Hiyori and yato relationship

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hiyori and yato relationship

Read the topic about yato x hiyori an impossible relationship on MyAnimeList, and join in the discussion on the largest online anime and. I have watched a lot of anime, many romance anime too. But for some reason, Yato and Hiyori's relationship stands out. It's hard to explain why. Yato also appears very materialistic when it comes to money when Hiyori This caused some strain on his relationship with Yukine since Yukine at times felt.

However, his personality seems to have altered to a more optimistic standard through Sakura 's influence. Due to Sakura's influence, he becomes more reluctant to murder and even in the present when he is forced to take on less savory jobs by his father that involve murdering people usually other murderers or sinful people he regrets it and wants to cut himself off from killing people.

In Chapter 40, Fujisaki Kouto revealed that Yato is a "God of Depression," meaning that Yato only knows how to steal and not to give and that those people around him will suffer terribly. Yato has expressed in Chapter 52 that his greatest wish is to simply be beside Yukine and Hiyori but understands that his Father will do whatever he can to prevent that.

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This shows that Yato's true desire may not simply be in being remembered and a God of Fortune but also to be with the ones he loves and to make them happy. In fact, he does show a great loyalty towards those he loves and cares for.

hiyori and yato relationship

He was angered when Hiyori was kidnapped and believed Bishamon to be behind it, to the point where he challenged her and was devastated when Yukine sacrificed himself to save Yato from Bishamon though Yukine survived and became a hafuri vessel because of his sacrifice. He also cried when Ebisuwho acknowledged him as a God capable of making others happy, died and reincarnated and apologized sincerely to the reincarnated Ebisu, despite Ebisu saying he did nothing wrong.

hiyori and yato relationship

In fact, he cares so much for Yukine and Hiyori that he refused to tell them about his past and more about himself, including his real name, for fear that if he did they would hate and abandon him, especially since he is a god that is easily forgotten by others and, as Father has stated, has always been abandoned because he is a God of Calamity. This caused some strain on his relationship with Yukine since Yukine at times felt inferior to Nora, though Yato alleviates these fears when he releases Nora and tells Yukine to be his guidepost and light the way for him.

Using his Shinki, Yato is able to use this ability to exorcise and destroy Ayakashis. This ability is first seen when Yato uses Tomone to destroy the Ayakashi outside Mutsumi's school. Since Yato is a God of War he is very skilled in the art of combat, such as swordsmanship.

This is clearly proven when he has fought against Takemikazuchi who is known for his amazing skills in combatand won, as shown in chapter 67 of the manga.

Yato, using his Shinki, has the ability to sever the ties of people, be it with other humans, gods, or specific memories in general.

hiyori and yato relationship

It has been implied that he specializes in this ability. Yato is able to teleport to any location he has an active connection to.

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If he is currently on the phone with someone, he is able to teleport to the caller's location. Also, once he has his own shrine, his shrine's connection to Heaven allows him to teleport there freely. This ability is used by Yato in order to get from job to job more quickly. He has also used this ability to reach Hiyori quickly when she calls him.

Three notable examples of this ability are when she expresses her doubt of his godhood, when she claims to have found a Shinki for him, and when she calls during the attack on Iki General Hospital.

She also takes a strong liking to his smell, even calling it her favorite smell on one occasion, and at one point was even able to regain her memories by recognizing it. However, she is shown to be rather embarrassed by how much she likes Yato's scent, to the point of dodging the subject whenever it's brought up.

Despite being raised to be completely lady-like, Hiyori is a huge martial arts fan and has a fixation on a martial artist called Touno, whom she copies her attacks from and will often become inspired and act on his words; when she remembered Touno telling everyone to pave their own destiny with their own hands, she followed his advice and attempted to find Yato a Regalia by herself. However, she keeps this secret from her mother, whom she worries will freak out if she finds out she's into something like that.

She is pure and loves people. Unlike normal humans, Hiyori can sense, hear and see the creatures from the Far Shore.

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She and her brother have inherited the ability to see beings of the Far Shore from their maternal family. This is explained by their grandmother in Chapter Though she attempts to control this ability, she often leaves her body behind without realizing it. Hiyori has no abilities in her human form, however, when in her half-Ayakashi form, she acquires enhanced strength, speed, and agility.

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She is shown to be able to hold her own in combat against the Frog Ayakashi. She also gains a very strong sense of smell and is able to pick up a god's scent from a long distance away.

However, the reason behind this has not been explained yet.