Kyon and yuki relationship test

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kyon and yuki relationship test

The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan also known as The Vanishing of Nagato Yuki-chan, series follows Yuki and her companions as she develops feelings for Kyon . As Ryoko helps Kyon study, Haruhi tests her with some questions from . Engage Planet Kiss Dum (); Kamichama Karin (); Shugo Chara!. Now that their relationship has been discovered, Yuki and Kyon must endure the . Kyon and Haruhi, but Koizumi's holiday board game tests the very limit o. Putting aside all of the comedy, Kyon and Yuki are really close, albeit I wouldn't exactly label their relationship as romantic; I even have a hard.

However, she is getting more human-like, and there are plenty of indicators to back that up. There is no hope of Mikuru getting with him. Mikuru is strictly prohibited from dating anyone from this time frame, and I imagine she got into quite a bit of hot water for teasing Kyon, which led him and Haruhi into closed space, which almost brought upon the end of the world. It's clear that Mikuru has feelings for him, although she can definitley not act on them. And finally, we get to the new, obvious contender.

Although Kyon has no feelings for her and only regards her as a friend, Haruhi certainly thinks differently. I've a feeling that Sasaki will cause something incredible to happen, that will perhaps make Kyon choose between Haruhi, and her.

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Asahina tried giving advice on how to invite Kyon to accompany her at the Festival, but got flustered because she didn't think her advice would be helpful to Nagato. However, Nagato stops her, stating that she would simply muster up the courage to invite Kyon.

Asahina calmed down after this and wished her good luck. The day before the festival, during the last minute search for books to recommend for the Literature Club, Nagato and Kyon ended up together alone in the library. She finally invited Kyon to accompany her.

The Day of the Culture Festival Edit The manga implies that Kyon accepted Nagato's invitation, and the two wander around the festival together having fun. It's revealed that Haruhi had eventually formed a band with the help of Tsuruya, Asahina, and Koizumi, and that Taniguchi got his wish of meeting a good-looking Kouyouen student Kuyou.

kyon and yuki relationship test

Sasaki and Kunikida met up, and Sasaki told Kunikida about the confession from the male Kouyouen student. Sasaki ended up turning down the student directly, stating that she already had feelings for another boy. December arc Volume 7 Christmas time was approaching and everyone wanted to throw a party.

Haruhi decided to go and ask Tsuruya and Asahina if they wanted to come to the party. Tsuruya accepted on Asahina's behalf. Early December Edit Kyon invited Nagato over to his house over the weekend to play games and to keep him and his sister company while his parents were away.

kyon and yuki relationship test

Nagato got nervous about this and asked Asakura for advice. Asakura just told her to be her usual self and everything would work out fine. When the weekend came, Nagato showed up and kept Kyon's sister company while Kyon went to get snacks ready. While playing games together, Kyon's sister asked if Nagato and Kyon were going out. Nagato got flustered by Kyon's sister's rapid-fire questions and eventually told Kyon's sister that while they were not going out, she still loved Kyon.

Kyon overheard this unintended confession outside his door. Pretending that he heard nothing and rationalizing it as just Nagato playing along, he left for the convenience store and went back to his room some time later. After playing games for some time, Kyon's sister got tired and fell asleep.

Kyon put her to bed, but not before she told him about what Nagato said. There could be no mistaking it now. Kyon walked Nagato home, visibly troubled, but after thinking about it, Kyon finally understood that he had also fallen for Nagato. Christmastime Edit With the Christmas party rapidly approaching, Kyon's newly discovered feelings started to get the better of him. Tsuruya offered to use her house as the party venue. When asked if she was really fine with it, Tsuruya stated that their time together was limited, so they had to make use of it.

kyon and yuki relationship test

Nagato accepted the offer. On the way home, Kyon stated that he felt a little bit sad at the idea of their senpai leaving. Haruhi then responded by saying that everyone would eventually graduate.

She then asked if he was living without regrets.

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Kyon and Nagato turned their eyes toward each other, but due to the way they were standing, neither noticed.

Asakura and Haruhi both seemed to catch this, however. Stirred by Haruhi's question, Asakura decides to give both of them a little push. To Kyon, she subtly suggested that he should get Nagato something special for Christmas. To Nagato, she started to give her a very aggressive pep-talk, but shortly after she started yelling, she was interrupted by an inconsequential seeming phone call.

After this, the two were left on their own to act. Everyone arrived at Tsuruya's house on the 24th and the festivities commenced.

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After a bit of merriment, food, and games, Kyon caught Nagato for a moment outside in the rear garden. Kyon and Nagato both decided that this would be the right moment to confess their feelings, and just as Kyon was about to speak, Nagato beat him to the punch. The manga does not reveal the details of what happened until later. Relationship Development arc Volume Edit After the New Year, the trio headed out to the shrine and found everyone else there performing some kind of shrine duty.

While on the visit, Koizumi, Kyon, Asakura, and Nagato all drew fortune slips. Nagato's said to take things one step at a time for love. Interestingly, Asakura's said that with regard to moving house, moving quickly would bring fortune.

This was probably foreshadowing for later events. Kyon's said that there would be troubles ahead, but advised that he should take on the troubles together with Nagato.

Koizumi, of course, got a great blessing.

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Kyon also made a remark about his thing for ponytails when he sees Haruhi and Tsuruya. Nagato got a little jealous, and after the fortune slips, Kyon apoligizes. However, Nagato also decided to take things a step further and grow out her hair, much to Kyon's delight. Back at school, Kyon told Nagato that staying up late would not be good for her figure, which normally wouldn't have affected her.

However, since it was Kyon who said it, Nagato worried about it. After school, in the clubroom, Nagato stated that her reason for worrying wasn't necessarily out of self-consciousness, but rather, it was because it was fun for her to think of Kyon and worry about little things. The conversation then segued into Kyon talking about his health. Asakura stepped in here and said that if Kyon didn't want to exercise, perhaps eating better would keep him healthy. Kyon said that he didn't really have a choice, considering he couldn't really cook.

Asakura mistook this for a challenge and decided to make Kyon's lunches for an undisclosed period of time. However, as a few days passed, the bento boxes became more and more unhealthy as Asakura started to show off, partially fueled by Kyon's compliments.

Nagato felt a bit left out and asked Asakura if she would teach her how to cook. This brought Asakura back down to reality as she agreed. Nagato's first attempt ended in a small failure. Asakura used this to teach her that she had to work hard if she wanted to become skilled. Asakura then gave Nagato her recipe book, which Haruhi sees.

Much like in the main universe, Haruhi revealed that she also got good at cooking as a result of her mother having an off sense of taste, encouraging Nagato go at it every day and gain experience. Asakura then walked in, remarking that it was a little strange for Nagato to be doing this for Kyon before she started dating, showing that she didn't know about Nagato dating Kyon.

Haruhi, by contrast, did know, but decided to keep quiet about it, changing the subject. But before they could do anything together, Asakura noticed that Nagato was hot to the touch, and they went home quickly.

One or two days later, Haruhi and Asakura showed up to help Nagato recover from her illness. Asakura left to go buy things and Haruhi cooked up some soup for Nagato. After this, Nagato dozed off, and dreamed about the time when she confessed her feelings to Kyon on Christmas.

Kyon was at first taken aback by her sudden confession, so he didn't respond immediately. Nagato then said that she didn't need an answer right away, which reminded Kyon of the time when the other Nagato said the same thing. This stirred Kyon to action as he caught her before she could run off, stating that he also loved her.

The two stood around awkwardly for a bit, and bowed to each other to signify the start of their new relationship. However, they bumped heads, and Nagato woke up from her dream. When she woke up, Kyon was there, to Nagato's surprise.

When asked, Kyon simply stated that since they were going out, the least he could do was go over and comfort her. In addition, she starts developing her own feelings towards Kyon, leading her to suspect her two personalities may be merging together. Seeing more of the old Yuki's memories in her dreams, Yuki begins to worry that she'll disappear completely once the other Yuki awakens.

On the way back, Ryoko leads Yuki to realise that she has fallen in love with Kyon, leaving her even more fearful about her inevitable disappearance. Sensing the next time she falls asleep will be her last, Yuki spends the day with Ryoko, keeping her disappearance a secret from her.

Later that night, Yuki confesses to Kyon over the phone, falling asleep by the time Kyon reaches her, after which the original Yuki wakes up in her place. As Yuki returns to her normal life, Ryoko is simultaneously happy and sad upon the safe return of one friend and the departure of another. Meanwhile, Kyon is reluctant to face Yuki after hearing her other self's confession.

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Later, Haruhi makes plans for everyone to celebrate Tanabataasking Kyon and Itsuki to find a bamboo branch for the occasion. As everyone writes their wishes, Haruhi confronts Kyon over why he's distancing himself from Yuki, deducing he is nervous because of the other Yuki's confession. Secretly lamenting how he does not remember helping her write a message to space during Tanabata four years ago, Haruhi encourages Kyon to work at it despite Yuki not remembering the confession.

The next day, the group head for the mountains for some bug-hunting before participating in a test of courage. Rather than the ghosts one would expect, the pairs end up coming across a group of beautiful fireflies. When the fireworks began, Kyon drags Yuki to an inconspicuous place and, without her knowing, tells the other Yuki how he feels about her, giving him some closure.

Later, Ryoko asks Kyon if he finished his homework, a few days before school resumes. Haruhi soon leads the group on a wide array of summer activities, leaving Kyon with no opportunity to finish his summer homework.

With only two days of summer break left and Kyon and Yuki's homework unfinished, the gang have a study session at Kyon's house, where they soon get distracted playing games.

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