Moka and tsukune relationship questions

moka and tsukune relationship questions

Jul 15, Tsukune wrapped his arms around Moka's waist and then lightly kissed . companion were dating, which would lead to all sorts of problems. i got invested in a manga awhile ago and just finished it:( moka and tsukune dating 2. surely is should be weird for them because. Jun 30, Pairing: 'Inner' Moka Akashiya and Tsukune Aono. +. Rated K for a Well, she knows about me and supports our relationship." +. Tsukune.

Although he was doing his best to play it cool, inside he was simultaneously a nervous wreck and floating on cloud nine.

He was ridiculously happy because he had finally confessed to the girl of his dreams okay, he was forced, but that was a minor detail. On the other hand, he was scared senseless at the fact that besides the obvious dangers of dating a vampire, therein also lay the dangers of saying the wrong thing and having Moka realize how much better she could do in terms of guys.

There also was the not-so-small problem of whether or not inner Moka approved of the relationship. To avoid at least some of these problems, Tsukune had done his best to make things as nice as he could. Granted, the school cafeteria wasn't a five-star restaurant, but at this time of night it was empty.

That was good because there wasn't a bunch of guys trying to get Moka's attention, a definite plus when you are trying to have a romantic first date. Another good thing about having the room to themselves was they could say whatever they wanted.

Hence, Tsukune was telling some of the stories of his days in the human world. Granted, those days weren't nearly as adventurous as his high school years currently were, but Tsukune wanted Moka to know that not all humans were evil. Kurumu put her ear right up against the opening. We need to get closer! Mizore frowned and jabbed Kurumu in the stomach. Seconds later, the two become involved in a full-on poking and prodding fight.

Yukari looked on nervously. Suddenly, Tsukune started to get up from his chair. The…feeling came back again. The feeling that popped up and prompted both of them to start leaning ever closer to each other, surrounded by a world of creamy pink, glittering bubbles and the sound of music floating through the air. The couple leaned in closer, closer than ever before, and right as they were both sure that this would be the time they weren't interrupted by the other girls… Tsukune's harem crashed the date.

Kurumu and Mizore's shoving match had escalated to the point where it broke the air vent they were hiding in, sending the entire group crashing down onto the unsuspecting young lovers. A moment later, she quickly unlocked the door and then pulled it open. The pink-haired maiden came face-to-face with Tsukune, worry clearly evident across his brow. She wrapped her arms around his waist and hugged him firmly. I wake you up every night, because of my I'm not upset and I know you needed me. I'm still really worried about you," he said as he pushed the door closed with his right foot.

It locked itself with a soft "clunk". He kicked off his sneakers near the doorway before he stepped any further into her room. And I appreciate that you worry about me. I just really want you to sleep over again But I don't wanna get in trouble again or you know, have anyone spread Like the whole school knowing you're a 'super' vampire.

Or us 'necking' after lunch. Or being so close to each other. Not that I mind, of course," he said with a slight blush.

Kurumu Kurono

Is something else bothering you? It's really nothing to worry about," Moka replied with a heavy sigh. He lightly grabbed her left hand and then guided her over to the bed. After Tsukune sat on the plush mattress, he patted the spot to his left. Moka took his not-so-subtle suggestion and then plopped down next to him.

She laid her head on his left shoulder, followed by a drawn-out sigh. I'm sure it's not that much of a big deal, right.


It's not gonna be a big deal, is it? I mean, beside the bad dreams. I promise that I won't laugh, okay? Um, I know we've been getting closer lately, like studying and eating together I've just been thinking Moka's face turned bright pink from her blunt reply, since the entire topic was exceptionally embarrassing. As in l-living t-together? In the same room? So it was a big deal, after all. He wasn't completely against her so-called idea, per se; but they weren't exactly in that sort of relationship yet.

Besides the hand holding, kissing each other, or necking, 'cause she's a vampire; either at school or the dorm, they spent every waking hour, together. However, neither one of them were quite ready to place any sort of label on their relationship, whatever it was. They were merely happy to spend special moments like this together, for the time being, anyway.

It's weird and really sudden The bad dreams are getting a lot worse and I don't know what's wrong with me! What's wrong with me? I mean, it's a big step, you know, about um, being Maybe we could talk to the Headmaster And then we can I know, it's a huge deal and I guess we can talk to Mikogami.

Here I am a powerful vampire and I'm totally scared out of my mind, Tsukune. Tsukune wrapped his arms around Moka's waist and then lightly kissed her right ear for a few moments. Her crying spell instantly ceased and was replaced with a familiar, warm sensation in her abundant bosom as he showered her with heartfelt affection which she urgently desired. The vampiress was profoundly addicted to his touch, even more-so than his sweet blood which she had grown rather dependent on as her primary source of nutrition.

Whenever he was with her, she smiled brightly and laughed without a care in the world. It was special moments like these where her feelings for him increased exponentially in magnitude. But when they were separated at night, that's when she was at her very worse, as the continuous nightmares haunted her subconsciousness and brought on nerve wracking panic attacks.

Tsukune was the lighthouse in the torrential storm that was her fractured psyche. The dark-haired, young man, was deeply distressed about her current state of mental health, and wished for her to seek out professional help. He wanted more than anything to be sure that she would someday recover from her traumatic ordeal.

It didn't matter how long it took for Moka to be free of her torment, because he'd be there to support her, when she honestly needed him the most. However, it wasn't his fault that he was caught red-handed one morning after he left her room a couple of days ago by a gaggle of girls from the Senior class.

Naturally, they loudly yelled at him and called him a pervert as he rushed back to his room at the crack of dawn.

Honestly, older girls were quite the scary lot, he mused! I really missed you, like this," she gasped due to his affectionate gesture. Even though I saw you a few hours ago. Um, do you wanna And I missed having you near me," Moka said as she sat up, ran over to the light switch and then shut the lamp off, which left her room, unsurprisingly, in near-darkness. Tsukune promptly removed his heather gray tee shirt, khaki cargo pants, and socks.

After he folded each article of clothing in half, he placed them on top of Moka's desk. He rapidly crawled under the soft bed sheets and took his usual spot, closest to the wall. Moka joined him a moment later with a happy smile.

She made herself cozy under the sheets and then nuzzled up to Tsukune. He pulled her closer and then held her in a protective manner. I mean, for keeping me company Like I said before I meant, sleeping near you. I meant, sleeping over and Um, would it be okay if I had a tiny sip? It might make me feel You know that you really don't have to ask, Moka.

Tsukune placed his left hand on the small of her back and with his right arm around her slim waist, he held her warmly. Moka parted her velvety, soft lips, opened her mouth, and then gently pierced his flesh with her small fangs. Tsukune gasped as her canines pierced his flesh which didn't hurt one bit. An additional bonus of their growing blood bond. The adorable vampiress joyously lapped up his scrumptious blood with small, satisfying, slurps for a few minutes as he held her firmly around her slender waist.

Moka," he breathed out as he suddenly felt much closer to her through their bond. Naturally, he madly blushed fifty shades of red as prickles of pleasure shot down his spine all the way to the tips of his toes, due in fact to her alluring phrase.

Once her thirst was quenched, Moka slowly licked the tiny puncture marks closed with her moist, hot, tongue and then devotedly kissed the same spot. Tsukune released her from his grasp as she reclaimed her empty spot on the bed.

Why don't we get try to get some sleep? I don't wanna go to class in the morning and have anyone call me a zombie again," he said with a laugh. Just promise that you'll hold me, please?

Besides, you're not a zombie Um, what do you mean by 'blood doll'? Or would you rather have me call you Um, blood doll has a I really need my beauty sleep, you know. Besides, daybreak would happen soon enough at the private high school for ayashi and yokai.

Daylight arrived on time as the pair woke up at 6: Tsukune had gotten dressed, kissed Moka per habit, and then quickly returned to his room next-door. He was rather relieved that his early daytime shenanigans passed unnoticed by any of his extra-nosy neighbors. An hour later, Tsukune and Moka exited their individual rooms in unison. After her door was properly locked, the pink-haired beauty walked up to her faithful blood doll and acted as if everything was completely normal.

Apparently, Moka's phrase was "being normal is overrated". They unanimously voted beforehand to curb their "extracurricular activities" such as kissing in public, holding hands, or "necking" for the time being, as to warrant any further gossip aimed in their general direction. It went without saying that rumors and wild stories swept across the campus within minutes, similar to an out of control, blazing inferno.

Especially when one silver-haired vampiress in particular, recently piqued the student body's curiosity with extraordinary intent. The idea alone of holding back, challenged the twosome to tolerate for the duration of the entire school day without some form of contact of the intimate kind, from one another.

Not that kind, you pervert! They're still 15, but going on 16, you know! But instead, the innocent type found in well-written fan-fictions, even if the story was rated M, until much later on. Even if their ship had already sailed much sooner than most readers had ever expected. Once again, all eyes were fixated on Moka and she became the center of unwanted attention.

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Tsukune sensed her nervousness through their bond and quickly grabbed her left hand. I really don't like everyone staring at me, to be honest," Moka replied with a sigh.

No wonder I fell so hard for him,' Moka thought to herself as they entered homeroom a minute later. Before the pair had even realized it, several girls ran up to and then surrounded them, which barred their escape if the need arose. I heard you're that super Vampire, right? He totally got what he deserved, if you ask me! He tried hitting on me, too. Thankfully, Tsukune held her hand firmly.

I just got a little dizzy again," she said as she stood up, with Tsukune's assistance. Who the fuck do you think you are anyway, Aono?! So I'm asking you nicely to please leave Moka alone, before I lose my temper," he retaliated as he offered her a hard stare. S-sorry a-about that," the purple-haired girl sputtered out, followed with an apologetic bow towards the pair.

The four girls quickly scattered and then ran over to their desks as inhumanly as possible. Moka knew Tsukune was not a violent person, but decided to not bring up that particular subject and was very grateful for his quick assistance. She blushed hard when he said that he was more than her friend, of course, which made her exceedingly, giddy.

After she quickly trotted to her desk, Moka sat down in her seat. Lastly, she hung her leather bookbag on the hook that was attached to the right-hand side, which so happened to face the aisle. Thanks to you, Tsukune," she replied with a small smile. I know they didn't mean any harm, and I just kinda said that.

moka and tsukune relationship questions

It, it just kinda came out. I mean, I had to say something. That was really sweet of you," Moka answered, with a goofy grin plastered across her face. I'm going to take roll call now," Miss Nekonome announced as she walked into the classroom a second later and then stood behind her desk.

Luckily for Moka and Tsukune, the remainder of the morning went without any further interruptions and most of the other students kept their distance from the duo. Word quickly spread throughout the school that the beautiful vampiress and her constant companion were dating, which would lead to all sorts of problems, down the road.

Shortly after they ate a peaceful lunch together, they sat under a large shade tree in the courtyard located just outside the cafeteria. Moka felt so much closer to Tsukune ever since the confrontation in homeroom a few hours prior. She remained quiet for the first half of the day and only talked when spoken to.

The pinkette's mind was preoccupied with what Tsukune said in the spur of the moment, naturally. However, she was unsure of how and when to bring up that specific topic. She knew her feelings for Tsukune were crystal clear and was beyond happy when he said that. Even so, was he ready to commit to such a relationship with her, after only knowing each other, for a little over a week? Moka's train of thought was brought to a sudden halt, as an announcement was broadcast on the high school's P. System which the entire campus' populace heard.

First year students Akashiya Moka and Aono Tsukune, please report to the Headmaster's office at this time. Once again, first year students Akashiya Moka and Aono Tsukune, please report to the Headmaster's office at this time. Seems like Mikogami wants to speak with us," she said as she bent down and then grabbed her book bag.

With a sigh, Tsukune repeated the action and without another word said, followed her back into the building. In front of the duo was a large, double-wide, wooden door. Affixed to the left side of the door was a plaque which read "Headmaster Tenmi Mikogami". Off to the right-hand side of the huge door was a long, wooden desk made of a dark-stained wood along with a padded, matching chair. As Moka stated that she could only wish that she was sure, she then watched as Moka mention that three drawbacks existed for this saving bid.

Despite Moka's attack, Kurumu realizes that Moka should be far stronger, as Kuyo counterattacks Kurumu then cries at how vampire blood saved Tsukune and made him seem to be a vampire. Two days later Kurumu greets Tsukune good morning, expressing her joy at his recovery.

She then tells Tsukune that she's fallen even deeper in love with him after having seen him "at that moment". Before Tsukune can figure it out or Kurumu can blurt out the story, Moka nervously shushes her. Kurumu asks Moka if she's trying to ruin the moment, only for Moka to tell her that Tsukune doesn't remember anything after passing out from Kuyo's fire attack.

After expressing her shock loudly about the gap in Tsukune's memory, Kurumu aides Moka in keeping Tsukune from asking questions as both of them worry about him going into shock. As they try to keep Tsukune from wondering about it, Yukari nearly brings it up after greeting Tsukune. Later on, as final exams come up, Kurumu finds out about Ms.

Mornings Chapter 6: First Date: Moka and Tsukune, a rosario + vampire fanfic | FanFiction

Ririko Kagome 's strong arming Tsukune into getting tutoring from her when he wanted to study with Moka. Exasperated, Kurumu says that Ms. Ririko always does "this". When Tsukune asks what she meant, Kurumu states that thinking outside the box is good, but that Ms. Kagame not only goes way too far outside the box, but that she always ends up overdoing things. Kurumu then expresses her frustration that Ms.

Ririko has bigger breasts than her, to which Yukari states the immature nature of such jealousy as Moka dejectedly gazes at her breasts. Kurumu and Yukari exchange snide remarks about each others lacking in maturity Kurumu remarks on Yukari's childish chest and Yukari snipes about only Kurumu's body being mature as Tsukune blushes and exclaims at their frank actions.

She then listens as Yukari lays out the pass-fail margins for Tsukune: Several days after Tsukune begins getting Ms. Ririko's tutoring, Kurumu asks for Yukari to tutor her, to which Yukari refuses Kurumu then bumps into a student, which happens to be Tsukune. She and Yukari listen as Tsukune flatly mutters mathematical formulas, which Yukari states are ones that are more advanced than they learned.

Kurumu happily says that he's learning it and tries to pounce on him, only for Tsukune to have shuffled off Kurumu and Yukari pass by where Moka is looking over the notes she made for Tsukune, which Ms. Ririko dismissed as trash, while Yukari mentions that a previous student that Ms. Ririko tutored got really good at math Yukari then mentions that Tsukune was acting funny just a while ago, to which Kurumu wonders if Ms.

Ririko is doing something evil to him. After final exams, Kurumu is distressed about getting only a 44 fail grade while Moka, Tsukune and Yukari passed: Moka's grade is unknown, Tsukune got an 89 and Yukari scored Nekonome tells the Newspaper Club that their club trip was to do investigative reporting on events in the human world, Kurumu expresses no cares about where she goes She and Yukari then breakup by blind luck a chance for Tsukune and Moka to kiss, as Yukari shouts that she doesn't want to go and Kurumu finds her attitude hard to tolerate.

After exchanging morning greetings with Tsukune, she asks for help in talking sense into Yukari. After Tsukune asks Yukari what the matter is, Kurumu butts in and says Yukari's just scared, like any child would be. Yukari, miffed, calls Kurumu an airhead and drops a washtub on her head as Kurumu snaps back at her. Moka tries calming them down as Tsukune laments in his mind that they aren't off to a good start.

Moments later, they notice the bus is coming and state that Gin failed too many classes and had to take summer school. The margins mention that Kurumu is playing hooky from summer school. Before they exit the "Tunnel of the 4th Dimension" Kurumu is seen with mildly anxious expression.

After passing the "No Trespassing" sign, Kurumu remarks on the issue that they're ignoring it. After being let off the bus, Kurumu is delighted at the radiance of the field of sunflowers that were let off by, as Moka states that she didn't know humans had such pretty places and asked if they were stopping there. Nekonome for a place that serves great fish which piques her interestthe whole club watches them go, very shocked at the sudden exit.

After they try to dissuade them from leaving, Kurumu nags Yukari about her fearful behavior, prompting a fistfight between them, with Moka trying to halt it. When Tsukune reacts to odd actions amongst the sunflowers Kurumu asks him what is it, forgetting that she was yanking on Yukari's cheeks.

When Tsukune and Moka's agitation gets bad, they high tail it to a remote shack. After Tsukune remarks on the weirdness and asks if they're really in the human world, they all take a look at the newspaper's chilling article: When they're all done reading, Kurumu and Moka are clinging to a terror-stricken Tsukune. Kurumu then remarks about the awful actions of witches, prompting an argument with sniping at each others monster races and another washtub clocking Kurumu as Tsukune realizes this area is next to the prefecture he grew up in.

Moka voices the idea that Ms. Nekonome brought them to the human world for investigative journalism, and that they might be expected to investigate. Kurumu then theorizes that they're being tested and that they should surpise her by solving the mystery. Following a nervous look from Tsukune, Yukari shouts the inquiry "Are you trying to get us all killed?!

Exasperated with Yukari's hysterics, Kurumu glares, and asks Yukari to throw away her "stupid" cards and quit whining. Kurumu wears a cross expression when she tells Yukari that she's such a baby, and if she's so scared Hurt, furious and confrontational, Yukari shouts up close to Kurumu's face and charges out, after lodging a tarot card in Kurumu's forehead.

As blood squirts around the edges, Kurumu grumbles about how she hates witches. When Tsukune and Moka hear Yukari scream from being attacked by the Garigari monster plants, and Tsukune fears they passed each other, Kurumu looks worried and then mentally says she's sorry to Yukari.

As Yukari's fear reaches it's peak under the Garigari plants attack, Kurumu's insults echo in her head prompting her to turn the monster plants into weed whacker fodder. The club finds her after her overuse of power caused her to pass out. Amazed by Yukari's counterattack, Kurumu reflects on the facts that Yukari didn't run and was awfully stubborn. After retrieving Yukari's witch's hat, she mentally vowed to never call her a baby again as she put it back on Yukari's head.

Unfortunately they were unaware that someone observed Yukari's display of magical power and was reporting it to her mistress. As Tsukune brought water and Moka kept watch over Yukari, who was still unconscious, Kurumu rounded up Yukari's tarot cards and cleaned them off, wondering at both Yukari's sheer power and her fear of the human world.

She then added that there was still so much they didn't know about Yukari, and reflected on the differences between witches, monsters and humans. Kurumu then mentally recalls that they were fighting. The club then takes the offer from two young human women the elder of the two was saved by Yukari to be driven to the city.

Upon reaching the city, Kurumu expresses her excitement, while Moka seems nervous and Yukari is plainly terrified, despite Tsukune trying to help her relax. After people notice them, the gazes thrown her way fluster Moka, while Kurumu is mildly uncomfortable from the attention she gets but likes it.

Guys charge Kurumu and Moka, knocking Tsukune aside and scaring Yukari even worse. After a group of cosplay fans push Yukari into a full-press panic, they all watch as Yukari uses her magic to explode the streetlights, shocking Kurumu and Moka. Tsukune however, gets panicked and grabs Yukari's right hand as the club runs for a deserted alley. After Yukari has a harsh outburst at humans and Tsukune's lack of understanding, Kurumu grabs Yukari by the shoulder fabric of her cape and asks her what she's saying, likely because of Tsukune's hurt look.

Then a crow dives between Kurumu and Yukari breaking the two apart.

moka and tsukune relationship questions

Holding her skirt down, Kurumu wonder what was that, then seeing that it was a crow. Moka then realizes it is a murder of crows term for a group of crows. As Kurumu shields herself and Tsukune and Moka wonder at their crazy behavior, Yukari is snatched from their midst. Having searched but found no sign of Yukari, Kurumu wonders why she would have run off as she was scared of the city. Kurumu then remains silent as Tsukune realizes he really didn't understand Yukari at all, despite their friendship.

After Moka states that they all care about each other and need to make Yukari know they accept her whatever she feels, Kurumu looks back and sees a group of crows gathering at a building a short distance away, and realizes that it could be the same crows that attacked them. She watches Tsukune dust himself off, explain how they found them, tell Yukari he heard what she said Yukari thinks he's madand then shouts her name and holds out his hand, suggesting they call the trip a bust and return to Yokai Academy.

This surprises Yukari who recalled her awful statements and reaches for Tsukune's extended hand of friendship. Kurumu then charges Ruby, who had just wounded Tsukune with her sharp wings.

Kurumu realizes that Ruby's wings are in the way of any attack as Ruby plans to attack Tsukune and Moka. Yukari gets cut on the face while blocking Ruby, who she tells not to attacks her friends. Before Ruby's confusion and rage can let her attack again, they all see Tsukune get up Kurumu is tearfully happy that Tsukune survived once again, before Ruby rants her thought that Tsukune isn't a human seeking to hurt her again. Yukari then sees Ruby's attack hit around Tsukune as she realizes that races didn't matter, as Ruby was attacking mercilessly and Tsukune and her friends were striving to understand.

After Yukari cries out Tsukune's name, he dodges Ruby's attack and strikes her in the midriff, knocking her out and hurting her. At sundown that night, they lamented being unable to find the way to their rest stop, the absence of Ms. Nekonome, no way to return to school, and being stuck with Ruby who hated them and was wounded. Kurumu looks skyward and realizes that at night, you can't see the stars from the city, and wonders what will become of them now.

They all then watch Yukari have another outburst, but she says all will be okay while she has her friends. Kurumu and company then watch Yukari hug Tsukune's arm and apologizes for her harsh outburst and declares that she still loves all of them.

After Tsukune speaks Yukari's name, they are amazed to run into Ms. Nekonome and the Bus Driver.

(Manga) questions : RosarioVampire

The Bus Driver is smoking another cigar as Ms. Nekonome holds several boxes of fish, asking them what they're doing here. Thankful to see her, they shout out their annoyance, before hugging her in relief. As they hug her, Ms. Nekonome remembers she's supposed to be chaperoning them. Settled in a room at the inn that night, they watch Ruby regain consciousness. Moka and Tsukune are closest, Kurumu is close to Tsukune's back, and Yukari is making some witch's salve to tend to Ruby's wounds.

As one could expect, Ruby is hostile as she takes in the situation and tries overdoing her actions, which causes her wounds to pain her. After Ruby gruffly asks where she is and who they are, Tsukune introduces himself by name and as a human, stating that they are on a field trip. Ruby voices her disbelief loudly that a mere human could defeat a powerful witch like her, to which Tsukune states that he borrowed some monster power.

When Ruby says 'borrowed' in a baffled voice, Tsukune states that the group consists of a human, Yukari declares herself a Witch, and Moka and Kurumu state that they are monsters, and Tsukune calls them all a "motley crew".

After Ruby grabbed Tsukune by the lapels of his shirt and yelled at him, he flinched badly due to the pain from his still healing wound. Concerned, Moka and Kurumu expressed their concern, Moka spoke his name and Kurumu laid a gentle hand on his back, below his throbbing left shoulder.

The next day, Yukari showed that she'd gotten over her fear of humans, at this Kurumu and the others faces lit up at her bravery at going shopping alone. Yukari wasn't harassed by cosplay buffs because she'd left her hat and cape behind As Yukari handed out the canned drinks she expressed her confidence that differences could be over come, surprising the others.

She then hugged Tsukune, prompting an aggravated expression from Kurumu. When Ruby suffered an emotional meltdown, intending to rip off Tsukune's face, Kurumu cried out a warning to Tsukune.

After Tsukune offered a can of tea to her with his apologies for humanity's actions, Ruby swatted the can aside saying that it was too late, and that the humans have already incurred "my lady's wrath". The mention of another Witch took the others by surprise. That night, as Yukari and Ruby stepped out of the room for a chat, Tsukune wondered where they were going, then he noticed Kurumu snuggled close to him, with her robe opened up enough to make only her brassier the boundary between her and Tsukune's blankets.

Later Kurumu, Moka, and Tsukune overhear Ruby's tale of her parent's death and her heartache following the loss. Moka is shown looking sad, Kurumu is partially bowed holding to Tsukune, who looks thoroughly ashamed of the human who killed Ruby's parents and his damage of Ruby's opinion on humans. After Ruby's departure, Kurumu sat with the others as Yukari spoke her regret of not making friends with Ruby, and the Bus Driver's stating that the rift between Witches and humanity was deeper than Tsukune thought.

He then mentioned that her "Lady" was likely ready to make her attack on humans, as well as the fact that Tsukune was the only human wise to the facts who could act. In spite of the risks, and the Club's concern for him, he announced his plan to return to Witch's Knoll. The Club arrived in time to keep Lady Oyakata from hurting Ruby badly and stepped off the bus, ready to help.

After Yukari refused Oyakata's offer to join her, Kurumu made a childish face at Oyakata. When the first Hanabake monster was called forth, it's emerging startled Kurumu and Tsukune. After knocking Tsukune out of its attack radius, Kurumu took a combative stance in front of Tsukune, and was surprised when Tsukune told her not to fight back. After the Hanabake hit Tsukune's face, Kurumu was likely just as stunned by Tsukune's urging Oyakata to see the harm hatred was causing Ruby.

She was equally shocked when Ruby killed the Hanabake to save Tsukune's life. She then joined the others in seeking to thank Ruby, before Lady Oyakata stabbed her from behind in vindictive retaliation. After Lady Oyakata summoned the rest of the Hanabake army, Kurumu and friends were stunned at the sheer number and Ruby's plea for Oyakata to dampen her ire.