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hotch and jj relationship memes

A Criminal Minds meme I made Hotch Criminal Minds, Spencer Reid, Dr Reid . awkward between JJ and Reid oh yeah you helped deliver Henry that wasn't awkward at all "If I'm going to put it in my mouth, you BETTER kiss me afterward. Jennifer JJ Jareau and Aaron Hotch Hotchner. Jennifer JJ Jareau and Aaron Hotch Hotchner. aaron. criminal. hotchner. jareau. jj. love. minds. unexpected. CM Meme Hotch being a stickler for the rules except when it comes to JJ . each pressing a kiss to their mother's cheek, Hotch remarks to himself that for all of.

She wondered how many were keeping tabs on their daughters tonight and how many couldn't care less.

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She knew JJ wouldn't offer her platitudes. JJ wouldn't sit here and say we'll get the guy, as if that would make it okay that six girls had to suffer nightmares of the worst kind. She'd seen similar displays in JJ's hotel room time and time again. She had once told JJ she was good at compartmentalizing. If that had been the truth then, it wasn't any more. The rules in here were different to the rules out there. Maybe when we get home. That this case made her sick to her stomach? It had that effect on all of them, and they all coped in their own way.

Sometimes it was obvious why a case got to one of them more than to another. Other times there was no rhyme nor reason. Maybe, as a profiler, she should be looking for a reason. If it was JJ was struggling, she probably would. She didn't want to move, but she'd make the effort of moving if it got her JJ in her bed all night.

JJ nodded, and let go. Emily found herself even less inclined to stand up, but forced herself to do so anyway.

JJ & Hotch (Criminal Minds)

She found her nightgown in her bag and stripped with an unselfconsciousness that was new to her. JJ didn't ogle the way men did; when JJ saw her naked Emily felt admired rather than objectified. It was a very peaceful feeling. Emily pulled the nightgown over her head and went through into the bathroom to brush her teeth and remove her make-up.

These tiny, everyday rituals were just as grounding as JJ's touch. They made Emily feel real and human, as though she was taking off a mask at the end of a long day. She tied her hair up because JJ didn't appreciate a mouthful of hers any more than she liked a mouthful of JJ's and went back into the bedroom.

JJ had closed the curtains and put away the photos and was sitting cross-legged on the bed, her braid hanging over one shoulder. After a minute, she asked "How are you? She didn't want to be alone tonight, but nor did she want to tell JJ just how much she needed her. Beside her JJ, lying on her side, slid an arm over Emily's back and snuggled closer. JJ, Emily had been surprised and delighted to find, was a cuddler; it got a little overwhelming at times but for the most part she was glad for the constant reminder of JJ's presence, glad to wake in the night and feel she wasn't alone.

It was an undefinable menace, something Emily couldn't put mind or finger on, but the what didn't matter so much as the danger. It was close, so close, and if Emily could run fast enough, shout loud enough, she could save JJ from a horrible, painful death. There was so much blood, and JJ was screaming A ringing noise pierced Emily's dream. It was a phone. JJ's cell, to be precise: Emily knew that before she was even quite awake, because it was always JJ's cell that shattered their silent nights.

JJ was leaning over her, fumbling around on the bedside table for the phone. The water glass Emily had used last night fell to the floor as JJ sat up, phone in hand. Emily blinked and rolled over, trying to calm her breathing. Emily thought of the dead look in Abigail Durham's eyes, and felt sick. JJ's voice was calm and steady, wide awake, confident and professional. In the dim light Emily could see JJ nodding as she spoke, asking them to send her an address and promising to be there as soon as possible.

Her free hand was on Emily's arm, stroking absentmindedly as though searching for a kind of comfort. There were a lot of things no one else would ever know about Jennifer Jareau. Emily sat up, and rubbed her eyes with the back of her hand as JJ hung up, sighing long and loud. I'll notify Hotch, but I think it'll be just you and me until the morning.

hotch and jj relationship memes

Sitting close beside her, Emily felt obscurely as though she should get up and move away, as though Hotch would somehow sense her presence, but she made herself stay where she was. There'd be little enough time to touch JJ today.

We've got another victim. It was an odd sensation. She put her head down on JJ's shoulder and closed her eyes, pretending they had a normal life and trying not to listen. I'll talk to Prentiss and we'll go down to the hospital and interview the victim.

I'll let you know what we find. She sighed, leaning her cheek against Emily's head, her breathing a little rushed. Emily found and gripped JJ's fingers. Any second now they'd make themselves get out of bed. JJ would go back to her own room, and they'd shower and dress and drive through the night to make a young girl relieve the worst experience of her life. She'd managed to do it time and time again without JJ to lean on, and now that she had her Emily felt somehow more vulnerable than she'd ever been in her life.

She wasn't sure how that worked, and didn't intend to study herself closely enough to find out. Emily rubbed her eyes, grabbed a fresh set of clothes from her ready bag, and headed into the bathroom. She had time for a shower if she skimped on make-up and drying her hair, and it would certainly make her feel a little more awake and in control.

JJ was in the lobby, ready and waiting, when Emily got there, her hair pulled back in a ponytail. She'd been in the shower as well.

hotch and jj relationship memes

Well, good image, bad timing. Whole families burned alive, children murdered and left in ditches, innocents forced to watch the deaths of those they loved. It never got easier. Daisy Adamson was only twelve years old.

She had red hair and brown eyes. According to her mother, Daisy liked playing the piano, horseback riding and the internet. She was the third of five children and she'd disappeared walking two blocks home from school, only to be found ten hours later in an alleyway, battered, unconscious, and naked.

By the time Emily and JJ were allowed in to see her, she'd regained consciousness but hadn't said a word. She lay curled in the fetal position and flinched whenever anyone, even her mother, touched her.

The nurses maintained a hushed silence and her doctor spoke in a low voice, even outside the room. There was nothing to be gained from interviewing Daisy. They got what medical information the hospital could give them, tried to comfort Daisy's mother and what comfort was there for anyone in a situation like this?

Wendy Adamson was more than happy to talk about Daisy, as if remembering better times helped her forget the things that had been done to her daughter, that maybe the Daisy she'd known would never come back.

Much of the information they got from her seemed inconsequential, but every bit gave them a better picture of who Daisy was. It was almost five a. Her father was home with the other kids; sooner or later they'd have to interview them all in search of the missing piece to the puzzle. At least the others would be able to share in that.

hotch and jj relationship memes

Hotch would talk to the father, she knew, and Morgan and Reid would be good with the two younger brothers. That would leave her and JJ with the teenage sisters, which would be hard enough. She mentioned Daisy's catatonia and the extent of her injuries, the fact that yet again there'd been no semen or other DNA present, and a short outline of the information she'd gotten from the mother. Hotch said something to which JJ agreed, and then she hung up and sighed, propping her elbow on the window frame.

Think we can get our notes done in time for a couple of hours' rest? It was easier to be professional when the bedroom you were in wasn't the one where you'd just been sleeping with your girlfriend.

That was among the many things Emily had never expected to learn from experience. Sitting cross-legged on the bed, they documented the photos and information they'd got from the cops and the medical staff, and noted what they'd learned from Daisy's mother.

It was six thirty by the time they'd finished, so if they wanted to have breakfast before the briefing there wasn't going to be a lot of time to sleep.

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There was always a tentative moment or two where each wondered what their next move should be. That was what Emily wanted: She closed her eyes, leaning her chin against the top of JJ's head as JJ slid an arm around her waist. Visions of Daisy Adamson's mutilated body lying silent in a hospital bed taunted her, encroaching on her safe place. She held JJ closer, and knew she wasn't the only one seeing those images.

They didn't sleep, just lay quietly until passing time forced them to get up and dress again, to fix their hair and make-up, the masks that they wore every day.

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They skipped the hotel restaurant in favour of the IHOP down the road; it would let them avoid the others a few minutes longer and maintain the facade of a normal life. Emily had to force herself to swallow every bite of her breakfast.

JJ had been right. We see a guy holding a leash step in front of the soccer kid, then see them walking off to look for a dog as a young black boy watches while hanging upside-down on the monkey bars. We know where this is going, right? We see the girl in the back of a green SUV speeding away! Cut back to the BAU where Garcia is thanking Gideon for the flowers he sent, wearing that one awesome blazer with the green trim that I love.

Gideon stares blankly at her while she thanks him. In REAL life, Dr House would have been fired and had his license to practice revoked, Sherlock Holmes in any of his many incarnations would in no way have anything resembling a career let alone a long-term friend and collaborator like Watson, Shawn Spencer certainly would have long ago alienated Gus who would have dropped from his life and he would probably not be able to maintain a romantic relationship, and Agent Gideon would have seen some professional ramifications if not for his treatment of his direct reports than for his actions in the field going in unarmed into multiple standoff situations for example.

I think this meme is damaging. Within our current patriarchal culture, that concept quickly becomes incredibly toxic. These failures are the fault of everyone else not understanding their vast genius and adorable actually, abusive quirks.

Ok back to our recap.

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WH Auden on evil being unspectacular. The team is onsite at the soccer field, and they recap all of what we saw in the opening scene with the local detective heading up the case, a thin black woman wearing a terrific orange sweater that looks fantastic on her.

hotch and jj relationship memes

Gideon asks the mom about her relationship with her dad and learns dad is a cancer survivor, who likes to play hooky with his daughter for daddy-daughter fun days. More of this dad is the fun one, mom is the hardass, blahblahfishcakes. Dad arrives at the house and argues with mom and Gideon about having his phone off, and we learn he was actually at the hospital because his cancer came back and is terminal.

JJ and Reid handle the press, and JJ talks to a reporter she knows. Back at the house, Gideon makes zero attempt to be sympathetic to the dad as he breaks down crying, tells Elle to call the hospital to confirm his alibi, then storms out of the house. Hotch, Morgan, and the detective talk to a group of kids and parents. That may be true, in all honesty. Wait, what happened to that black kid on the monkey bars who watched the whole thing?

There are NO black families represented in this group.

hotch and jj relationship memes

Gideon says they need to think outside the box or whatever. They deliver a profile — menial job, socially marginalized, relates better to kids than adults, not his first offense, lives in the area, recent stressor drink! Garcia talks to Morgan and brags about her Gideon flowers blargh.