Huey and jazmine relationship poems

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huey and jazmine relationship poems

In an effort to get over Huey she enters a relationship of her own, seeking closure . Be the single rider on the Huey/Maya and Caesar/Cindy train? "Huey!" Jazmine hesitantly lifted her arms as if to hug him, then, realizing Maya was .. " Do you think he's the one who gave you the flower with the poem?". Read It's complicated from the story Past and Future [Jazmine and Huey, The This whole relationship thing was messing with Huey's head, that's all. Jazmine. This distresses Jazmine, who probably thought that she was Huey's best friend. by headbutting Huey off of his front porch, leaving their relationship in tatters. The poem Dewey recites during Moe's funeral makes reference to Pookie in.

You know I know you. She's been hanging out with me too much. She finally raises her head, and reveals her eyes are soaked and that she's been quietly crying this whole time.

I lean back in shock at her reaction. Caeser is gonna get a little KICK out of this one Her eyebrows raise and her face softens. I think I can handle whatever it is. Ah, that's the Jazmine I know an- Shut up Huey. I stiffen up, getting a little adrenalin rush of anger tingling down my spine which makes it harder for me to stay calm.

huey and jazmine relationship poems

I'm not afraid to break someones spine I could easily take anyone IN this school. Even the 8th graders. Jazmine goes into a giggle fit. I look up to her confused at her sudden laughter. I blink at her. She suddenly stops giggling, releasing the honesty in my face. I don't WANT you to go to jail and get anally raped! I sigh, leaning back in my seat. I can't say with my records of arrests for protests and other charges She sighs in relief.

I hate when my cheeks warm up Pettos voice, rushes into her seat embarrassed. Aggrivated to the max I shoot up out of my seat.

The classroom suddenly errupts with childish "Aws! My eyes bulge out, in relisation that I just claimed Jazmine as my future wife. I take my seat, humiliated. I turn to face Jazmine, almost nervously, to see what her reaction is to this whole situation is, and her face is burried into her arms again.

It's not like we gone forget to RUN or nuthin! I run ALL da time! When Grandad pulls out his belt, when the report card comes in the mail, when I'm running from da po-po, when I'm running from da mall po-po, when I'm running from the security at our school We rather be playin basket ball! Caeser shakes his head. Just cuz you in the 7th grade don't mean you a real ass nigga!

I thought you hate dis kind of shit? Caeser turns off his phone, laughing hysterically. She look real fly She jogs her way over to us, sporting a navy crop top that has a orange printed gun on it, a pair pf black boyshorts, and the orange jacket and blue head band that I bought her with the fundraiser money.

I think you two need to get detention. We all KNOW them niggas like each other We gotta have her BACK doe! Caeser takes off his headphones. I think I remember now, It was December 11th! Know Imma need you two to get detention.

I already got detention. He takes off his head phones towering over me, looking me dead in the eye. He grabs a girl by her arm and stares at her. We both turn our attention back towards Caeser and his now holding hands with some broad, talking to her or sumthin. Man, look at the way shes lookin at him Glancing at her as Caeser gets his mack on, I sigh. He just turns around and looks at the dazed girl and whispers in her ear then lays a kiss on her neck. Damn he smooth, for a middle schooler at least The couches whistle blows again.

Caeser takes a deep breath and looks miserable. Then he does something Thank god fo' dis niggas jamacan short boxers! The girl starts giggling and blushing like crazy as caeser scratches the back of his neck nervously. If it was somebody I knew fo a while It'd be iight i guess but still Maybe I have a chance Lunch arrived for the 7th graders and the cafeteria flooded with over excited sociable faces, hungry, and talkative. I let out a sigh.

I let out another sigh. Hey, there's Autumn, she's always been pretty nice to me I'll sit with her. She looks up slowly and in a hushed tone she says. I'd sit with you You're an embarrassment, and if we sit with you WE'LL be losers too! Ugh, I hate this school! I don't even know what I did wrong I hear snickering and I look up to see the "Pink-Pack" taking seats around me. I quickly wipe my eyes. I still don't like them, not after what they've done to me, but I rather have them being nice to me then them being mean to me.

Is she really that dumb not to know what MILK is? The cafeteria roars in wild laughter that could be heard all the way in Africa. Why every time I go to school everyone treats me like this! My friends treating me like strangers! Nobody cares about me!

I hate this- "Jazmine! Toughen up jazmine, don't let them see you cry. Of course it's HIM. It's just a matter of time till he stops hanging out with me too, he already thinks I'm annoying. He suddenly does something unexpected. He grabs my arm.

I spin around to face him. Thank santa, his face is beautiful I frown, tilting my head down. A full on grin appears on my face. He turns his face towards me with his eyebrows raised "So? It's not how it works! Caeser smiled shyly scratching the back of his neck nervously. Caeser bite his lips. I think it's cute! A blush swept across my face. Caeser broke into a laughing fit.

You're already holding your future wifes HAND! My cheeks went from a lite pink, to a burning fiery red, the same color of Santa's suit! Caeser stopped laughing, and a mischievous smirk appeared on his face. This only caused his smirk to widen. Were are you going!? I stood there in shock as I watched Huey help up Caeser. Sometimes I forget Huey is half ninja, but I still can't belive he jumped outta nowhere and jumpkicked him Let's get to class. Huey looked back at him giving him a glare of death.

I hate these damn kids Petto decided to oppress me. Making my way through the crowded hallway filled with white faces, shoving past irritatedly, finally getting to room How ironic, almost the devils number.

I wonder if they planed this. I wonder if someones planing to execute me or somthin I'm not sitting near the damn doorway or the windows just in case Opening the door only seeing one other person in the classroom, Jane. She turns her head and looks at me. I return her glance with a cold hard glare.

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I want to watch her bleed Taking my seat still glaring at her, even though shes turned her head. She probably has family issues. Her fathers probably cheating on her mother, and she probably knows, and he tries to make it up to the family with nice things and presents. Her mother is probably copes by alcohol. Maybe that's why she's such a bitch. Her moms a drunkie and her dad is a whore.

Brooke pulls up a chair next to Jenna and they begin to gossip. My glare remains the same. You are a cunt. Or could you not hear me because you are currently drowning in a pool of utter ignorance. If she think I find being a cunt with bleached platinum blonde hair and ommpa lumpa skin is "Attractive" she probably also thinks that Ronald Reagan was a great president He has a bad habit of randomly rapping. He's in it to win it! Watchin all these watch Emcees go and submit!

There just too unfit, their rhymes all counterfeit! I can say that joyfully because all my friends always hold their loyalty! I raise my eyebrows. Jane drops her jaw a little offended. Or should I speak your language?

Riley rolls into the classroom. Caeser covers his mouth in laughter as Brooke sits their dumb-founded. So far cindys little plan is working. It's her best plan yet. She can take care of herself.

huey and jazmine relationship poems

Because Maya's never been good with handling competition-" "What's wrong with you? I'm with Maya, and that's how it is! Huey stopped, staring after his friend. Even the ones from geometry. I'm a history person. This math shit just doesn't cut it. A sudden blond head popped up beside her. And it's AP Chemistry! You know how bad I am at science-" "Take a chill pill, oh frantic one.

Cindy rolled her eyes. Especially when you saw Huey for the first time this morning. You were avoiding him and Maya. But me and Huey haven't ever been on the same page. And I couldn't keep hanging with you guys with her always around because it just I'm just sick of being the cock-blocker.

Jazmine rolled her eyes. That's how it is. And we need to get over it. She hesitantly reached out, her fingers brushing against one of the soft, red petals. The world has it's beauty-" She stopped, her eyes widening even more, a faint blush tinging her face. Your name's on the front," She laughed, causing Jazmine to flip over the page.

Sure enough, her name was in bold block letters.

huey and jazmine relationship poems

We've got 2, students," She calculated. Assuming a little under half of those are guys, there's at least guys it could be. At the worst he just stared out a window and ignored everything the teacher said. But this class was barely started and already he was tempted to change his philosophy. This is probably one of the most difficult courses you will take in your lives. Another hour until lunch You slack, you fail.

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There's no sliding by. I've had straight A, 4. You want to bullshit, carry your ass over to ceramics.

He looked at the empty seat beside him, noticing that everyone else in the room were sitting two to a station. He really hoped he wouldn't have to be the loser to be paired with the teacher. The entire class burst into laughter as the flabbergasted teacher gave her a disapproving glare. Noticing his look, Jazmine shrugged.

The teacher rolled his eyes, checking his chart.

Huey couldn't help but feel a surge of relief as Jazmine rushed to the back of the class where he was sitting and slid into the chair beside him. Just a gift," She said casually, flipping her long hair behind her shoulders and breaking out a pen so she could write down what the teacher was saying. Huey remembered how bad at science she was as she flipped open her binder, writing the date in the top corner of the page.

She looked up at Huey, who was still staring at her, and gave him an innocent smile. Huey felt his insides lurch. After four years, if this was still happening with her It wasn't that he didn't like Maya. He had so much in common with her which was really hard to find, considering it was him and she was fun to be with. Except for the petty arguments she always started. But she was a female. But Jazmine, she was his best friend. His completely opposite best friend.

They had basically nothing in common, besides the fact they were both black. And she hadn't even come to terms with that until they'd finally gotten to high school. They both liked to compete for the best grades and they both liked hanging out, but that was it.

She'd never seen him as more than a friend. At least he didn't think so We're supposed to go get the supplies from the storage closet. Huey stared after her. She had filled out Huey, Cindy, and Maya pulled out packed lunches while Jazmine and Caesar ventured into the lunch line. By the time they came back ten minutes later, the three already at the table had been joined by fifteen-year-old Riley, who looked so mad Jazmine was surprised smoke wasn't coming out of his ears.

The youngest Freeman thrust his finger in Huey's direction. I leave at seven thirty. Jazmine and Caesar exchanged looks as they sat in the two empty seats at the table. Jazmine poked at her "spaghetti" with a fork, shaking her head. Huey gave her one of his trademark stares until she finally sighed, meeting his gaze. She had a feeling that it wasn't the fact that she was eating other people's food that got to her, just the fact that it was Huey's. What was Maya's problem? Cindy suddenly stiffened beside her, elbowing Jazmine hard in her ribs.

Swallowing heavily, Jazmine coughed. She craned her neck to get a better glimpse over Maya's head, not caring how obvious she looked.

That one Rico Suave lookin nigga in the blue? She looked at Jazmine. Do you think it was him? I'm with Huey," Maya agreed. She glanced over at the guy.

huey and jazmine relationship poems

His name's Marcus, I think. She couldn't help but notice the guy's gaze follow her the entire time. Finally, she reached the empty table which he was sitting at, right in the middle of the elsewhere cafeteria. For a moment they merely stared at each other. Jazmine noticed the flecks of green in his hazel eyes, the way his jet black hair hit his collar, and the soft, yet almost unnoticeable smile that was on his face.

The distinct half smile that reached up to his eyes. She could feel the eyes of her friends, not to mention a few more curious people, boring into her back.

The boy, Marcus, leaned back in his chair, his chin in his hand and his smile growing even larger.