Kimbra's presence.

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The camera work and design do well to encapsulate the strained intimacy embodied by the number. The fanciful visuals are a strange juxtaposition to the very dark lyrics, but they also manage to capture those lyrics.

gotye and kimbra relationship memes

Beyond that, it's visually stunning. The imagery and dancers eventually combine into beautiful shapes that are both abstract and suggestive with Legend as the throughline, a seeming trip through his imagination.

gotye and kimbra relationship memes

The result is slightly trippy and a lot of fun. Her stop-motion animation is an enthralling and nuanced visual treat that complements the music brilliantly. Director Damian Kulash's concept took seven weeks to design and plan and 4. For the video, Director Daniel Askill took over 2, Polaroids, with the singer narrating her own struggle in the pictures throughout the video.

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Transfixing and effective, it was a fitting visual manifestation of the song. It weaves a complex storyline through Hurricane Katrina, race relations, police brutality, and cultural representation and pride. It takes a certain succinctness to reference so many deeply nuanced topics in four minutes and still place a personal brand on it.

So raw was the topless sequence and footage of skin piercings that it was initially banned by MTV.