Jesus and his mother relationship

jesus and his mother relationship

In rebuking His mother, Jesus also rebukes a large class who have an idolatrous love for their family, and allow the ties of relationship to draw them from the. Unlike his mother and stepfather, Jesus was God in the flesh. Wouldn't it be great if all parents and children had this kind of relationship?. our Lord's mother during Christ's ministry. The idea of a motherly influence in heaven also assumes that the family relationships of this life with rights and.

In recognizing his relation to God as his heavenly Father, he did not become any less the child of his earthly mother.

He loved his mother no less because he loved God more. Obedience to the Father in heaven did not lead him to reject the rule of earthly parenthood. He went back to the quiet home, and for eighteen years longer found his Father's business in the common round of lowly tasks which made up the daily life of such a home.

It would be intensely interesting to read the story of mother and son during those years, but it has not been written for us.

They must have been years of wondrous beauty. Few things in this world are more beautiful than such friendships as one sometimes sees between mother and son. The boy is more the lover than the child.

The two enter into the closest companionship. A sacred and inviolable intimacy is formed between them. The boy opens all his heart to his mother, telling her everything; and she, happy woman, knows how to be a boy's mother and to keep a mother's place without ever startling or checking the shy confidences, or causing him to desire to hide anything from her.

The boy whispers his inmost thoughts to his mother, and listens to her wise and gentle counsels with loving eagerness and childish faith -- "Her face his holy skies; The air he breathes his mother's breath, His stars his mother's eyes. Some mothers do not think it worth while to give the time and thought necessary to enter into a boy's life in such confidential way.

But we may be sure that between the mother of Jesus and her son the most tender and intimate friendship existed. He opened his soul to her; and she gave him not a mother's love only, but also a mother's wise counsel and strong, inspiring sympathy.

It is almost certain that sorrow entered the Nazareth home soon after the visit to Jerusalem.

Mary the Mother of Jesus

Joseph is not mentioned again; and it is supposed that he died, leaving Mary a widow. On Jesus, as the eldest son, the care of the mother now rested. Knowing the deep love of his heart and his wondrous gentleness, it is easy for us to understand with what unselfish devotion he cared for his mother after she was widowed.

He had learned the carpenter's trade; and day after day, early and late, he wrought with his hands to provide for her wants. Very sacred must have been the friendship of mother and son in those days. Her gentleness, quietness, hopefulness, humility, and prayerfulness, must have wrought themselves into the very tissue of his character as he moved through the days in such closeness.

Unto the end he carried in his soul the benedictions of his mother's life.

Jesus on Damage from Emotional Incest between Mothers and Sons

The thirty silent years of preparation closed, and Jesus went out to begin his public ministry. The first glimpse we have of the mother is at the wedding at Cana. Jesus was there too. The wine failed, and Mary went to Jesus about the matter. Evidently she was expecting some manifesting of supernatural power. All the years since his birth she had been carrying in her heart a great wonder of expectation. Now he had been baptized, and had entered upon his work as the Messiah. Had not the time come for miracle-working?

The answer of Jesus startles us: But really there is in his reply nothing inconsistent with all that we have learned to think of the gentleness and lovingness of the heart of Jesus. In substance he said only that he must wait for his Father's word before doing any miracle, and that the time for this had not yet come.

Evidently his mother understood him. She was not hurt by his words, nor did she regard them as a refusal to help in the emergency. Her words to the servants show this: She knew now that God had the highest claim on her son's obedience, and she quietly waited for the divine voice.

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The holy friendship was not marred. There is another long period in which no mention is made of Mary. Probably she lived a secluded life.

jesus and his mother relationship

But one day at Capernaum, in the midst of his popularity, when Jesus was preaching to a great crowd, she and his brothers appeared on the outside of the throng, and sent a request that they might speak with him.

It seems almost certain that the mother's errand was to try to get him away from his exhausting work; he was imperilling his health and his safety. Jesus refused to be interrupted. But it was really only an assertion that nothing must come between him and his duty. The Father's business always comes first.

jesus and his mother relationship

Human ties are second to the bond which binds us to God. No dishonor was done by Jesus to his mother in refusing to be drawn away by her loving interest from his work. The holiest human friendship must never keep us from doing the will of God.

jesus and his mother relationship

Other mothers in their love for their children have made the same mistake that the mother of Jesus made, -- have tried to withhold or withdraw their children from service which seemed too hard or too costly. The voice of tenderest love must be quenched when it would keep us from doing God's will.

jesus and his mother relationship

The next mention of the mother of Jesus is in the story of the cross. Ah, holy mother-love, constant and faithful to the end! At length Simeon's prophecy is fulfilled, -- a sword is piercing the mother's soul also. The story of clinging mother-love is a wonderful one. A mother never forsakes her child. Mary is not the only mother who has followed a son to a cross. Here we have the culmination of this mother's friendship for her son. She is watching beside his cross. O friendship constant, faithful, undying, and true!

But what of the friendship of the dying son for his mother? In his own anguish does he notice her? Yes; one of the seven words spoken while he hung on the cross told of changeless love in his heart for her.

Mary the Mother of Jesus

Mary was a woman of more than fifty, "with years before her too many for remembering, too few for forgetting. So he made provision for her in the shelter of a love in which he knew she would be safe. As he saw her led away by the beloved disciple to his own home, part of the pain of dying was gone from his own heart. His mother would have tender care.

The story of this blessed friendship should sweeten forever in Christian homes the relation of mother and child. It should make every mother a better woman and a better mother. It should make every child a truer, holier child.

Every home should have its sacred friendships between parents and children. Thus something of heaven will be brought down to our dull earth; for, as Mrs.

jesus and his mother relationship

The miracle itself served to draw others to follow Jesus John 2: At a public gathering when Mary desires to speak to Jesus, He seems to refuse to admit any authority on the part of His mother or relatives or any privilege because of their physical relationship to Him. Someone told him, 'Your mother and brothers are standing outside, wanting to speak to you. For whoever does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother and sister and mother'" Matthew This mention of Mary is only one of four following the beginning of Jesus' public ministry and none of them refer to Mary's involvement in the "work" that Jesus did.

All through His public ministry Jesus relied upon the Father for guidance and for strength and said, "By myself I can do nothing; I judge only as I hear, and my judgment is just, for I seek not to please myself but him who sent me" John 5: Therefore, Jesus' ministry was totally in the Father's hand and will and no one, including Mary the mother of Jesus, had any role in His ministry other than one of His followers.

Learn More about the Passion of the Christ! Godthe Father, sent His only Son to satisfy that judgment for those who believe in Him. Jesusthe creator and eternal Son of God, who lived a sinless life, loves us so much that He died for our sins, taking the punishment that we deserve, was buriedand rose from the dead according to the Bible.

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