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The Karna Duryodhana relationship is regarded by many as the perfect example of great friendship. The way they valued each other was beyond words to. Duryodhana, on the other hand, had Shakuni -- a corrupt, conniving and He crowned Karna the King of the Angas just to remove the stain of. When Karna asked him what he could do to repay him, Duryodhana told him that He throws his jewels at Arjuna as a tip for his performance.

One after the other, all the Kaurava and Pandava princes displayed their skills, much like our school annual day. Finally, Arjuna walked in. He performed amazing feats — he disappeared into clouds, then came swiftly out in a chariot, raced on it across the field and shot arrows on moving targets. He even threw up great fireworks with a set of arrows and smothered them with water from another. Everybody — the people, kings, teachers and all elders — was immensely happy about his skills, well almost everybody.

As the show was ending, there was a thundering challenge. There stood a man, as noble as the Sun god himself.

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He was handsome and majestic. The entire crowd stood up wondering, who this noble soul was. He was none other than Karna. Karna had a sad story. He was the son of Kunti, mother of Pandavas and Surya, the Sun god. He was the half-brother of the Pandavas.

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However, he did not know that he was born of royal parents. When Kunti abandoned him as a child, a charioteer raised him. All his life he did not know that he was born a prince, but believed that he was born to a charioteer. He respected his loving parents, but always felt bad that he could not be a prince. Karna was confident that he could do better. He stood up to challenge Arjuna. He bowed to all the elders and the cheering crowd, and started his show.


Am I not the best one? Where are you from? Are you a prince? If you are not a prince, get out of here, NOW! We, however, shall forcibly seize this tiger among men, Hrishikesa, first, like Indra forcibly seizing Virochana's son Bali.

Friendship Stories From Mythology – Karna And Duryodhana

Hearing that this one of Vrishni's race hath been seized, the Pandavas will lose their heart and become incapable of exertion, like snakes whose fangs have been broken.

This mighty-armed one is, indeed, the refuge and protection of them all. However, his plan fails as Krishna unveils his Virat Roop. Kesava, that slayer of hostile divisions, endued with great energy, addressed Dhritarashtra's son, Duryodhana, and said, 'From delusion, O Suyodhana, thou regardest me to be alone, and it is for this, O thou of little understanding, that thou seekest to make me a captive after vanquishing me by violence.

Here, however, are all the Pandavas and all the Vrishnis and Andhakas. Here are all the Adityas, the Rudras, and the Vasus, with all the great Rishis. Saying this Kesava, that slayer of hostile heroes burst out into a loud laughter. And as the high-souled Sauri laughed, from his body, that resembled a blazing fire, issued myriads of gods, each of lightning effulgence, and not bigger than the thumb.

And on his forehead appeared Brahman, and on his breast Rudra. And on his arms appeared the regents of the world, and from his mouth issued Agni, the Adityas, the Sadhyas, the Vasus, the Aswins, the Marutas, with Indra, and the Viswedevas.

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And myriads of Yakshas, and the Gandharvas, and Rakshasas also, of the same measure and form, issued thence. And from his two arms issued Sankarshana and Dhananjaya. And Arjuna stood on his right, bow in hand, and Bala Rama stood on his left, armed with the plough. And behind him stood Bhima, and Yudhishthira, and the two sons of Madri, and before him were all the Andhakas and the Vrishnis with Pradyumna and other chiefs bearing mighty weapons upraised.

And on his diverse arms were seen the conch, the discus, the mace, the bow called Saranga, the plough, the javelin, the Nandaka, and every other weapon, all shining with effulgence, and upraised for striking.

And from his eyes and nose and ears and every part of his body, issued fierce sparks of fire mixed with smoke. And from the pores of his body issued sparks of fire like unto the rays of the sun.

And beholding that awful form of the high-souled Kesava, all the kings closed their eyes with affrighted hearts, except Drona, and Bhishma, and Vidura, endued with great intelligence, greatly blessed Sanjaya, and the Rishis, possessed of wealth of asceticism, for the divine Janardana gave unto them this divine sight on the occasion. And beholding in the Kuru court that highly wonderful sight, celestial drums beat in the sky and a floral shower fell upon him.

And the whole Earth trembled at the time and the oceans were agitated. And, O bull of the Bharata's race, all the denizens of the earth were filled with great wonder.