Mowgli and baloo relationship quizzes

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mowgli and baloo relationship quizzes

5 days ago Plus, Baloo's relationship with Mowgli in Netflix's movie is much more accurate overall, seeing as Baloo takes responsibility for everything that. The new version of Disney's The Jungle Book has dazzled both children but Baloo the bear and Bagheera the panther are his faithful friends. Anil Kapoor jokes that the reason he signed on to voice Baloo, the bear in Netflix's Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle, is because he knew that he.

Prince Eric was waiting to find true love. Eventually, he has to be cursed before he falls in love with a woman.

mowgli and baloo relationship quizzes

But I call shenanigans on that. First of all, Shang Li sings a whole song about making a man out of his soldiers, which if you really think about it, is a pretty gay song. Shang Li starts to favor Mulan, who he thinks is a man named Ping, over the other soldiers long before he knows that Ping is actually Mulan.

Or a pair of lesbians living with their lifelong bachelorette friend. I like to believe these three are all in a poly lesbian relationship.

mowgli and baloo relationship quizzes

These three ladies abandon their entire lives and their magic in order to adopt and raise a young child. Cogsworth and Lumiere are together for most of the movie, despite the fact that there are multiple other people in the house.

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Cogsworth could be getting it with Mrs. Now, Lumiere is portrayed as a womanizer. My guess is that Lumiere is a bi and Cogsworth is his sometimes lover. They definitely argue like a couple. Unlike Bagheera, Baloo is more supportive of Mowgli's inventive ways, and after learning what he is capable of, readily helps him.

Baloo also is like Bagheera, incredibly protective of Mowgli, willing to overcome his fear of heights and fight Shere Khan to protect the man-cub. Shanti is the very reason Mowgli went into the Man Village. Shanti acts as if she can't stand Mowgli at times due to his prankster personality, but deep down she really has strong feelings for him just as he has feelings for her.

Anil Kapoor jokes he won’t need makeup to play Baloo in Netflix’s Mowgli, thanks to his hairy past

In one scene in The Jungle Book 2, when Mowgli gets in trouble, he blames Shanti and won't speak to her. When Shanti found out that Mowgli assigned Baloo to scare her if she showed up he really did this to cover up his real feelings for her, which is that he missed her she was heartbroken. She is Mowgli's childhood friend, and love interest.

Kitty met Mowgli when she and her father, Colonel Geoffrey Brydon, move to India as part of the colonel's new command posting. The two become good friends, and she gives Mowgli a bracelet that belonged to her mother.

Mowgli is soon separated from man's world, and Kitty is deeply saddened when she thinks Mowgli is dead. The two are reunited years later, and find themselves falling in love while Mowgli relearns the ways of man from her. Kitty is later used as a hostage by Captain Boone and his henchmen to force Mowgli to take them to a treasure.

Mowgli manages to defeat the villains and ensure Kitty's safety, after which they officially begin a relationship.

mowgli and baloo relationship quizzes

Enemies Kaa Kaa and Mowgli are complete enemies. Kaa's main goal through the film is to eat Mowgli and after three attempts, he still failed. However, he doesn't show much intimidation towards Kaa though he tries to keep distance from the snake's eyes, knowing its power after their first encounter. Kaa views Mowgli as food only but becomes frustrated after his many escapes viewing him as not only lunch, but a despised nemesis as well. He was close to killing Mowgli until he was wounded by Mowgli's dagger and gave up the fight.

mowgli and baloo relationship quizzes

He is seen at the end successfully killing Mowgli's enemy Captain Boone. In the version of The Jungle BookKaa is a female, instead of male. However, she is still interested in eating Mowgli, like her previous male incarnation in the film.

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She, also like her previous incarnation, hypnotizes him and shows him visions of his past. Had it not been for Baloo's timely arrival, she would have readily devoured him. She is not seen again afterwards, so it is unknown how it affects Mowgli from then on.

Shere Khan Mowgli and Shere Khan's first encounter.

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In the first film, due to Shere Khan's hatred towards man, he decided to eliminate Mowgli before he was old enough to gain the ability to use man's guns and fire. Shere Khan tried to kill Mowgli, but due to the fearless Baloo and the vultures, Shere Khan's plans were thwarted. Shere Khan was the one who caused Mowgli's separation from man's world, but the tiger never tries to kill him. The two meet for the first time at the film's end, where Shere Khan accepts Mowgli as a creature of the jungle.

Shere Khan killed Mowgli's father while they travelled through the Jungle, leaving the infant Mowgli an orphan. The tiger bears the burn scars from a flaming torch upon his face from that encounter and afterwards, a permanent hatred of man. Years later, Shere Khan, upon realizing the boy survived his attack, immediately states that man is forbidden in the jungle, and demands that Akela and the Seeonee wolf pack hand him over to him. Shere Khan also kills Akela for the pack's defiance of his wishes when the man-cub escapes him and takes over the pack to draw Mowgli out so that the tiger can finish what he started years ago.

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When Mowgli finally faces Shere Khan, the tiger stops at nothing to try and kill him in revenge, defeating his wolf family, Baloo and Bagheera to pursue him. Mowgli uses this obsessive hate to his advantage to lure Shere Khan into a trap and kill him, tricking him into leaping onto a dead tree branch that cannot hold his weight and plummeting to his death in the raging forest fire below.