Matching relationship tattoos king and queen

matching relationship tattoos king and queen

Couples' tattoos are in trend. They're now more popular than ever before, and many couples choose to get matching tattoos to portray the. This couple prove that you don't have to be matchy-matchy with your tattoo You don't necessarily need a partner to get matching king and queen tattoos – why. Queen and King Wrist Tattoos Couples Matching Tattoos, Couple Wrist Tattoos, Small Matching Wrist Tattoo Ideas for Couples - King Queen Spade Hearts.

King and Queen of Hearts When we think about kings and queens and couple tattoos, perhaps one of the first things that come to mind are the kings and queens of hearts. These are from a deck of playing cards and the highest cards for the hearts. There are three other decks — the spade, clubs, and diamonds. For the tattoo design itself, you can either choose to go complex or simple. Complex designs are usually those with additional elements and often have several things going on at once.

This is the best for adventurous couples who love big and fancy tattoos. For simple designs, you can go as minimalist as simply using a K and Q with a heart underneath.

69 Most Stunning and Majestic King and Queen Tattoos for Partners

You can even go tattoo the actual cards. Crown tattoos Another thing that easily comes to mind when we think about royalties are their crowns. These are their signature — the sign of their status and pretty much wields the power as the leader of the kingdom. Crown tattoos are also a symbol of royalty, wealth, and leadership in the tattoo industry. Crown tattoos could be as simple or as fancy as you want. Chess tattoos Another well-known king and queen are the chess pieces.

They can only move one tile at a time, in all direction.

matching relationship tattoos king and queen

As a tattoo, it could symbolize the vulnerability of being a man — something not everyone accepts or acknowledges. On the other hand, the queen — the chess piece with the crown — has more options for movement. Oftentimes, this serves as the defense and offense and the last protection of the king.

Crowns and diamonds One of the most popular inclusions in a crown tattoo are diamonds. They signify the wealth and luxury that comes with the title of being a king and queen. This could also be included in your king and queen tattoos but the meaning could be a little different.

Instead of riches that are more material, you tend to be rich with love, fun, and care. Dates Apart from diamonds, you can also choose to incorporate the date of your anniversary or the day you first met. This is a big tattoo design for couples as well.

You can either choose to have it in Roman numerals or Arabic numbers. The trick is to make it one with the design. Some would put it on ribbons surrounding the crowns or under the crown. Spirit Animal Love animals? These could be wild ones or domesticated pets. However, couples have the tendency to go for the king and queen of the jungle — the lion and the lioness. Lions are very loyal to their partners and the lioness is very protective of her cubs. This is such as perfect symbol for partners who love their spouses and their kids.

You can even include them wearing crowns so it would be more appropriate for king and queen tattoos. Skull tattoos Want a badass couple tattoo? This could be a little morbid to look at and some would even say it has a negative meaning. Nonetheless, it could be turned into something positive. Skulls are often deemed as symbols of death. As a couple tattoo, it could very well indicate your unending love for your partner.

40 King and Queen Tattoos for Lovers That Kick Ass

Or, it could mean that you intend to live your life to the fullest with your partner until the day you die. Minimalist Tattoo Styles To say the truth, not everyone is a tattoo enthusiast.

Some do want to get a tattoo but do not want the fancy and bold designs that you can even see from far away. If this is you and your partner, then you might want to try minimalist king and queen tattoos. One example was stated above — a minimalist king and queen of hearts tattoo.

Even your chess piece tattoos and crown tattoos could be simplified. Get your tattoo on the thumb, and remember your loved daily, every time to look at your hands. Colourful, Sophisticated Crown Tattoo via tattoosbeautiful Colourful, graphic tattoos are fascinating. The two presented above are quite unique.

matching relationship tattoos king and queen

The asymmetry makes them even more inspiring, and the colour sets them apart from all the other crown tattoos out there. Choose the palette that you love the most, and show just how much adoration you have for the most important person in your life. Top of any message that speaks to your senses with a beautiful king and queen crown, and celebrate the relationship that you have in the most original way.

So, if you want to be his queen, you might have to dare and get one as well. Let him protect you for the rest of your life. Some people get married; others get inked. Which type are you? The two crowns presented are almost identical, although hers has a red heart at the top, whereas his is black. This beautiful matching tattoo with crowns and a message, looks beautiful of the wrist.

How about on the top side of your foot? Both versions are very well-made and are also extremely expressive. Such a graphic tattoo works best on an arm. Pair it with a cool message, and make an impression.

matching relationship tattoos king and queen

Decide on the best combo that fits your style and get inked to mark the true love you have to the person holding your hand.

We love the beautiful writing. It is graphic and sleek but at the same time romantic. Ink yours on the side of your palm, and let the whole world know how much you love your better half. The design is detailed and really appealing. The heart eye details add a touch of romance to the soberness allure of the tattoos. The colour combo is perfect, and it looks really nice on the arm.

matching relationship tattoos king and queen

We love the lock placed in the middle of the heart. It clearly states that yours is already reserved.

50 King and Queen Tattoos for Couples

Wedding Tattoos Spice things up with more colour for your next tattoo, and go red! A tat on the ring finger means a lot, so be careful and make sure that your queen is truly the ONE. Very nice calligraphy writing and crown design.

Truly complex and very well-made, the queen of hearts faces her king of clubs. Very interesting design that might just be want to need to declare the love you hold for the person standing right in front of you.

40 King and Queen Tattoos for Lovers That Kick Ass

The matching crowns look innovative too. Unique and bold, it should be a mark that your love can conquer everything. Choose the best model for the crown, and decide on a spot of your body you cherish the most. It has to be nurtured to last, so take good care of your loved one for better or worse.

Be the king and queen of your life together, and hop on a unforgettable journey. This way, every time we touches you, that feeling of love will become stronger and stronger.

Be there for each other, and let that tattoo remind you that you were meant to be together and live your lives as a strong couple for all eternity. Keep things simple, and stick to the simplest design to make an impression. Choose a design that inspires you and get it inked on your upper arm.

A colourful crown tattoo on the wrist is a clear sign of commitment; a sign that makes your bond even stronger and unbreakable by anyone. While that might be true, tattoos are also forever. Check out this amazing combo of a lion king and queen. The realistic design is truly impressive. Before you get inked, think about it carefully. We love the reflective allure, and detailing. Freaky in some way, but totally amazing overall!