Muslim husband and wife relationship tests

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muslim husband and wife relationship tests

My last registered marriage, I met my wife when I asked a teacher about two of his Muslims - if you are a married to a Muslim spouse, how did you meet him/ her? together while all of us seniors briefed her how to excel in the admission test. In many Muslim countries, relatives of prospective partners often visit to On the following page the questions to ask before marriage are for have undergone blood tests and have been given a clean bill of health). One of the kinds of tests is that Allah may test one spouse with bad treatment on the part of the other, for whatever reason. Based on this, if what.

Allah however, is the only constant, the only eternal and the only one who is constantly loving, forgiving, helping, healing and truly guiding. Know that Allah is the only constant.

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Therefore, putting all your primary love, dedication and action in this direction will reap you consistent benefits for your marriage and all aspects of this world and the hereafter. What does loving for the sake of Allah mean in a marriage? It means placing all your hopes, desires and expectations on Allah. It means depending ultimately only on Allah to fulfill all your needs — emotional, physical and beyond.

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This by no means implies that your spouse has no responsibilities towards you. It does mean, however, that even if he or she fails or is inevitably limited in certain aspects, your ultimate reliance is upon Allah only.

This complete dependence and attachment only to Allah can save much heartbreak, disappointment and even disillusionment down the road. Have we truly embedded these verses into the heart of our marriage or are they left as simply glossy calligraphy we embed on our wedding invitations? Allah tells us in Surah Al Rum: These are meant to be the objectives of marriage.

Are our efforts for the sake of living together in tranquility or are they for the sake of feeding our lower selves and only fulfilling our worldly desires and demands?

Our desires have their place and importance; after all, Allah himself created them and provided us with marriage in order to fulfill them. Moreover, one of the oft-repeated prayers of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him was to ask Allah to give him the best in this world and the hereafter.

Unfortunately though, these reference points may not always demonstrate what a healthy Muslim marriage should look like. The communication is still good.

muslim husband and wife relationship tests

Ann El-Moslimany, who has been married for 38 years, remembers that on first getting acquainted with her then-future husband, "I was definitely attracted by my husband's piety, even though we were of different religions and at that time I never thought I would become Muslim.

I was also strongly attracted to him physically, and I think that is important, too. She observes, too, that in most cases while the externals and details may change, the person's basic nature remains constant, as her experience attests. When I met my husband, it was these things in his character that attracted me to him.

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To this day he's still the same. Ibrahim Pasha, Imam at Atlanta Masjid of Al Islam, who counsels Muslim couples in need of marital advice, says, "Many couples enter into marriage based upon the glamour of it, rather than the practicalities of it. Problems arise after marriage, when more attention is given to the emotional and sentimental aspects rather than the fundamentals of marriage.

Trying to take on stereotypical roles of husband or wife, or trying to mold the marriage partner into such a role, only causes problems in the future as expectations are created and broken.

After we married, I moved into his apartment.

muslim husband and wife relationship tests

I remember saying, 'It's my kitchen now. Mahasin advises, "A woman should try to communicate to her husband how she wants to be treated. If he doesn't get it, she has to keep saying what she wants from the relationship. Some of the issues may appear trivial or mundane, but the stuff of everyday life is also the stuff of laughter, companionship, compromise and let's not forget the 'constructive criticisms'!

muslim husband and wife relationship tests

Other issues are more serious, and may be indicative of the potential for a dysfunctional marriage. Each marriage will have its ups and downs, but settling some of these matters may avoid the emergence of problems and consequent heartbreak and ultimately lead towards a genuine relationship.

The object of the quest for marriage is to explore all avenues that would clear up any confusion for both parties and lead towards bliss and contentment. Questions may be asked directly or "researched" by observation, asking his relatives, members of the community, etc.

The prospective bride may ask some of these questions when the couple meet, but many women may feel too shy to ask outright. Family or friends can also help with the research.

In many Muslim countries, relatives of prospective partners often visit to check the person out! Asking and answering such questions about him is not a bad thing and people should not hesitate to tell the truth when it concerns a possible marriage; the intent is to establish whether these two people are compatible.

Avoiding a poor match will save all concerned from much heartache. At the same time, whether the marriage proceeds or not, any information thus gathered should be kept confidential. Any "faults" uncovered should not be generally broadcast in the community!

We hope that inshAllah these questions below help you to find the best suitable match and may Allah bless your choice and make it a happy one for you and the world. These suggested questions are derived from two sources: The questions below may not be relevant for everyone, but they are listed here as a guide and catalyst to help in identifying issues that may be important.

In the section below most of the questions are for women who may want to ask their prospective husband. On the following page the questions to ask before marriage are for either prospective husband or wife. Does he blame everybody but himself? Does he stop talking to the person involved? Does he bear grudges "I'll get him back one day! Does he get angry when those who may be wiser disagree or suggest an alternative point of view? Does he ever forgive those with whom he was angry?

Does he become hostile towards an uninvolved member of an ethnic group which is known to abuse followers of Islam? What steps does he take to face and deal with pressure?