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Jun Takagi,1 Takeshi Itabashi,1 Kazuya Suzuki,1 Tarun M. Kapoor . First, we examined the relationship between the spindle size and .. Y.S. and T.M.K. provided advice on the experiments, the analysis, and the manuscript. Jun had expected KAzuya to be like his father, Heihachi, but she saw in him a They don't hold back on explaining relationships in any other. Chun-li and Cammy vs Kazuya and Jun by: fabula-fantasia.info 10 pages. Chun-li and Cammy give relationship advice to Jun Kazama.

I wanted to go out and feel every single emotion all at once because I was so amazed and awed by the beauty of life; something that no one truly appreciates until they have it taken away I wanted to talk to you, I wanted to see you smile, I wanted so badly to pick up our lives exactly where they left off all those years ago.

I see that now… but at the time I was so high on life, I was so caught up in the rush and the light and the people and the emotions and everything, I refused to accept it. I had tasted life and fallen in love with it in the way that only someone who has tasted death can.

The thought of losing that feeling… it petrified me. So I refused to believe that we couldn't continue our lives the way they were. And whenever I came up against this truth, I denied it and I tried to force it out of my head by feeling more and more and more wonderful emotions of life… through you.

When I try to deny something, I flood myself with anger…" Jun let a hesitant smile slip out from beneath her sadness. And unfortunately… it took an extreme amount of trauma for us to finally see the truth.

It shouldn't have taken us so much time. Their arms were still around each other, despite the growing feeling that things were not as simple as they wanted them to be. Kazuya heard the apology and felt a sudden urge to respond. Do I really mean that? Am I really prepared to take on the… the…. Kazuya looked into Jun's eyes. Even tainted by tears, they shined like a beautiful night sky.

If I were ever going to say that word… now would be the time. I'm doing too much, too fast. So many problems in my life have been caused by me losing control, and right now I'm losing control again. I… I need to slow down. Although Kazuya was having difficulty saying the word, Jun seemed far more ready. Not just for denying the truth so long, but for forcing you along in the way that I did. I just… I was so high on life, I didn't stop once to think of what I was doing or what any of it meant.

No matter how frustrated you would get, I just kept going. I wanted to feel everything, and I wanted to take you along with me. Kazuya, I wanted you to show you the world. But life isn't that simple… life isn't that pure…" Kazuya began to feel strange.

As Jun spoke about her regret, he felt as though he didn't want to hear her apologizes. Something deep inside of him, watching Jun disavow everything she had done, was telling him to intervene. Why… why does this seem wrong? Looking back on all the times that Jun would resist him, or tease him, or play games with him, he remembered feeling immense anger.

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Anger that she was standing in his way, anger that she was wasting his important time, and anger that he couldn't control her. But somewhere along the way, he realized that he felt another type of anger as well; the anger of excitement. I didn't enjoy that. There's no way I enjoyed her idiotic games, they were childish. I am an adult. I don't have time for children… and neither should she. He forcefully assured himself, using confidence and anger to repress the dangerous thoughts, just as he had done a million times before.

Kazuya was amazed by how open and willing to expose her character Jun was. It was a trait he had long admired, but never learned. Even though I'm only some kind of… ghost… I'm still an adult.

We might disagree on the nature of the world, but one thing that's not up for dispute is that this world is a solemn place. A solemn place with no time for naivety or hopeful thinking. As much as I would like there to be… there's just no room for adventure in a world like this. She was on the verge of tears again. Just a severed consciousness, floating around without a body and hanging on to life by a thread.

This… this empty shell," She motioned towards her body, "it will fade soon and I'll wake up back in the cage, just like I have every single time.

Where is the humanity in that? What was I thinking to say that I am alive? Why do I try to feel anything? Jun's hand did not return to Kazuya, but rather fell limply at her side. I flood myself with emotion because I need to keep feeding that lie no matter what, or else I disappear. I vex you and play games with you and act wildly with you because I need you to play along with my lie… or else I'm nothing.

He didn't even realize the words were coming out until he had already finished. Kazuya appeared just as much in shock as Jun was. Usually, his thoughts and his words were separated by a strong filter that stopped any dangerous thoughts from escaping, but suddenly that filter didn't feel so strong anymore. As he looked upon Jun's mournful expression one more time, the filter snapped.

Immediately his thoughts began tumbling. They rolled and crashed into each other, gaining momentum and falling wildly out of control. The next thing he knew, those secret thoughts had become unstoppable. Yes you've been flooding yourself with emotions, but that's not because you're fighting a dismal truth, it's because an endless spring of emotion and vibrant life is who you are!

You… you're more alive than any person I've ever met! I can see it in the way you talk, the way you move, the way your eyes dart around every room you're in like they're searching for new ways to experience life, I can see it every day!

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The Jun Kazama I know is so alive that just saying the word 'dead' in the same sentence as your name feels like an insult! Can't you see that?

Can't every single person on earth see that? How could they not!? God, Jun… Hearing you equate yourself to some kind of empty ghost sounds so wrong that I feel like I need to show you a mirror just to remind you what kind of incredible person you're talking about! Death isn't just a physical state, it's a state of being, don't you remember telling me that? Even when your body fails, true death will never touch you because your spirit will never die. And I'm sure that even when every person on earth lies six feet underground, your spirit will stand out amongst us all as so vibrantly alive that heaven, or whatever afterlife exists, will need to triple check before they can be sure that you've actually died.

Even now, it doesn't matter to me what state you're in. You are still Jun Kazama, and that means you're unequivocally alive no matter what because you are still-" Kazuya ground the crashing avalanche to a halt. In his flurried emotional state, he half expected Jun to kiss him again, completely forgetting everything that had happened before.

But she didn't kiss him. She looked just as shocked by Kazuya's outburst as he was. He was only now beginning to realize just how much he had said. Jun was astonished by Kazuya's confidence. After several seconds of shock, the hint of hope appeared in her eyes. Jun's face was his entire world. He looked at Jun and wanted so badly to kiss her again that he even started to subconsciously move in. Quickly he stopped himself.

Even in the swirl of reckless insanity that was the past hour, he knew that the string of avalanches needed to come to an end.

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I'm not going to lose control again. As he looked upon Jun's face and felt her in his arms, Kazuya knew that falling into that same old trap again was the last thing that they needed. He resisted the urge to kiss her, not on the grounds that he didn't want to kiss her, but because he knew that he didn't want it to happen as another accidental impulse.

Thoughtless impulse and loss of control have always been the reasons we kissed in the past.

jun and kazuya relationship advice

Furthermore, she is incredibly patient, waiting several months for Jun to reply to her confession and agreeing to go out with him despite how long he made her wait. Yuki is also shown to be very defensive of others at times. When Jun is mean to Hotaru, Yuki immediately comes to Hotaru's aid despite Hotaru's blunt disapproval of her brother's relationship, stating that Hotaru will become her sister if she and Jun ever get married and as such, Jun will have to be just as nice to Hotaru as he is to Yuki.

Additionally, when a group of older men attempt to harass Hotaru on the street, Yuki rushes to Hotaru's aid and helps her escape the situation. Perhaps her most notable trait is her love of joking around with others. In nearly every scene she is in, she is shown messing with other characters, typically Jun and Hotaru. Though she is often teasing others, she is shown to have a timid side. She is often afraid of men [1] and was too scared to speak when a group of men cat called her on the street.

VioletSystems VioletSystems 4 years ago 3 I like to think that some elements from the classic Tekken anime are canon, one of which is Kazuya and Jun's "relationship" portrayed there.

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You sure like using whatever a lot don't you. Guess its an online verbal tic. I use that apparently. Also the purple suit man!

jun and kazuya relationship advice

On a more serious note Nina didn't really have any major grudges against Kaz for the most part and he knew both of the sisters or he could of gotten the hook up with Lee. Or any girl for that matter. Instead he picks Jun which makes me consider what Violet said: They knew each other as kids, they loved each other, he got throw in a volcano and things happened to make them frosty but they might work together for the sake of their son or something.

To make it worse this seems to support that because the game has little to no details on their relationship compared to Kazumi and the other women parents.