Ichabod crane and abbie mills relationship quizzes

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ichabod crane and abbie mills relationship quizzes

Season 1 of Sleepy Hollow was charming and delightful. In a shocking Season 3 plot twist, Lieutenant Abbie Mills (Nicole Beharie) was killed. But will you make it through this quiz without breaking. . Tags TV Personality Sleepy Hollow Just For Fun Ichabod Crane Abbie Mills Jenny. Read our review of the 'Sleepy Hollow' season 3 finale, in which the Quiz · Recaps · Reviews · Richard · Rick Riordan · Riverdale And rightly so, as the entire show focused on her and her relationship with Ichabod Crane to save the It's not that specifically Abbie Mills was a Witness, but rather she.

Even her eventual relationship with Daniel, her boss and former flame, got very little development and the timeline itself is wonky at best. Excuse me while I go scream into my pillow. The actress wanted to leave, and rightly so, considering the material she was getting, but that is the problem—the story made her want to leave.

There are people who, despite the poor second season, still stuck with the show because they wanted to see Nicole as Abbie Mills. The sad reality is that hunger, that need to see ourselves, still exists in media and with every step forward, there are several steps back that only reinforce the need to see the few that do it well survive.

Abbie Mills was supposed to be our Buffy, our Scully. Abbie Mills held in her the hopes and possibilities of what a dark skinned black woman could be on a network sci-fi show.

Sleepy Hollow reinforced the expendability that black bodies are in genre television, and proved that protagonist protection does not extend to us. We are not safe. Not in this world or others. She runs a small YouTube Channel under the username Melina Pendulum and hopes to someday finish that novel. Find her on Twitter or Youtube. Abbie told Ichabod that Vega's eyes were white.

When examining the eye, it exploded, being filled with sand. Abbie confessed to him that she had a nightmare that included Crane, a faceless creature and Dr. Vega, although she had never met her before.

Crane and Abbie dug up files on Dr. Vega and found out that she was Jenny's former doctor. After a lot of convincing, Crane was taken to see Jenny. She agreed to speak with Ichabod alone, but he got nothing out of her because of her grudge with Abbie.

Wanting to know more behind what damaged the sisters' relationship, Crane was told by Abbie that she didn't confess to seeing anything that day in the forest. Unlike Abbie, Jenny ended up in mental institutions. Next visit was Garrett Gillespiewho found Abbie and Jenny when they were missing. It turned out Gillespie put himself at gunpoint and asked to speak with Abbie.

After hearing gunshots, Ichabod ran to Abbie's aid, but Gillespie took his own life. After discussing Abbie's nightmare, Crane recalled connections to a creature named "Ro'kenhronteys" he heard of in the past. They both went to Seamus in hopes for defeating the creature.

He prepared a ritual for Abbie, and Ichabod insisted that he'd join along to help Abbie face Ro'kenhronteys. With the help of Crane, Abbie destroyed Ro'kenhronteys.

Afterward, Crane admitted to Abbie that it'd be best if she were to amend her relationship with Jenny. In the midst of receiving information, Ichabod was told of Abbie's difficult childhood. Ichabod suggested the best lead would be to visit Jenny's past foster homes to gain information on her whereabouts. Eventually, they learned of a cabin Jenny would go to in order to visit a friend. Breaking in the cabin, both recognized photographs with both Jenny and Corbin. Eventually, they ran into Jenny who held them at gun point.

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Fed up by their senseless arguing, Ichabod silenced both sisters. Jenny immediately uncovered something that Corbin wanted to keep safe: Ichabod helped understand the mechanism that was actually a projector that showed a map, created by Washington, of Sleepy Hollow from the 18th century.

Shortly, the group was ambushed by a modern-day Hessian group who escaped with the sextant. Holding one Hessian hostage, he killed himself with a cyanide pill after telling Crane their objectives; to use The Lesser Key of Solomon to unleash 76 demons upon Earth. His last words were "Moloch shall rise". Ichabod, Abbie and Jenny reached the destination and stopped the Hessian group and destroyed the book.

'Sleepy Hollow' recap: Is love ahead for Abbie and Ichabod?

Ichabod himself learned that Moloch is the one who guarded Katrina in Purgatory. Crane is dragged on another emergency with Abbie, and is taken to a young, sick boy who spoke Middle English. Being fluent in this language, Crane communicated with him and is told that he is from Roanoke. He and Abbie looked up cases on lost children and couldn't seem to find one on the young boy.

Later, Ichabod was taken to the hospital where the young boy, listed as a John Doe, was a patient due to having an unidentified illness. The boy told Ichabod of an evil girl and Conquest. Ichabod came to the conclusion that he is from the sixteenth century Roanoke, also known as the lost colony.

Using his skills to track down the village, Ichabod found the village with Abbie. Notably, all the villagers possessed the illness. Crane spoke with John Doe's father, and was told that the colony protected the people and prevented the illness from spreading. Upon returning back to Sleepy Hollow, Ichabod learned that the illness of John Doe began spreading like a plague and that Ichabod, himself, contracted it.

While in quarantine, Ichabod awoke in Purgatory, and was found by Katrina. After speaking with her, he woke up being taken to Roanoke by Abbie. He was enlightened that the illness may go away once they are baptized in the colony's holy water. Ultimately, they were cured; John Doe, along with his village, and Conquest vanished. After enjoying a baseball game with Abbie, Ichabod departed from her to visit Katrina's grave.

Strangely, Ichabod is shot with a tranquilizer dart. He gained back consciousness and awoke in an underground cell and was confronted by a man who was leader of the group, later identified as the Freemasons. Ichabod made it well know that he, too, is a mason.

When requested, he told them stories of when he was a solider in the British army, and when he first learned of his place as a witness. When the Masons' learned of his connection to the Headless Horseman's, they came to a conclusion that Ichabod had to take his own life in order to end the horseman's in return. Afterward, he was found by Abbie, who highly refused to let him die and told him of the Sin Eater named Henry Parrish.

Not wasting any time, Ichabod drank the poison he was given.

ichabod crane and abbie mills relationship quizzes

After the poison began to take effect, he was approached by Henry, who quickly severed the link between Crane and horseman. Ichabod explained to Abbie that the Freemasons planned to have a meeting to discuss a way to defeat the Headless Horseman. Abbie, on the other hand, wasn't allowed to attend the meeting, but Ichabod eventually insisted. Later that night, Ichabod reached the masonic lodge and was alerted by gunshots inside the residence.

Armed with a sword, Ichabod investigated and witnessed the Masons decapitated. Running into Abbie, they spotted the Headless Horseman fleeing the scene. While the police department investigated the crime scene, Ichabod searched for clues to defeat the horseman, and he realized that the horseman was looking for his skull.

With the permission of Captain Irving, Ichabod came to a conclusion that they had to destroy it. After multiple attempts, the skull couldn't be destroyed.

Finally, Ichabod and Abbie found the heads of the Mason's which were hanging from a building like lanterns. Ichabod told Abbie stories of the use of lanterns in his past, and mentioned remembering a manuscript that told of secrets to destroy the horseman. Meanwhile being taken away from interrupting a tour, Abbie notified Ichabod that the manuscript was accessible online. While alone, Ichabod deciphered the manuscript by revealing a hidden password engraved in the back of the skull's teeth.

He found Abbie, holding Andy at gunpoint. After Andy left, she told Ichabod that Andy shared information that the horseman could be caught. With the help of Frank, they created a diversion and lured the horseman into the masonic cellweakening him with ultraviolet lights.

Abraham made a deal with Moloch by taking on the role as the horseman of Death in exchange for Katrina. He fought against Ichabod, and the battle ended with Ichabod dying after being sliced in the chest by the horseman's axe and Abraham decapitated and their blood linked.

This article is a stub. You can help SleepyHollow Wiki by expanding it. Rise of War Edit About a year has passed since Ichabod was buried. He found himself in his cabin, which appeared to be abandoned. He later saw Abbie alive and well holding a cupcake with a candle celebrating his th birthday; he kind of despised all that.

He discovered that one year had passed, and they both lost someone they cared about: Katrina and Jenny respectively. As the Witnesses, they must stop Moloch and find the Key to Purgatory. He recognized it as he was an apprentice for Franklin working on an electricity experiment involving a kite. Apparently, he was trying to destroy the key with a lightning strike, but his attempt failed. He realized it was still lying around Sleepy Hollow, and he went to his imprisoned son for answers.

He brought in a plant, which later wilted. Henry revealed all the things he was experiencing was an illusion created by Moloch, as the fateful day began to blur in his mind. He then captured him, and would send him back to that day for his sins, where he was buried, Abbie's in Purgatory, and Jenny and Katrina were captured. As punishment, he found himself inside the casket as if nothing happened. Minutes later, he made a final message on his phone, but the memory was full.

He was trying to destroy the conductive key because it unlocks purgatory. See above under "suspend disbelief. He figures out, in current day, where the key may be hidden. It's a race against time and the bad guys to secure the key and spring Abbie from the place between heaven and hell without letting loose all manner of tormented lost souls.

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Now about those bad guys: One of those, the headless horseman, also known as the horseman of death, is holding Katrina, his former love, hostage. Automatic weapons, fancy crossbows, nothing in Abbie and Ichabod's arsenal can kill this guy. His earth-bound minion, Henry Parrish, also known as the horseman of war, is pulling strings.

He wants that key so the demon Moloch, a terrifying horned creature, can rally an army in purgatory and launch doomsday. He plans to open the door between the two worlds and let the evil troops run amok.

ichabod crane and abbie mills relationship quizzes

And, not incidentally, Henry is the son that Ichabod never knew he had. You didn't tell Ichabod about the bouncing baby boy and you're a perpetual damsel in distress. Don't be shocked that no one can really get behind you.

ichabod crane and abbie mills relationship quizzes