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Robert Mugabe: The life and times of the Zimbabwe leader

Morgan Tsvangirai, Zimbabwe's longtime opposition leader and political rival of former Prime Minister Robert Mugabe, has died at Tendai Biti (left) and Morgan Tsvangirai (right) are some of the targets He had developed a very warm relationship with Mugabe for the last. Michael Cohen · William Barr · Rex Tillerson · Heather Nauert · Grammy Noms · Kevin Hart · News Quiz This week, Zimbabwe held its first election since the end of on Foreign Relations and a former U.S. ambassador to Botswana. of longtime opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai earlier this year.

A million voters were turned away. ZEC refused to have individual poll booth results recorded because it already had a master game plan to direct all votes to a central location where ballot stuffing had already been done and results had already been printed even before the election was over. While this is the ordinary trend of a draconian force of darkness as engineered by Zanu PF, let us also return to Morgan Tsvangirai. He is also to blame.

He had developed a very warm relationship with Mugabe for the last few years as he shared tea with him on a daily basis. He kept on trusting Mugabe yet he was abused on a daily basis.

Robert Mugabe: The life and times of the Zimbabwe leader

Mugabe called the shots and at many times left him crying foul yet he still believed that Mugabe was a saint. At some point he even bragged that there was this chemistry that existed between him and Mugabe that many could not understand. Just the company of Mugabe gave him so much joy and comfort that he forgot his mission and objectives. That way his weaknesses were understudied as his composure and strategies were compromised.

When he was still poor and in need of basics, he was vocal and powerful. As he got more fame and wealth, he developed some inertia that many failed to understand.

All those weaknesses, added to his notoriety for being indecisive as well as his internal leadership weaknesses helped compromise the MDC to the extent that Zanu PF had to openly rig the election because they had already understudied his weaknesses and understood Morgan Tsvangirai fully.

Tsvangirai, Biti and Makone just got too comfortable with Mugabe – Nehanda Radio

Tsvangirai is the man who kept on demanding for sanctions to be lifted at a time when the West was pressing for the sanctions to stay as a deterrent measure to inspire reform in the Zimbabwean rule of law.

The Petros Mutedza case was burning as Tsvangirai pressed for sanctions removal. Once in a while Tsvangirai would find himself campaigning for removal of sanctions so that the very forces of darkness that he was fighting against would be freed and enabled to travel.

At some point the then US secretary of state, Hillary Clinton was disappointed in his flip-flop statements as he called for removal of sanctions and at the same time complained about violations of the mode of operation in the Government of National Unity.

Many wondered which side he stood for. He seemed carried away with fame and power and did not seem to know what exactly he wanted for him to rule Zimbabwe. He trusted the enemy too much, became too comfortable and that ultimately cost him.

Chamisa Vs Mnangagwa Vs Tsvangirai Vs Mugabe - Who Did It Better

Advertisement Their elder daughter, Vimbai, believed to be in her mids, has reportedly been working for Sydney City Council. Mr Tsvangirai was flown to neighbouring Botswana for medical tests on Saturday after being seriously injured in the crash. Dr Douglas Gwatidzo, head of casualty at the Harare hospital where the prime minister was being treated, said the prime minister had head injuries and chest pains, but was in stable condition. State television showed pictures of Tsvangirai in a neck brace, which Gwatidzo said was being used to keep him comfortable.

The MDC has vowed to launch its own investigation into the crash and, although officials have not suggested foul play, the party's number two and the finance minister, Tendai Biti, indicated that a police escort might have prevented the accident. The Tsvangirais had six children in their year marriage. It has been reported their teenage twins, Millicent and Vincent, and a son Edwin, aged about 31, live in South Africa, while another son Garikai, aged about 28, lives in Canada.

He said her children were flying to Zimbabwe from Australia and South Africa and funeral arrangements were being made. Tsvangirai's party wants an independent probe of the car crash, a lawmaker said on Saturday. Mrs Tsvangirai was pronounced dead soon after arrival at a clinic about 40km from Harare, Makone said.

President Robert Mugabe and his wife Grace visited Tsvangirai in hospital on Friday evening and later sent a letter of condolence also released to reporters. It's a sad occurrence indeed,'' said Mugabe.