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Tejaswi and Shravani are trapped by the goons who threaten to involve the .. Will Katuwar Bahu's relationship with the man be finally revealed? Watch this fun quiz, exclusively on Voot! of teamwork Harshada invites Vaishali-Sandesh Chopde and Snehal-Nimish . always .. .. Sri Sathya Sai Educare for Universal Peace compiled by and Nimish .. Develop faith in and relationship with God. .. Content Quizzes Archive: Tejasvi Navadhiitamastu Maa Vidvisaavahai.

Reviewer for various international conferences and journals in his areas of research. Attended an international conference at Pittsburgh, USA. Recipient of DST Fellowship. Dr Brij Bhushan Dr. Rishi Prakash Completed his Ph. His interest areas are study of scattering behavior of different target in bistatic and monostatic domain, Polarimetric techniques in remote sensing, smart antenna and PhD IIT Roorkee. His major achievements include: Written more than 20 research papers in International Journals.

Dr Arunima Nayak Prof Dr.

His research is in the area of investigation of flow over Trench weirs with flat bars and developed a design methodology for rational design of Trench weirs. He has published 15 research papers in international journals of high repute.

His research area is multidisciplinary which includes Trench weir, Labyrinth weirs, Hydropower, Computational hydraulics etc. Her major achievements include: Marie Curie fellowship to work for 2 years in Barcelona, Spain. DST sanctioned project of outlay Rs 20Lakhs.

His teaching and research area includes Positive Organizational Behavior. He has published and She received her M. D from Delhi University. She Organized Sponsored workshops, Conferences at various levels. She has a teaching experience of more than 10 years teaching U.

She is supervising three research scholars. She has also published several research papers in the field of Astrophysics and also presented her research work in several conferences of national and international level. Sanjeev Kumar Prof Dr B. D from Jadavpur University, Kolkata, and M. He has been a senior 33 scientist with DRDO. IIT KharagpurB. He has a rich blend of experience - both in the industry and the academia. He worked on a number of large turn key projects both in India and abroad for 8 years involving major corporate and governments which include London Underground and National Shipyard.

Has about 3 decades of teaching experience.

‘Swaragini’ Actor Namish Taneja Confirms His Relationship With Aanchal Sharma

In the Army he has been an instructor for many years where he made a difference to the lives and attitudes of students. At Graphic Era University he will be working with the students on verbal and written English communication skills.

He has also done the International Toastmasters course in public speaking from the US. He received Vishistha Sewa Medal, for his exemplary and selfless service fighting militants. While in Army, he pursued his academic passion and received the degrees of M. Head of the Personality Development Department. He has varied experience of over 14 years in teaching and training students for their final placements.

Heis responsible for the overall grooming of each and every student studying in GEU. He is an expert on aptitude and logical reasoning skills. With over 10 years of international experience, from core integrated circuit design to telecommunication and from professional training to middle level management, he was part of the team that worked for HDMI patent in Australia. He earned his M. He has 10 years of teaching and research experience.

His research interests include multivariable control system, prediction based control systems, modern control system, system theory, fuzzy control system and process control. Her area of research interest includes biodegradable plastic from agricultural waste, and wood-free paper through advanced de-pithing process. University of RoorkeeB.

He has authored 36 National and International research publications. He is the member of National Scientific Bodies. He has been teaching from last 6 years and guided more than 60 students at PG level M.

He has experience in academic activities as well as at Engineering project. He has presented and published large number of papers in conferences and research journals. He has also participated in developmental activities in various research and academic organisations.

Prof Dr Bhawna M. Sc Organic Chemistry and Ph. He has published 4 papers in international journals and 6 books publications are in his credit. He is the member of Board of Studies of H. Garhwal University and Uttarakhand Technical University. Mangey Ram is working in the Department of Mathematics. He Bachelors Degree in Science is from C. Garhwal University, Srinagar Garhwal in He received his Ph. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Pantnagar in His field of research is Reliability Theory and Applied Mathematics.

He has 20 years of teaching experience in various academic institutions. Gupta He has nearly 42 years of teaching experience. He has guided one Ph. He was the member of Indian Chemical Society. He has a keen academic interest in colloids chemistry. He was awarded the best faculty of the year award in He has 34 years of experience in the Army, of which 15 years of experience teaching in prestigious Military Training Institutions.

As a corporate trainer, he has 8 years of experience in corporate training and specialized in experiential training. Prior to this, he has worked as a Director and Program Head with various prestigious Institutes He has many research papers to his credit and has been a key participant in various national and international seminars and conferences. Manu Pant Assistant Professor Ph. Published several research papers in national and international journals. In his 10 years of academic experience he has published everal reach papers in national and international ournal of repute.

His research interest includes power quality, with special emphasis on characterization, classification and detection of voltage sags, power quality survey, measurements, and standards. He has enthusiastically participated as an organising committee member of numerous IEEE and national conferences. Additionally, he has qualified, several times in GATE, one of the most prestigious examination in India, for higher education.

We believe experience is a good teacher. Since all learning and teaching at GEU, across all disciplines, is experiential learning, there are truly many opportunities for students here. On one side, the budding professionals indulge in academic research pertaining to their future industry and career arena which is integral to their curriculum and on the other, they get opportunities to be actively involved in industry research of immense national and global importance.

D scholars stand to gain from the judicious blend of extensive curriculum and intensive research opportunities and facilities, be it in Engineering, Technology, Allied Sciences or Management. GEU, in the last two years has candidates registered for the program, under the supervision and guidance of 60 eminent professors. Numerous research papers by students and faculty make it to journals of national and international repute and also to globally accepted reference engines such as Scopus, Ebsco, Elsevier, and ProQuest to name a few.

Here is a gist of the prominent ongoing industry sanctioned projects: Scholar, Biotechnology, Batch to pursue the Ph. Navin Kumar and Dr. Nishant Rai from Graphic Era University. Brief about Research Proposal: Candida associated morbidity and mortality is reported to increase at an alarming rate in India and overseas due to its lead role in hospital acquired infections Today market is full with various anticandidal drugs but now they are proving not efficient in curing from this deadly infection due to resistance to these drugs and so there is an immense need for switching to some new drugs.

In the past decades, several genes have been identified as being differentially expressed during morphogenic switching to pathogenic forms e. These genes belong to different groups like transcription factors, cell cycle and replication related genes, checkpoint kinases and hypoxic genes etc. These targets need proper validation to prove that a gene and its products are appropriate targets for the development of novel therapeutic drugs. Therefore drug target validation is crucial for developing new drugs.

Our lab is working to identify and characterize the molecular targets for developing effective novel anticandidal drugs using different genomics approaches. Many of the complications are simplified if a sufficiently large domain is used for modeling.

In the present project we propose to use the latest image processing innovation in the form of Graphic Processing Units GPUs for parallel processing of the huge computations involved in such numerical simulations. After developing the computational tools, we shall calibrate and test them under various practical situations that are relevant to DAE. Apart from the results, the source code forms the major deliverable in the project.

Investigating the Source of the Spoofed Emails. Financial grant of Rs. The objective of this project is to investigate the spoofed E-mails using various sources, validate the authenticity of the sender and gather as much information as possible about the source of the spoofed E-mails. The project will help analyze and investigate the spoofed E-mails so that decision on whether to act on the contents of the mail can be made.

The end product will be a software tool, which will be able to provide details of a specific E-mail, in a customized report which can be easily understood by anyone. The work can also be extended to a very important forensic challenge Email Authorship Attribution. I devised a plan, and made sure that it was executable. It also had to be approved by Leadership and the school administration.

Graphic Era University - Prospectus by Ajay Mehta - Issuu

I worked closely with Moilanen, Ms. The Sierra Club was our choice. As a designated fundraising club, it meant a longer process and more forms to fill out.

I waited for about a month, before I was able to implement the new recycling project. In November, I received word that CSF would officially be in charge of both aspects of recycling — the collection of trash and bottles at school, and the taking of the bot- With so many doers and the full support of our school, recycling was not an empty concept at DVHS. I re-established the interrupted dialogue with my assigned custodian, Mr. Tuan Nguyen, and set up monthly SignUpGenius forms.

I organized the shifts of volunteers for both activities: I followed up after each shift. It went on like this during the whole school year. Each week, twice a week, a total of 20 volunteers went around the campus to collect trash and bottles during Ac- cess periods. Our CSF advisor would receive a weekly list of volunteers from me, and she would place their names on the Access excusal spreadsheet.

Each time, I took the attendance, and distributed gloves and bags to the volunteers. Another shift of five volunteers would take the bags of bottles with them after school, on Thursdays, to get cash from the recycling center. The money and receipts were then remitted directly to the school bookkeeper, Ms. Every Thursday at lunch, I would go behind the Commons to make sure that each of the bags that the volunteers would pick up later contained only bottles, and would distribute the bottles equally between each of them if needed, while cleaning up any trash left around the area.

I would also take with me the empty bags for future reuse; there was not waste there either. After all, they had many other volunteering opportunities that were easier — more entertaining, better regarded, more appealing to the senses and better incentivized. Who would sign up for such a perceived tedious task? As it turned out, many of us did, week after week. Actually, hundreds of volunteers signed up over the course of seven months. The transition went smoothly and the change was a success.

With so many doers and the full support of our school, recycling was not an empty concept at DVHS. We helped keep our school clean, and with small amounts of money trickling in each week, we had a decent amount for the Sierra Club. And we are not likely to become litterers ourselves in the future. The most important thing to me was that we did real work for what we believed in, and that we all came together to do it.

More than a thousand students chose to join CSF. The membership requirements are rigorous. CSF promotes academic achievement and community service.

I think being a CSF member means this: We all worked hard to become better people, helping one another and our community, each in our own capacity. Our collective recycling work is one example that embodies these principles. We found our own truth while doing recycling at DVHS. The Wildcat Tribune encourages all readers to respond to important issues by creating and submitting a letter to the editor or an editorial cartoon. Letters to the editor and editorial cartoons should reflect a perspective on contemporary culture or politics or respond to a past Wildcat Tribune article.

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Looking for a good scare this Halloween? The Bay Area has got you covered! From San Jose to Rohnert Park, ghosts, clown, monsters, and more are roaming throughout the month of October. This is not an advertisement for local parks. We are also not held responsible for attending these park or decisions made attending these parks. As zombies and ghosts wander the park it is one truly frightening evening.

With a wide variety of haunted houses and scare zones it will be one unforgettable night! There is nowhere to hide. If you dare to start with the Lobotomy Psycho Show, you will walk through an abandoned asylum where some loonies have never left.

Next up is the Begrudge, a lair filled with unclean lavatories that have not been touched in decades. And last but definitely not least, The Superstition Killer: Carnevil and Slaughter Shack.

Besides the haunted houses, the park holds an attraction called The Last Ride for an additional cost. Not sure what it is? They boast six attractions: In addition to the attractions, admission includes mazes, games, music, and entertainment. A tip for new attendees: You can go through the haunts for a second time and the lines are shorter!

Though the rides will remain the same, the dynamic of Great America will not. Tickets are available any Friday, Saturday, or Sunday in October. With some of the most realistic mazes, you will feel as if you are truly trapped, making this an unforgettable experience. Every year since, October has captured the creative spirits of artists of all skill levels and demographics, united by the fact they were willing to accept this challenge.

The basic idea is to draw