Kobe and shaq vs jordan pippen relationship

kobe and shaq vs jordan pippen relationship

Bill Russell and Bob Cousy way back in the day or Shaq and Kobe just a Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook have a weird relationship. Wade and James have the potential to be this generation's Jordan and Pippen. Kobe and Shaq in during the best of times. (Mark J. conversation, reminiscing about their past success and shining new light on their relationship. You ask Michael and Scottie [Pippen], of course they were the best. Meanwhile, Kobe, who's clearly modeled himself after Michael Jordan and found Jordan to teammate Scottie Pippen, speaking of Kobe: "Could we jump that important than our professional relationship, I consider Michael to be a friend.".

It was Jordan's work ethic, his tenacity, his killer instinct, his thirst for victory that shaped the young Scottie Pippen and he helped mold number 33 into number 23's image. Scottie was the first to emulate Jordan. He was the first that began the trend that all young ball players did, "Be Like Mike". Pippen was great because Jordan showed him the way.

kobe and shaq vs jordan pippen relationship

Imagine if LeBron had Scottie's career path. Jordan would have turned him into the scariest player the game has ever seen. Which brings us to, drumroll please Kobe Bryant, and Shaquille O'Neal. No one followed anyone anywhere. Kobe was picked by the Lakers before the acquired O'Neal in free agency.

They both grew together at the same time and rate as Laker players. Shaquille was the senior, but Kobe had his own expectations to live up to, become the next Michael Jordan and annihilate his opponents on a nightly basis.

kobe and shaq vs jordan pippen relationship

Kobe and Shaq were the most dominant combo the game has ever seen. They took over the league together for eight strait seasons and were not able to win a title in their first season together, even though Shaquille O'Neal carried the load. The Lakers lost to the eventual Finals representatives from the western conference in the Utah Jazz '97, '98 and the San Antonio Spurs in InKobe's rookie year and Shaquille's first with Los Angeles, Kobe was the one to step up the plate and try to win games all by himself.

kobe and shaq vs jordan pippen relationship

Kobe airmailed two key shots late in one game, but as Babe Ruth once said, "You swing big and you miss big". At 18 years young, Kobe was trying to get Los Angeles to the Finals and play against the defending champion Bulls, led by Michael Jordan.

Inandthe Lakers lost to the eventual western conference champion.

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The Lakers averaged It was not until the summer of when the Lakers brass made the seemingly obvious move of signing six time champion coach Phil Jackson in an effort to capture some of the same "Zen" magic that won six titles in Chicago. Jackson instituted the triangle offense, which made Jordan and the Bulls so successful in the '90s. However, for the triangle to succeed they would need a great low post player, like a Shaquille O'Neal. Now Jackson had his young version of Jordan, and the most dominant big man in the game.

The Lakers could have won eight championships if Kobe and Shaq were able to keep it together off the court. The dispute between the two stars in Los Angeles boiled down to one simple thing, each one wanted the spotlight. If Shaquille never had Kobe. He would have been the undisputed best player of his generation, which he arguably was.

kobe and shaq vs jordan pippen relationship

Kobe, 17 years in the league, is still the best player of his generation. Kobe wanted the team to be his. He came out of high school thinking he belonged, and a year later he was promptly named as the starter of the NBA All-Star game at Madison Square Garden, squaring off with Jordan as the heir apparent to the thrown.

O'Neal had already been a star before Kobe came into the league, but Kobe was first to have a press conference donning the purple and gold of Los Angeles. There had been a power struggle since the beginning, and after the NBA Finals where the hobbled leg of Karl Malone was not able to keep up with the Pistons' frontcourt, the Lakers folded in five games.

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Shaquille O'Neal made it clear that the Lakers needed to choose between he and the young superstar, and the Lakers made the correct choice. The Lakers ended up winning two more titles, and are in contention for a third, if Dwight can get his act together.

kobe and shaq vs jordan pippen relationship

The late Jerry Buss made the right call. When they talk about each other, do they reveal their feelings, or keep their hearts locked away? As these quotes make clear, love comes in all shapes and sizes: Mike, now the statesman, shows Kobe and Phil some love Michael Jordan welcomes the challenge of facing Kobe Bryant and other young guns.

Jordan to teammate Scottie Pippenspeaking of Kobe: If Phil's not in Chicago, I'm not playing -- anywhere. The Kobes, the Vince Carters -- I'd love to play against them.

It would be a battle of minds.

It would be about who best utilized his talents because the [talent] would be pretty equal. I'm looking at his post-up game and the way when his jump shot isn't falling he goes to the hole, or does what he needs to do to get himself to the foul line.

Obviously there will be comparisons from here on out between Kobe and me, just as there were between me and Dr. J when I first came into the league.

If anything, it'll be a great challenge. You guys are the only ones saying that they can take me. All good and fine. I'm pretty sure they're sitting back welcoming the challenge. I'm sitting back welcoming the challenge too. When Kobe joins the Lakers, he tells his dad he will play for Phil one day, though Phil is coach of the Chicago Bulls.

Decemberon facing Michael: It's the ultimate challenge.

The Greatest Duo in NBA History, Or What Could Have Been

The way he tries to dissect his opponents. He tries to abuse their weaknesses and better his strengths. There's a lot to learn from Michael. He's going to be ready to play. Madison Square Garden is a place where he usually lights it up.

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Some of those guys are still playing, some guys are not even in the league now. I just take it in stride. There will never be another Michael Jordan.