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Park Yoochun | The Girl Who Sees Smells Shin Se Kyung, The One, Love .. # Thegirlwhoseessmells #sensorycouple Korean Drama Quotes, Korean .. Yeon Woo Jin in Divorce Lawyer in Love Divorce Lawyers, Marriage Not Dating, Drama. Park Yoo Chun (박유천); South Korean; Park Yoo Chun, formerly known as Micky Yoo Chun and better Yoochun and Shin Se Kyung to star in a new drama. The Girl Who Sees Smells | Park Yoochun and Shin Se Kyung Taiwan Drama, . Because This is My First Life Korean Drama Movies, Korean Drama Quotes, The Girl Who Sees Smells #kdrama #korean Park Yoo Chun, Dating, Taiwan.

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Later at the station, Yeom asks how Mu-gak knew that Cho-rim was really in the showroom apartment and not their own. They diffused the bomb then set up a dummy explosion, so that Jae-hee would think Mu-gak was dead.

Either way, the next thing we know, the couple are decorating their new place with their wedding photos. Detective Oh comes to see them and they bow to him formally, and he tells Cho-rim that she should go back to using her real name, Choi Eun-seol. Unable to afford another full wedding, Cho-rim and Mu-gak instead apply for a wedding license. Since Mu-gak saved her life, Yeom is honored to witness for them. Mu-gak ends up taking his copy to the Frog Troupe director, which seems like a strange choice.

But Cho-rim also thinks of him as having changed her life. She cutely threatens to beat up Mu-gak if he ever makes Cho-rim unhappy, and he congratulates her on her recent TV debut. Maybe because fools and idiots make people laugh. A man is found stabbed to death in his apartment, and the detective team discuss his life while they investigate the scene. Mu-gak and Cho-rim enter their apartment all wound around each other, it being their first time arriving home as a married couple.

Mu-gak gives Cho-rim their first kiss as a married couple, then goes off to take his first shower as a married man. Alone, my good sir? Cho-rim answers the door to find Kang there with his biggest grin, and he asks if married life is proving difficult.

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He begs a favor, pouring on the guilt that his future is on the line and giving her his best puppy-dog eyes. When Mu-gak comes out in his bathrobe, clearly anticipating some more first-as-a-married-couple moments rawr?

Cho-rim looks around at the crime scene, noticing a strange scent of squid and octopus wafting from under a table. Yeh finds a button there that just reeks of seafood, noting that it has no dust on it so it must not have been there long. Ki and Yeh visit a seafood place in one of the buildings owned by the murdered man, that just happens to be having a special on the same seafood that Cho-rim saw.

The ajumma-owner seems to be acting strange, and when she removes her apron, her jacket is missing a button. They arrest her as a murder suspect and take her in for questioning. Kang wants to treat her to dinner but she and Mu-gak leave for their honeymoon tomorrow.

Her son has come forward and confessed. Wait, you have a confession and you interrupted their honeymoon?! Anyway, both mother and son are confessing, and the guys need their help.

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Mu-gak says that they think that the man was already dead when she went to his apartment, but she recognized the knife from her restaurant and knew her son did it. But the ajumma sticks to her story, refusing to change a word no matter how many times they ask. One smells like fish as expected, but the other seems to be herbal-scented.

She tells Mu-gak that she noticed something strange at the crime scene — there was a set of footprints leading away from the dead man that were of two different scents, like the shoes the son is wearing now.

He says that recently a man started living with them, and his mother bought them each a pair of the same shoes. I think maybe I will get that from this drama. Maybe not the good and bad boy character but at least a very different character in 1 drama.

A man who lost his sense of everything. I think it's not an easy character. With no sense so maybe his character only has flat expression. If no Chunface, how about his eyes expression? I always love his eyes expression but GTH can't smile n cry I have personal reason that I prefer the previous name. They're not a real brother-sister, only stepsister or what? Maybe his character name is GTH but after the murder, he became CMG, kinda a nickname for him n it fit with his character.

XD So far ChunNi only had 1 drama that he had a step sister but they didn't live at the same house but we got cute scenes like these. U know what I mean? LOL so, he get coma scene So, what will we get? I think we will get the "scary" one like that Lee Gak's expression after coma.

OMG, I can't wait to watch it.

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I hope GTH also has interesting partner. I love Wifey in IMU. But off course we would not see this kind of scene. Maybe just like HTK did. I don't know her oohhh my limited knowledge of K Artist. She will be a police officer too. Don't know yet if she will be Tae Ho's partner usually in a drama about police, they can be partner in Love too.

But I will watch her lastest drama while waiting April 1st. So,let's see what will my thought about her. Watched 2 eps of her drama n I didn't cringe of her acting. No need to keep saying NO for her coz it's useless. For those of U that already don't like her just use this Jung Woo's trademark If U think she has bad acting Just forget it.

Let's give her a chance. Maybe she can give her best coz ChunNi beside her. If later on we still don't get that vibe. Just never mind of it. Let's just enjoy the show. ChunNi alone is enough. Chunsa's love being tested. XD Based on her character description, a girl with positive and optimistic personality.

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I hope she also a tough girl. I don't like weak female character. I just knew she's a left handed so a point plus for her. LOL N Wow we even don't need to think what will be the couple name Like what happened in 3 Days, Maybe it will started with touch of a hand. I even made my own analysis about that before but kinda forgot. So, will make another one. This is only my analysis coz I don't know the real reason why he rarely doing that.

I think this one might be a "sensitive" issue. The 1st n so far the one and only OST by them. It was also to promote JYJ as a group. N it's saeguk, off course no singing scene. It was kinda like another introduction but this time it's a reminder.

He got success from his 1st drama and he want to tell to K Drama viewer that he also a good Singer. That's why we got a Singing scene and also an OST. No more OST n no singing scene on this drama also fit with the character.

Lee Gak is a Joseon Prince. Can't see ChunNi the Singer.