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For the film, see here. For Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, see here. For Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue, see here. For Power Rangers Time Force. Power Rangers Time Force was first released in as the ninth season of Power Wes morphs into the new Red Time Force Ranger along with Jen (the Pink series due to its realism and relevance to the father-son relationship of today. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers adding an element of vintage Power Ranger. For the video game, see Power Rangers Time Force (video game). . Nadira to the future, Wes and Jen, having soothed over their initially rocky relationship, .. the other was sonny, a common slang term used in s America to call a boy.

If it were a country, California would be the 6th largest economy in the world, fifty-eight percent of the states economy is centered on finance, government, real estate services, technology, and professional, scientific and technical business services.

Although it accounts for only 1. The kingdom of Queen Calafia, according to Montalvo, was said to be a land inhabited by griffins and other strange beasts. This conventional wisdom that California was an island, with maps drawn to reflect this belief, shortened forms of the states name include CA, Cal. Settled by successive waves of arrivals during the last 10, years, various estimates of the native population range fromtoThe Indigenous peoples of California included more than 70 distinct groups of Native Americans, ranging from large, settled populations living on the coast to groups in the interior.

California groups also were diverse in their organization with bands, tribes, villages. Some 37 years later English explorer Francis Drake also explored and claimed a portion of the California coast in Spanish traders made unintended visits with the Manila galleons on their trips from the Philippines beginning in 5.

Tokyo — Tokyo, officially Tokyo Metropolis, is the capital of Japan and one of its 47 prefectures. The Greater Tokyo Area is the most populous area in the world. Formerly known as Edo, it has been the de facto seat of government since when Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu made the city his headquarters. It officially became the capital after Emperor Meiji moved his seat to the city from the old capital of Kyoto inTokyo Metropolis was formed in from the merger of the former Tokyo Prefecture and the city of Tokyo.

The Tokyo metropolitan government administers the 23 Special Wards of Tokyo, the metropolitan government also administers 39 municipalities in the western part of the prefecture and the two outlying island chains. The population of the wards is over 9 million people. The prefecture is part of the worlds most populous metropolitan area with upwards of The city is considered a world city — as listed by the GaWCs inventory — and in InTokyo was named the Most Liveable City in the world by the magazine Monocle, the Michelin Guide has awarded Tokyo by far the most Michelin stars of any city in the world.

Tokyo ranked first in the world in the Safe Cities Index, the edition of QS Best Student Cities ranked Tokyo as the 3rd-best city in the world to be a university student. Tokyo hosted the Summer Olympics, the G-7 summit, the G-7 summit, and the G-7 summit, and will host the Summer Olympics, Tokyo was originally known as Edo, which means estuary.

Edo was first fortified by the Edo clan, in the twelfth century 6. It is the second largest media conglomerate in terms of revenue. Taking on its current name init expanded its operations and also started divisions focused upon theater, radio, music, publishing.

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In addition, Disney has since created corporate divisions in order to more mature content than is typically associated with its flagship family-oriented brands. The company is best known for the products of its studio, Walt Disney Studios. The company has been a component of the Dow Jones Industrial Average since May 6, Mickey Mouse, an early and well-known cartoon creation of the company, is a primary symbol and mascot for Disney.

The distributor owned Oswald, so Disney only made a few hundred dollars, Disney completed 26 Oswald shorts before losing the contract in Februarydue to a legal loophole, when Winklers husband Charles Mintz took over their distribution company. After failing to take over the Disney Studio, Mintz hired away four of Disneys primary animators to start his own animation studio, Snappy Comedies.

Into recover from the loss of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Disney came up with the idea of a character named Mortimer while on a train headed to California.

The mouse was later renamed Mickey Mouse and starred in several Disney produced films, ub Iwerks refined Disneys initial design of Mickey Mouse. Disneys first sound film Steamboat Willie, a cartoon starring Mickey, was released on November 18, through Pat Powers distribution company and it was the first Mickey Mouse sound cartoon released, but the third to be created, behind Plane Crazy and The Gallopin Gaucho.

Disneys Plane Crazy and The Galloping Gaucho were then retrofitted with synchronized sound tracks, Disney continued to produce cartoons with Mickey Mouse and other characters, and began the Silly Symphonies series with Columbia Pictures signing on as Symphonies distributor in August 7. Its diversified business includes consumer and professional electronics, gaming, entertainment, the company is one of the leading manufacturers of electronic products for the consumer and professional markets.

Sony was ranked th on the list of Fortune Global and these make Sony one of the most comprehensive entertainment companies in the world. Their former slogans were make. The company built Japans first tape recorder, called the Type-G, in the company changed its name to Sony.

When Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo was looking for a name to use to market themselves, they strongly considered using their initials. The primary reason they did not is that the railway company Tokyo Kyuko was known as TTK, the company occasionally used the acronym Totsuko in Japan, but during his visit to the United States, Morita discovered that Americans had trouble pronouncing that name.

Another early name that was tried out for a while was Tokyo Teletech until Akio Morita discovered that there was an American company already using Teletech as a brand name, the name Sony was chosen for the brand as a mix of two words. One was the Latin word sonus, which is the root of sonic and sound, and the other was sonny, a common slang term used in s America to call a boy. In the s Japan sonny boys, was a word into Japanese which connoted smart and presentable young men.

The first Sony-branded product, the TR transistor radio, appeared inat the time of the change, it was extremely unusual for a Japanese company to use Roman letters to spell its name instead of writing it in kanji. Akio Morita was firm, however, as he did not want the company tied to any particular industry.

The console was released on 3 December in Japan,9 September in North America,29 September in Europe, the console was the first of the PlayStation lineup of home video game consoles. It primarily competed with the Nintendo 64 and the Sega Saturn as part of the generation of video game consoles. The PlayStation is the first computer entertainment platform to ship million units, ina redesigned, slim version called the PSone was released, replacing the original grey console and named appropriately to avoid confusion with its successor, the PlayStation 2.

The last PSone units were sold in winter before it was discontinued in March A contract was signed, and work began, Kutaragi was nearly fired by Sony because he was originally working with Nintendo on the side without Sonys knowledge.

It was then-CEO, Norio Ohga, who recognized the potential in Kutaragis chip, Ohga kept Kutaragi on at Sony, and it was not until Nintendo cancelled the project that Sony decided to develop its own console.

After the collapse of the project, Sony briefly considered allying itself with Sega to produce a stand-alone console. Kat was married to Tommy by the time of "Forever Red" This was actually confirmed by dual Word of God by the head writer of Wild Force and the showrunner of Dino Thunder, but where was Kat in Forever Red and Dino Thunder, well, considering that the events took place within a two year period, Kat could likely still be in Angel Grove where she teaches ballet, before she gets something stable in Reefside, and probably far to commute day by day and Kat would have visited met the teens during the timeskip in Drawn and Danger.

An alternate theory is that during Dino Thunder, Tommy and Kat are going through a rough patch and separated without officially divorcing. After the season ends they get back together. Or the reason is the events from Dino Thunder's backstory. After the island accident Tommy realized that he had become the prime target for a new dangerous villain and sent Kat away to protect her.

Especially likely if they already had a child at that point. Once the threat was dealt with, they reunited. But Kat needed to go somewhere She was out because she needed to do something the whole time, maybe she was out of the country studying or something. Tommy wanted to go with her, but she insisted for him to stay to begin his career as a teacher.

You do realize that they could have just broken up pre-Dino Thunder and then gotten back together post-Dino Thunder, right? Because no one else seems to.

Tommy stopped using the Zeo powers after "Forever Red" because they became too powerful. An attack that IIRC we've never seen before. Tommy may have been told by Adam about the incident where Carlos injured Cassie, which helped Tommy make his decision to never use the Zeo powers after Serpentera was destroyed. The "Zeo Power Kick" was in Zeo, but it was much weaker. In Zeo, it could knock-out a Cog.

In "Forever Red", it sent a Machine Empire general flying and made him explode. The Zeo Crystal was somehow all-but-completely drained of its power sometime between Zeo and Turbo Either from fighting Lord Zedd or the Machine Empire, the Rangers may have had to use up almost all of the Zeo Crystal's power somewhere along the line. Because of this, their Zeo powers would be temporarily made unavailable until the Crystal had recharged itself enough. This would explain why Kat's attempt to Zeo-morph in the Turbo movie barely lasted long enough to break her fall into the river due to the Crystal still being empty, while Tommy was fully able to Zeo-morph again in "Forever Red" after the Crystal had a few years to get its juice back.

The Crystal being too drained to use would also explain why a new power set was needed in the Turbo movie. Why would the rangers abandon the Zeo powers in favor tricked out cars? It was established that the Zeo crystal would progressively become more powerful over time and events in the show suggested that this increase in power was directly related to how often the rangers actually used the powers.

If this is the case why would the rangers ever abandon such incredible powers in favor of cars? Could it be that they had no choice? What if Zordon or Alpha or even Billy came to the conclusion that this steady growth in power would one day reach a point where the using the powers became dangerous to the Rangers? What if the Zeo powers became just too much for the rangers fragile human body's to handle? Maybe in a situation like that someone who cared would takes steps to spare the rangers the strain of the Zeo powers, and went to work on a whole new set of powers to replace them and kept it a secret from the others so they could go on fighting without worrying about what might happen later.

Maybe after defeating the Machine Empire Zordon finally dropped the bomb about the Zeo powers off camera and promised that if the Rangers could muscle threw and keep using the powers a little longer they would be able to replace them in time. As for why the regular non-Gold Zeo Rangers didn't get any adverse effects all year, that was because their power wasn't based on an entire Zeo Crystal like the Gold Ranger but a simple sub-crystal.

However, the danger was still ahead for them. Both Tommy and Adam were to be using their Ranger powers regularly when Zeo Ranger Powers are not fit for anything but limited use. They said flat out that the problem with the Gold Ranger powers was that they were designed for alien use, not human. Jason was never as powerful as Trey even before the side effects started.

However, Trey's race is three people in one body: Perhaps this aspect of Trey's alien race allows them to channel the Zeo Crystal better because the powers are being split between the three personalities Thus, Zeo suits can't be safely used by humans, at least ones who don't have multiple-personality disorder. The Turbo Powers still come from the Zeo Crystal. This follows on from the "Zeonizers as Power Limiters " in the previous section.

The theory here is that the Turbo powers represent a higher level of power from the Zeo Crystal, sice it's supposed to grow in power over time, and the Zeonizers can't handle the increasing power. It also means there is actually a reason for the changeover. The Movie gave us a reason, The Turbo powers were needed to get to the Island and The Turbo Megazord would be the only thing that could stop Maligore since the Zeo Zords would get wrecked.

Also if the Turbo powers were Connected to the Zeo Crystal Why in the blue blazing hell would Zordon take the Zeo crystal to Eltar knowing full well it's gonna become a war zone.

Because, in a war zone, having an incredibly powerful energy source to fuel your defenses is a very good idea? It's a poor Idea when said power source is being used by Someone else Namely the Rangers on Earth. Not like he had any other sources available at the time Also keep in mind heirarchy of need- the rangers were fighting a pirate crew, whereas he was fighting entire armies; its only fair that he get most use from the Crystal.

He probably figured that if something happened, the Rangers would be directed to Ninjor or Lerigot, etc. Demitria screwed up royally and forgot about that minor detail and left before calling the babysitter secondary mentor The idea was that the rangers would still have the Power Chamber after losing their powers, and would use it to ask one of their allies to spot them some morphers for a while- he probably simply never anticipated that communications and data archives with contact information would go down almost immediately after the power loss.

He was only mortal, after all, and could make mistakes. The Phantom Ranger is Alpha 5. Remember, no mention of Alpha is made after Zordon gets captured. Granted, the Phantom's planet doesn't look like Edenoi, but Oh yeah, and before you judge this theory, keep in mind the alternative explanation. Rocky is the Phantom Ranger. After Rocky took time off to heal from his back injury, he received the Phantom Ranger powers. There are two possible theories as to how he obtained the power.

One is that they were passed down to him from a man who was the original Phantom Ranger. Another is that he created the powers himself in the Command Center when the others weren't around. The Phantom Ranger comes from space Billy was already off-planetwith new Zords again not too difficult for him to have developed on Aquitarhas had communication with Zordon again not too hard to imagineand needs his Power Ruby to stay healthy It could channel the powers of the waters of Aquitar needed to keep him young physically.

Also no one finds it creepy that there might be something between him and Cassie, since Billy would only have to be few years older than Cassie for all the dates to work it accounts for that to. Another biased point Billy had 3 years of experience as a Power Ranger which would go a long way to explain why he could dispatch everyone so easily.

The planet Astronema mentioned was most definitely not Aquitar. This is supported by the Judd Lynn, one of the writers for the show during Turbo, who wanted it to be Billy.

They didn't have the time to work the story out properly though, and as a result some discrepancies slipped by. But, enthusiastic to help people as he was, he took advantage of his new power to assist people across the universe for centuries, until he encountered Cassie on Earth. For the first time, he felt joy from something other than doing good.

He fell in love with her, but could not bring himself to admit this or to actually be with her, because he didn't want to have to cope with having lost her when she dies of old age after having lived with her for presumably decades.

He simply leaves her a message rather than actually saying goodbye so as to not break down in front of the others. This was done because SPD studied the timeline, and found the Blue Senturion, and recognized some of their own tech in him.

At the time, the timeline said he went back and stopped the United Alliance of Evil's invasion with the Millenium Message. But when he was sent back he was damaged and created an alternate time line where the Alliance was not stopped in time, Zordon died, and Venjix was created from leftover Machine Empire tech from the splinter cell's equipment left on the moon.

The Blue Senturion was always truly a video game character. In Turbo, Blue said he was an intergalactic police officer, but we never see any others like him to indicate that he's part of a police force of any kind, even during the bigger battles away from Earth in which a whole squad of Senturions would really have come in handy.

What if he was somehow brought out of the game we know that can happen and believes his game backstory of being part of a force? So in a way he'd be the Buzz Lightyear of the Power Rangers 'verse? The Blue Senturion was always just a game character. He somehow came from the computer maybe thanks to Tomars? Somehow he wound up in the past. See, in PRT, he mentioned being part of a police force but we saw only him - even in Countdown, where a whole squad of Senturions would come in real handy.

History was substantially rewritten during Turbo The Blue Senturion was sent back to avert some sort of global attack slated for the year As we know, the rangers only recovered part of the message, but Divatox received the whole thing.

It appears that history was altered so that the attack occurred a year early. We are meant to assume that the rangers in that timeline are still operating under the guidance of Zordon, who is still based out of the original Power Center. Divatox's foreknowledge accelerated Dark Spectre's plan, and included the knowledge to destroy the Power Center. Hence NASADA "coincidentally" builds a shuttle that can interlink with a Kerovian ship to form a Megazord, and immediately surrenders it because a twelve year old mentions Zordon.

In the original timeline, Zordon survived but was therefore unable to purge the galaxy of evil, leading to a much more devastating attack a year later. It should be noted Billy created the communicators not Zordon. And we have no idea who Tommy and Kat's grandson's mentor was. Word of God has confirmed that Season to Remember is canon so yeah. Justin's father had a nervous breakdown after his wife's death and may have been institutionalized.

It's implied that Justin was separated from his dad for a time before the Turbo movie. He's been moving around on his own relatives? It was simply NASA just like in our world, but in the Power Rangers universe they militarized themselves and became the "National Aeronautics, Space, And Defense Administration" in order to help deal with the constant alien invasions that were happening.

There is one of Maligore and Dark Spector's race on each planet. Considering their magma-esque hide, they could be some sort of race of primal evil entities born from the planet itself.

Dark Spector is The Great Leader. Reformatted once again, the Great Leader hops on over to another universe, where he gathers many of the galaxy's most evil beings, and forms yet another evil organization. Andros had another team of rangers before the Turbo rangers came to space to take on the powers.

Andros already had his Red Ranger powers prior to the season's beginning, and not only that, but there were 4 Astro Morphers unused which he gave to T. What other reason would he have the morphers? Logically, he could have had another team of his own kind fighting in space with him sometime during the events of the previous 5 or 3 if you put all MMPR seasons together as one seasons, and then they either betrayed him or died in battle.

Zhane was a part of Andros' old team. Continuing the WMG above, Zhane may have been the Sixth Ranger of Andros' old team, as Zhane was not only frozen due to serious injuries, but it was also stated many times that he and Andros entered many battles together. When he came back to life, Andros said he was 'glad he was alive' after his cryogenic chamber destructed. In the KO flashback, only Andros and Zhane were seen fighting, meaning that they also could have been the only remaining members of the aforementioned previous team he may have had.

People have often wondered why Noble Demon Ecliptor was killed, while Rita and Zedd and Divatox, but that's arguably justified due to her relationship with Dimitria were purified. Maybe Zordon's sacrifice couldn't resurrect Karone on its own, and needed Ecliptor to donate his life force to her in order to truly bring her back to life.

Zordon Era in General Zordon was evil Millennia ago, all sorts of life forms evolved. Zordon, for whatever reason, decided he liked humans and Human Aliens better than all the non-humanoid "monsters", so he started a war.

The non-humanoids became warlike and aggressive simply to survive, thus allowing Zordon to convince his humanoid followers that they were evil. Eventually, the non-humanoids went along with this because they had lost their good qualities. Given his humanlike head and human appearance in the noncanonical movie, this would make him racist, not evil - a racist of the "everyone who doesn't look like me is automatically evil" sort.

Proof against this theory: No way are those closer to human than Rita. Maybe she's just had work done. Given what her son, Thrax looked like, this is entirely possible. The father was Zedd, who is presumed to have looked more human before touching the Zeo Crystal- so his genes should have been human in phenotype, meaning that the monstrous genes must have come from Rita's side of the family.

There's the theory that Zordon used the Power Rangers as his goons to destroy the evil in the universe, because the other forces of evil were preventing Zordon from being able to claim the universe for himself, and as such he saw them as competition towards his own claim to universal power. An excellent way for an evil to gain support, is to demonize their rival and convince the masses that their opponents must be removed.

Not only would the greater evil, in this case Zordon, be able to eliminate the competition, but he also has the most powerful forces in the universe that the city's of Earth place their complete trust in completely subservient to his word as a gospel Zordon and Zedd are probably rivals, because they had creative differences on who could be the biggest douchebag.

Dark Specter probably ordered Zordon to be captured, so that Zordon couldn't take over the universe before him. Had Zordon not panicked at the end and, rather than admit his treachery, he wouldn't have continued to play the goody mentor card when asking Andros to help him sacrifice his life, and wouldn't have been a coward escaping having to tell Andros the truth. The Z wave destroyed all the evil currently attacking the universe because, well, that technically was his plan all along, so they'd be nothing to stop him taking over.

But him being dead kind of hindered that. Explains why he was such a douchebag to Jason, on two accounts. Firstly he neglects to tell the team about the green candle, even though he knew about it, right until it was too late. Consequently Jason blames himself for not getting the candle in time, causing Tommy to lose his green ranger powers, and this serves as a huge emotional scar that Jason probably never really got over.

Sure Tommy returned as the green ranger, but only for a short time before losing his powers again. Jason risks making the same mistake with the rest of his team, but manages to learn from his mistakes. Zordon openly congratulates Jason for his good leadership, to get Jason's hopes up, only to knock them down a few episodes later by bringing Tommy back as the white ranger, and makes him LEADER.

It was a totally unnecessary move that affects Jason tremendously. He becames a quiet, withdrawn hermit for the remainder of his Red Ranger run, with only Zack and Trini by his side, resulting in a split between the team, and Jason with Trini and Zack eventually departing off to Switzerland.

But it's cool, I mean Jason gets over it, moves on, comes back a changed man in Zeo. He's cool with Tommy being the leader now, the guy is competent, the team is in capable hands, and as long as he still contributes then he still sees it as a team effort. Oh except that he now has a ranger power Gold Ranger that ends up almost painfully killing him because his powers weren't built for a human physiology, and thus conflicting entirely with his biochemistry.

But Zordon doesn't show him any compassion. But he treats Tommy like a golden boy though, and when Tommy's Green Ranger powers were failing, Zordon insisted Tommy stay behind, because his life would be at risk. It might just be elitism than plain universal douchebaggery, but Zordon is still a dick. Many of the owned by New World declined to carry the block in order to air syndicated programs aimed at older audiences or local newscasts. Examples of stations where Fox Kids aired in lieu of the Fox station in a given market include, Between and earlymeanwhile, SF Broadcasting acquired three former NBC affiliates and one ABC affiliate during the summer of Inaffiliates were given the option of pushing the block up one hour to air from 2,00 to 4,00 p.

She was portrayed by Karan Ashley, spirited and full of energy, Aisha was always up to the challenge of being a Power Ranger. The trio attempt to rescue their teachers baby as its carriage rolls down a hillside, Aisha and Kimberly Hart reach the carriage together, providing the first meeting of the future teammates. Aisha picks the locks of her team, but they are recaptured, Rocky, Adam and Aisha are brought to the Command Center and swear that they will not disclose the Rangers identities.

Aishas mistrust of Sabrina pays off when she reveals herself as Scorpina, in the process, Scorpina battles with her and thus making Aisha the first female Power Ranger to have a rivalry with Scorpina. Aisha took the job so seriously that it began to harm her friendship with the other Rangers, after defeating a monster, Flame Head.

Later, when Kimberly learns that her mother was relocating to France, Aisha, Kimberly and Aishas friendship was tested when Kimberly was accepted into the Angel Girls Club, and Aisha wasnt. At around the time, a new monster named the Hate Master used a hate spell to turn the rest of the Rangers against each other.

Aishas compassionate and loving nature, along with a necklace that her grandmother had given her. Aisha uses her resourcefulness to save the Command Center from the other Rangers and undo the hate spell, Aishas caring nature also extended to animals, as she became a volunteer veterinary assistant at Angel Groves local animal shelter. While volunteering, she takes in a white cat from the park. She and Kimberly adopt the cat, who Aisha dubs P.

When Kimberly leaves to train for the Pan Global Games in Florida, Aisha is saddened, together, the girls train Katherines aunts chimp, Kelly, in sign language and write the winning song entry for a theme song contest at Angel Grove High. However, Aisha is reverted to her form with the other Rangers when Master Vile reverts time 9.

As with all Power Rangers programs, in Space is based on one of the entries of the Super Sentai series. However, due to miscommunication between the United States and Japan as to the contents of the Sentai series, much of the footage is original to the American adaptation. The theme of the series bears little similarity to its Sentai counterpart and its successor, though its initial tone was similar to that of Mighty Morphin, Zeo and Turbo, Power Rangers in Space eventually took a darker, more emotional turn.

Picking up where Power Rangers Turbo left off, Dark Specter has captured Zordon and is beginning to completely drain his powers, an assortment of old and new villains praises his victory, but an unexpected figure uncovers his plan, the Red Space Ranger, Andros. They are pulled aboard the Astro Megaship and later encounter Andros, though initially suspicious and dismissive of the four former Rangers, Andros realizes hell need their help to save Zordon and gives them each an Astro Morpher.

The Space Rangers alternate between searching for Zordon and protecting Earth, from the Dark Fortress, Astronema seeks to eliminate them via Ecliptor, Quantrons and a variety of monsters. Over time, allies offer the Rangers invaluable aid, with Zhane emerging from cryo-sleep, meanwhile, Bulk and Skull become assistants to eccentric Professor Phenomenus and join him in searching for aliens.

Jonathan Tzachor

While dedicated to finding Zordon, Andros has another quest, finding his sister, Karone, over time, Andros discovers his sister was kidnapped by Darkonda, an old rival of Ecliptors with multiple lives. Much to Andros surprise, it out that Karone is actually Astronema. Andros is able to convince Astronema of the truth and she defects with Ecliptors help, unfortunately, just as quickly, she is recaptured and reprogrammed to follow Dark Specter.

Astronema becomes more evil than ever, as she not only wants to destroy the Space Rangers, to that end, she unleashes the Psycho Rangers. The five robotic villains possess great power, which comes from Dark Specter. Every time they fight, Dark Specter is drained of power, only through a great deal of effort are the six Space Rangers able to overcome the Psycho Rangers. Everything culminates in the finale, Countdown to Destruction, where Zordon is nearly completely drained Ransik, one of the most dangerous mutants, is arrested and sentenced to life for his crimes including murder and the plan to travel back in time to take over the world.

Power Rangers / WMG - TV Tropes

However, after sentencing, he escapes and manages to go back in time to the yearbut seemingly kills Alex, the Red Time Force Ranger, in the process.

Alexs fiance Jen, as well as Time Force members Lucas, Katie, however, upon arriving in the yearthey find that the rest of the Time Force morphers are locked, and cannot be used until someone with Alexs DNA uses the Red Ranger morpher. As Ransik continues his quest for total domination of Earth, archaeologists discover a box that, unknown to them, contains the Quantum Ranger morpher, both Ransik and the Rangers are well aware of its contents, and make attempts to retrieve it.

The box eventually falls into the hand of Eric Myers, a member of the Silver Guardians, Eric activates the power, and becomes the Quantum Ranger. Eric, however, becomes cocky and irresponsible with his power, forcing Wes, soon he learns the responsibility of using the Quantum Powers and becomes the leader of the Silver Guardians as the Quantum Ranger.

Eventually, the Rangers begin receiving help from an ally from the future in the form of the Time Shadow Megazord.