Iron man 2 tony and pepper relationship

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iron man 2 tony and pepper relationship

Earlier this week, Robert Downey Jr. briefly weighed in on the relationship between Tony Stark and Pepper Potts in "Iron Man 2." While Downey. Pepper and Tony's relationship has gone from two people simply working Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, made his first appearance in Tales of Suspense #39 When it came time to direct Iron Man 2, John Favreau was given a. Iron Man: The Relationship between Tony Stark and Pepper Potts This post will contain mild spoilers for Iron Man, Iron Man 2, and Avengers.

So he gives it to Pepper. He effectively makes her his equal, elevating her from the secretary role and he cuts his CEO ties with Stark Industries immediately.

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There is a moment on the jet from Monaco to California where Tony -almost- fesses up about the Palladium core killing him. He makes her the most disgusting looking omelet, she twigs that something is up with him. When pressed, Tony tries to talk her into going to Venice, Italy with him to relax, but Pepper is not Tony.

She refuses to drop her responsibilities at such a horrible time and he drops the idea completely.

Pepper Potts

Pep got a huge promotion dumped on her shoulders and Tony…well, Tony was just being Tony on steroids. Both characters go into a rather dark place, more so with him, but she also starts getting hard.

iron man 2 tony and pepper relationship

Tony hits rock bottom at his birthday party, getting trashed and using his suit to blow things up for fun. He effectively alienates both Rhodie and Pepper before getting his butt handed to him by his friend in the War Machine suit.

He picks up strawberries and heads to his old office at Stark Industries to apologize to Pepper. Thanks to help from his dead father, Tony discovers a new element that will replace the Palladium core just in time for Ivan Vanko to attack the Stark Expo.

Pepper and Happy Hogan meet him at the airfield and you see she is beside herself, but trying to maintain a professional air.

iron man 2 tony and pepper relationship

Tony is on a mission when he returns and shuts down the weapons manufacturing plant until they can control who gets their hands on Start Industry weapons. On to my favorite scene in the movie involving the two of them, the swapping out of the reactors.

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The way she reaches into the arc socket gives the scene an almost sexual feel without it actually being about sex. The Mark I reactor she encases in Lucite and gives to Tony as a gift.

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Most telling about this scene is that he puts it on his desk. A desk that is devoid of everything but a picture of Howard Stark and Tony and a few personal items. It could have been mushy-gushy and instead we got a good feel for their changing relationship.

iron man 2 tony and pepper relationship

He spots Pepper in a gown and if he were a dog his ears would be sticking straight up. In typical Tony fashion he drags her onto the dance floor and ignores her protests. On the floor she is clearly awkward and uncomfortable, but you can see she kind of likes it.

iron man 2 tony and pepper relationship

Out on the roof Pepper has a mini-freak out about them dancing together while Tony tries to unsuccessfully tell her it was nothing. They pull back at the last minute, aborting the kiss and she requests a martini.