Jerome boateng and kevin prince relationship problems

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jerome boateng and kevin prince relationship problems

6 months ago Jerome Boateng has reached the top of the world The youngest of three siblings – Kevin-Prince, of Eintracht Frankfurt, and. Half-brothers Jerome and Kevin-Prince Boateng grew up in Berlin as the sons of an African Jerome is a disciplined defender, keeping track of things and remaining calm when on the ball. "I got into a lot of trouble. Fights. Love & relationships . Boateng's father, Prince, 56, told the Hamburg Morning Post: "Kevin's the whipping [In ] Kevin had just scored his first goal for Hertha [Berlin]. to take the heat out of the situation, saying: "I have spoken to Jerome Boateng. . Share your thoughts and debate the big issues.

But perhaps no fraternal fable is as fascinating as that of the Boatengs — Kevin-Prince and Jerome — whose careers have taken very different but curiously interconnected paths. I dreamed about playing in the final against my brother in our hometown.

The Olympiastadion, where both players began their careers with Hertha Berlin, is only a few kilometres from where they were born and grew up. The Boateng brothers began their careers together at Hertha Berlin. George was a gifted footballer — perhaps the most naturally talented of the three brothers — but a troubled upbringing and a short temper landed him in jail at a time when he might have been embarking on a career with Hertha.

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I had a short fuse, and I was a bad role model for Kevin. He can thank me for his reputation.

jerome boateng and kevin prince relationship problems

Jerome, meanwhile, was born to Prince and second wife Martina when Kevin-Prince was only 18 months old. The famous mural of the Boateng brothers is situated in the Wedding area of Berlin. You were younger and you weren't as strong but you had to make the best of it.

Winner of the gold Fritz Walter Medal in — recognising the best U19 player in Germany — Kevin-Prince impressed so much in his first two seasons with the Old Lady that he earned himself a high-profile move to Tottenham Hotspur in Jerome was also awarded the Fritz Walter Medal a year after Kevin-Prince, although he had to settle for bronze in the same category. While his older brother was preparing for life in the Premier League, Jerome was snapped up by Hamburg and quietly set about becoming one of the most accomplished centre-backs in the Bundesliga.

Kevin is ambitious, but Jerome is a perfectionist. They speak on the telephone every day, discussing the last training session and analyzing moves. Occasionally they talk about their father. Prince Boateng is waiting in a pub on the Adenauerplatz square in western Berlin. He sits at the bar, wearing an elegant jacket, two bracelets and three rings.

jerome boateng and kevin prince relationship problems

A scar on his cheek identifies him as a member of the Aduana tribe. He wanted to study business administration, but nothing came of it. There was too much paperwork involved. Instead, he scraped by as a waiter and disc jockey, later selling Italian fashion and occasionally working as a model.

He told his sons a lot about life in Africa. His parents were cacao and coffee farmers. His youngest brother played for the Ghanaian national football team.

jerome boateng and kevin prince relationship problems

Prince Boateng travels to Ghana twice a year. He is currently having a house built in the capital Accra, and it is almost finished.

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The house is for his children, so that they can stay there if they choose to accompany him. The African side of Jerome and Kevin-Prince, he says, is their suppleness, their looseness.

He thinks for a moment. He coached both of them when they were still little boys. Sometimes they were allowed to play the ball with their left feet only, and sometimes only with their right feet.

Sometimes they practiced free kicks and sometimes headers.

jerome boateng and kevin prince relationship problems

His sons learned how to run, dribble and score goals on football pitches that looked like cages, surrounded by tall metal fences. Kevin would flick the ball with his heel over his head, dropping it to his foot -- wearing rubber boots. Jerome joined Tennis Borussia Berlin, where he scored five goals in his first game. Inhe switched to Hertha, where Kevin-Prince was already playing.

Some of their coaches felt that they were the most talented players to have ever played for the club. Jerome debuted with the German national team last October, when he was part of the first 11 in a deciding World Cup qualifying match in Russia.

His father watched the match on television in Jerome's apartment, "with tears in my eyes," as he says. Shortly before the break, Jerome was shown a yellow card because of a foul on the edge of the penalty box.

George, Kevin-Prince and Jérôme Boateng: football's intriguing brothers

In the 69th minute, Jerome brought down a Russian player and was shown a yellow and then a red card. It isn't meant to sound vain, but apologetic. It broke my heart to see him sent off. Kevin-Prince spent a lot of time in nightclubs and going to parties.