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Hero and Beatrice in 'Much Ado About Nothing' are cousins first and foremost, but also are very close friends. In spite of their many differences. Claudio and Hero's Relationship in Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing. Words 3 Pages. Claudio and Hero are the idealised Elizabethan couple in the. Much Ado About Nothing features the most obviously modern of Shakespeare's courting There is a backstory to Beatrice and Benedick's relationship, a suggestion that they have For more information please refer to the following guidance.

Hero & Beatrice in Much Ado About Nothing: Relationship & Comparison

Claudio, one might argue, is even more invested in the notion of purity and sweetness than he is in Hero, as he so often describes her in pious terms, and in such a way that shows his desire for piety in a wife. Consider the following quote: In mine eye she is the sweetest lady that ever I looked on.

Of course he quickly changes his tune when he thinks Hero has slept with another man, as we see in the following quote: O Hero, what a Hero hadst thou been, If half thy outward graces had been placed About thy thoughts and counsels of thy heart!

But fare thee well, most foul, most fair! From this quote we can determine that even when speaking of impiety, Claudio qualifies it with the word 'pure,' but of course what's upset him the most is the idea of Hero choosing to engage with another man, thus, in his eyes, making her a tainted woman. Of course we must consider that this play was written during the 16th Century, and as such, it was the men who generally quantified the worth of women. As we see here, Hero has, momentarily, lost her worth to Claudio, which quickly changes when Lady Hero's innocence is proven and she and Claudio are reunited.

We might wonder at Hero's willingness to still marry Claudio, but given that she has been raised to value purity, it's reasonable to assume her character, a rather calm and subdued one compared to Beatrice, would want to be seen as worthy to Claudio.

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As such, and given their claims of affection for one another, it makes sense that the couple still marry. Compared to Benedick and Beatrice, however, it might be argued that Claudio and Hero are about as exciting as milquetoast.

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The drama that unfolds between characters is like a roller coaster ride full of pent up hormones, emotions, and passion. This lesson will focus on two of the central characters, Claudio and Hero, who are set to be married, but leave audiences constantly questioning ''will they, or won't they? Get your popcorn ready, this will be sure to entertain you.

Hero is the daughter of Leonato who is housing and welcoming Don Pedro and company in Messina. The couple has met before; however, Claudio had to go to war so his thoughts were not focused on love.

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Upon his return to Messina, Claudio realizes he loves Hero and has likely loved her from the moment they met. Don Pedro believes they would be a fine couple so he agrees to speak to Leonato and Hero on Claudio's behalf in order to secure a match. One would think it would be smooth sailing from this point forward; however it is simply not the case.

Initial Interferences The relationship is effortlessly affected by schemes because Claudio is easily impressionable and has a tendency to act impulsively.

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Don John, Don Pedro's illegitimate brother, takes advantage of these immature traits in order to wreak havoc on the couple's courtship. Don John initially aims to stomp out the relationship before it begins by saying he heard Don Pedro, 'swear his affection'' for Hero.

Rather than questioning this like a rational person, Claudio naively believes what he is being told and sulks about it to Benedick, another of Don Pedro's companions, who responds, ''now you strike like the blind man: