Odysseus and penelopes relationship trust

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odysseus and penelopes relationship trust

Get an answer for 'Describe the relationship between Odysseus and his wife Penelope both before and after the war in The Odyssey.' and find homework help . The marriage bed of Odysseus and Penelope gives us one of the most and his city, so Odysseus trusts that Penelope is waiting for him. The Odyssey is the love story of a man and a woman. It is obvious throughout The Odyssey that not only does Odysseus love Penelope dearly, but he cares far .

Two opposite senses of the word jump immediately to mind. This has troubling implications for readers, leading them to condemn Homer for inconsistency or sloppiness, or a lack of concern for detail. On the other hand, if being faithful means having faith — trusting in another — then things make a lot more sense, for Odysseus has this quality in abundance.

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Just as Penelope trusts that he will return to save his family and his city, so Odysseus trusts that Penelope is waiting for him. He depends on it utterly. He has no plan B should he arrive to find his throne despoiled.

Odysseus and Penelope

This idea of faithfulness boils down to a reliance on the other, rather than an ordering of the self. It is not the presence of correct conduct, but rather the absence of other resources.

The faithful one depends for his identity on the work of another. The only act that makes someone faithful by this definition is believing in, or depending on, someone else.

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Penelope herself exhibits this kind of faithfulness as well. She waits for Odysseus like a pillar in his house 1. She draws her identity not from her own stratagems, but from Odysseus and the hope of his homecoming, over which she has absolutely no control.

Some readers call her a secondary character because of this lack of initiative, but with respect to the marriage that is such a central theme of the Odyssey, her inertia is the essence of her faithfulness.

odysseus and penelopes relationship trust

I wonder if this definition might also help my students navigate their own homeward journeys. It is always worth being reminded that the world runs on faith, and that in the final analysis, we are not what we do; rather, we are who we depend on. She tells them that she will choose a new husband once she has finished weaving a shroud for her father-in-law.

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And so, for three years, she holds them off. After he reveals himself to her, she remains cautious, wary she is being deceived, and sets him a test that only the true Odysseus could pass. Long ago, Odysseus had carved their marriage bed from a living tree, rooted in the earth. When she orders this bed to be made up for him outside their bedroom, Odysseus erupts in anger, demanding to know how it can have been moved, and by his outburst confirms his identity.

Despite all that, Penelope has historically been given second billing to her flashier husband who, after all, gets to charm witches, topple cities, and fight monsters. Now that her youth and desirability are gone, she is no longer of interest. She drops out of the story, while the great epic protagonist sails off on another adventure. He shall ride the silver seas, He shall cut the glittering wave. They will call him brave. Getty Images Recently, I had my own chance to spend time with Penelope.

Just as I worked to draw out a fuller Circe from the ancient anxieties about female power, so I wanted to explore the fuller Penelope behind the modest, model woman.

I sifted through the Odyssey for a few intriguing details to shape my portrait. The first came after Penelope has learned about the plot against her son, Telemachus. It is a surprising simile.

odysseus and penelopes relationship trust

In the Iliad and Odyssey, lions are emblems of great warriors, and Achilles famously compares himself to one at the height of his bloodlust. I had always seen Penelope as strong-willed, but this encouraged me to imagine for her a quiet ferocity. In an early scene in the Odyssey, Telemachus rebukes Penelope for speaking up, proclaiming himself master of the house and sending her back to her rooms. But as a novelist, I wondered if such an interaction might arise from the dynamic of a single mother and her only son.

Or could it be the opposite — some sort of stalling technique the two of them have conspired to play out in front of her suitors?

The wily wife: why Homer's patient, faithful Penelope is more cunning than Odysseus

For me this moment felt more telling than their joyful reunion. Charming someone with words, while plotting something else: Her ability to manipulate people to her advantage matches his own. They are kindred spirits. It would be satisfying to end on that thought: Yet however kindred they are, they can never be equals.

odysseus and penelopes relationship trust