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LANDLORD AND TENANT RELATIONSHIPS (EXCERPT) Act of Security deposit; amount. Sec. 2. A landlord may require a security deposit. LANDLORD AND TENANT RELATIONSHIPS. Act of AN ACT to regulate relationships between landlords and tenants relative to rental agreements for. Assistance and Development Performance, I Am. Ec. R., 63 (May BENTIL, J. K. Interpreting the Race Relations Act. Public. Law, (Autumn ): .. Pontiac Uprising. Ontario Hist., 65 (Sept. ): [] Investigation of the Landlord Estate in Russia at the End of Tenant Farmers of Asia.

In case of damage to the rental unit or other obligation against the security deposit, the landlord shall mail to the tenant, within 30 days after the termination of occupancy, an itemized list of damages claimed for which the security deposit may be used as provided in section 7, including the estimated cost of repair of each property damaged item and the amounts and bases on which he intends to assess the tenant. The list shall be accompanied by a check or money order for the difference between the damages claimed and the amount of the security deposit held by the landlord and shall not include any damages that were claimed on a previous termination inventory checklist prior to the tenant's occupancy of the rental unit.

The notice of damages shall include the following statement in 12 point boldface type which shall be at least 4 points larger than the body of the notice: Failure by the landlord to comply with the notice of damages requirement within the 30 days after the termination of occupancy, constitutes agreement by the landlord that no damages are due and he shall remit to the tenant immediately the full security deposit.

The tenant shall notify the landlord in writing at the address given under section 4 within 4 days after termination of his occupancy of an address at which communications pursuant to this act may be received.

Failure to comply with this requirement relieves the landlord of the requirement of notice of damages but does not prejudice a tenant's subsequent claim for the security deposit.

If a landlord claims damages to a rental unit and gives notice of damages as required, the tenant upon receipt of the list of damages shall respond by ordinary mail to the address provided by the landlord as required by section 3 within 7 days, indicating in detail his agreement or disagreement to the damage charges listed. For the purposes of this section the date of mailing shall be considered the date of the tenant's response.

A landlord shall not be entitled to retain any portion of a security deposit for damages claimed unless he has first obtained a money judgment for the disputed amount or filed with the court satisfactory proof of an inability to obtain service on the tenant or unless: Failure of the landlord to comply fully with this section constitutes waiver of all claimed damages and makes him liable to the tenant for double the amount of the security deposit retained.

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Additionally, the fee cannot cover the same issues covered by the security deposit. Rental Agreement Laws in Michigan Written rental agreements are required when the lease is over 12 months. For any tenancy shorter than 12 months a written is not required. However, we highly recommend the use of a written rental agreement regardless of the length of tenancy.

The lease must include the name and address of the landlord or the manager of the property. Also, the lease must include the following statement: Michigan law establishes rights and obligations for parties to rental agreements.

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This agreement is required to comply with the Truth in Renting Act. If you have a question about the interpretation or legality of a provision of this agreement, you may want to seek assistance from a lawyer or other qualified person. The lease cannot include a provision that does any of the following: However, there are some exceptions.

Changes required by federal, state, or local law, rule, or regulation Changes in rules relating to the property meant to protect health, safety, and peaceful enjoyment Changes in cost of rent to cover additional costs incurred by the landlord due to increases in property taxes, increases in utilities, or increases in property insurance premiums Lease Renewal Provisions in Michigan Fixed Term Leases Fixed term leases are assumed to end when the lease term is over.

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However, many fixed-term leases have provisions that change it to a month-to-month tenancy when the lease term is over. Periodic Leases For periodic leases, the lease renews at the end of each rental period at the end of each month for a month-to-month lease. To terminate a periodic lease, the landlord or tenant must provide the other party with notice of their intent to terminate the lease.

The amount of notice must be equal to the interval between rent payments. Make collecting rent a reward, not an errand. The lease should state if the landlord has any preferences regarding the payment of rent.

If possible, landlords should accept some form of online payment from the tenant. Landlords can accept online payments through Avail. To ensure rent is paid on time every month, landlords should complete a thorough tenant screening.

Screening your tenants has never been so simple.

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Use Avail to screen your tenants online. Michigan Laws on Repairs: The tenant should notify their landlord beforehand of his or her intent to use either remedy.

Withholding Rent If the tenant is withholding rent, he or she should put the rent payments that would have been paid to the landlord in an escrow account. An escrow account is a bank account or other account held by a third party, established in the name of the tenant, into which rent payments are deposited to show that the tenant was ready, willing, and able to pay the rent.