Linka and wheeler relationship

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linka and wheeler relationship

I have seen there is not really a topic to discuss the "relationship" between Wheeler and Linka during the series. But I have so much on my. From the moment he sees her, Wheeler makes no secret of his attraction to Linka. He often calls her 'babe', and flirts. This is the first kiss between Wheeler and Linka in the series. The relationship had been hinted at throughout the series with mild flirtations, but.

Captain Planet rescues Todd from the island and tells the angry townspeople that they've been listening to false rumors and gives a rousing speech on acceptance.

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Though the episode wraps up with a nice conclusion, real life prejudice is not so easily dispelled. With them out of the way, Blight and the other villains have somehow risen to a level in politics where they're each on the verge of becoming President of the United States. In order to get rid of the competition, Blight kidnaps the one decent candidate, Jane Green, but Blight's daughter goes back in time to rescue the Planeteers and prevent her mother from winning the presidency.

The Planeteers and Blight's daughter find and rescue their future selves.

They summon Captain Planet and he busts through Greedly's hotel to stop several shady political deals. The Planeteers rush off to stop Blight, but the polls have already closed. We could learn a lot from "Captain Planet and the Planeteers.

It's not surprising that they would choose to close out the first season with a story that displays the effects of global warming and how it harms the Earth.

linka and wheeler relationship

When Doctor Blight opens a part of the forcefield to let in a giant iceberg that will melt and raise the sea level around Hope Island, the Planeteers escape through the opening and rescue Linka.

Together, they summon Captain Planet, who destroys the force field and creates a giant wave that sends Blight and her barge tumbling into the ocean. Derek, a brilliant environmental scientist creates a computer simulation of a world where all pollution is easily taken care of by technology, Doctor Blight arrives to destroy everything. She has her computer, MAL, infect the computer system with a virus, which causes the simulated habitat to begin to deteriorate from the uncleaned pollution.

Wheeler and Linka are trapped together in a smog-filled dome, while Kwame and Ma-Ti enter the computer system to try to destroy the virus. While Wheeler and Linka try to survive in the smog-filled room, Linka is about to confess that she has feelings for Wheeler before a coughing fit overtakes her.

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Meanwhile, in the computer world, Ma-Ti learns that he can create electromagnetic fields with his heart ring and Kwame can dissolve them. They use their powers to break the security system and free Wheeler and Linka. Wheeler asks how it's possible that no one ever noticed people polluting the Grand Canyon, and Gaia determines that Hoggish Greedly, Sly Sludge and Rigger have used a time machine to go back to the American old west and purchase the Grand Canyon.

The Planeteers find the time machine and go back to confront Greedly, Sludge and Rigger, and learn that they've been buying up land all around to turn into dumping grounds.

Wheeler challenges Greedly to a gunfight, but they give him a gun without bullets. Wheeler spins the gun and it flies off his finger and knocks his ring out of Greedly's hand.

He snatches it up and the Planeteers summon Captain Planet who captures the polluters and locks them up in the town jailhouse. He often calls her 'babe', and flirts with her heavily throughout several episodes. Linka, however, usually rejects his advances. Most of the time he accepts this with good humour, but occasionally he will question her further about going out with him, or he will display a hurt look, indicating that his feelings go deeper than simple flirting.

Several times, Wheeler and Linka come close to kissing during quiet, intimate moments with one another, such as in the episode Beast of the Temple.

linka and wheeler relationship

However, they are usually interrupted before they can kiss. Occasionally Wheeler will flirt with other female characters, which causes Linka to become openly jealous. Whenever he is rescued from a tight spot, she displays obvious relief and is more open with her affections towards him.

Parents Wheeler had a rough childhood. His father was an alcoholic, and his mother appeared passive in response to the aggression present in the home. Wheeler appears to be close to his mother - he returns to visit his parents in the episode Talkin' Trashand he appears on good terms with her.

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However, he at first refuses to speak to his father, who verbally abuses him and indicates that he believes Wheeler is no good and will amount to nothing. During the episode A Mine is a Terrible Thing to Waste Part IIwe learn that Wheeler often spent nights away from home, on the streets or in the park, even at a young age.

This is because going home often resulted in conflict with his father, who sent him out to purchase alcohol. The names of Wheeler's parents are never revealed. Trish Trish was Wheeler's girlfriend before he joined the Planeteers. He sees her again in the episode Talkin' Trashand discovers she is part of a gang vandalising the neighbourhood.