Relationship formation maintenance and breakdown

relationship formation maintenance and breakdown

1 Relationships The formation, maintenance and breakdown of romantic relationships Theories of the formation, maintenance and breakdown of romantic . To read up on the formation, maintenance, and breakdown of relationships, refer to pages Interactive exercise: Factors in the formation of relationships. Reward/need satisfaction model. Direct reinforcement may encourage the formation of a relationship between individuals. Operant conditioning could occur .

The theory doesn't consider the social pressure of arranged marriages -ve Very simplistic and deterministic.

relationship formation maintenance and breakdown

Human emotions are not as simple as to put into an equation 6 of 13 Equity Theory Unlike the SET where an individual wants to maximise their rewards and minimise their losses, the Equity Theory Walster et al, suggests that fairness is the key to success and happiness. A couple is expected to want to share the costs and rewards equally, any inequality would upset the balance.

This is realistic and true to life because both partners need to work together in order to keep a healthy relationship -ve Culturally biased. In some cultures women are expected to underbenefit.

There is also evolutionary evidence to prove that women don't mind underbenefitting more than men. Here are some reasons why a relationship could breakdown suggested by Duck, Lack of Skills - one of the indivdual is unable to maintain a good, honest and open relationship.

They may have inexperience with relationships or lack social and interpersonal skills Cultural Differences - each partner might have different religious beliefs which could come in the way of the relationship Maintanence Difficulties - if one partner moves far away for example. Maintaining the relationship would require a lot more efford and energy.

Theories on the maintenance and breakdown of relationships

If one or both of the partners do not try hard enough they could drift apart Lack of Stimulation - most people and relationships seek change and excitment. If there is no mystery between two people the relationship could become boring and uninteresting, in some cases a chore. This could also lead to relationship breakdown 9 of 13 Duck proposed that relationship breakdowns go through the following phases Breakdown phase - one or both of the partners becomes unhappy with the relationship Interphsychic phase - the individual begins to overexaggarate the irritating things the other one does.

relationship formation maintenance and breakdown

Some prefer to keep problems behind closed doors. He suggested that the stronger a relationship seems the longer it will take for the couple to go through all these stages because they have more worth fighting for and saving. Disatisfaction stage - one or both of the partners become unhappy with the relationship 2. Exposure stage - the problems arise to the surface 3.

Negotiational stage - the couple try to find some kind of middle ground 4. Resolution stage - if they can't agree on new terms and conditions then this leads to the final stage 5.

Termination stage - the relationship breaksdown if the couple are unaware to solve their problems Famlee suggested that one of the reasons why a relationship might break down could be due to 'fatal attraction'. The things that once attracted you to your partner may soon become something that you resent and hate i. If people feel over-benefited, they may experience pity, guilt, and shame; if under-benefited, they may experience anger, sadness, and resentment.

Greater the inequity, greater the dissatisfaction and the greater the stress and the more they are motivated to do something about it. People in inequitable relationships will attempt to reduce their distress through a variety of techniques— by restoring equity or leaving the relationship. What I get out of this relationship, for example… loyalty, humour, caring, companionship, loyalty, sexual fulfillment etc.

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People become dissatisfied with a relationship when their inputs are not matched by a comparable level of outputs from the other partner. The Equity Sensitivity Construct describes a spectrum of varying sensitivities to equity and inequity Huseman, et.

IDA DeMaris investigated whether marital inequity is associated with later marital disruption. Sex differences — women report more post-relationship growth than men, possibly due to the greater social support available, although research has shown that increased social support is not associated with growth, nor do women report more social support than men do.

relationship formation maintenance and breakdown

Would you go back to my apartment with me? Would you have sex with me? This means being attracted to males who: The study involved over 10, people from 37 different cultures including different ethnic, religious and economic groups.

The claims that human behaviour is constrained by mental modules that developed in the Stone Age make sense "only if the environmental challenges remain static enough to sculpt an instinct over evolutionary time.

In some environments it might be adaptive for males and females to act in this way, but not in all. This challenges the claim of these being universal human behaviours. A cautionary note IDA Evolutionary explanations of mate preference quote a waist to hip ratio of 0.

Relationships - Formation, Maintanence and Breakdown - Revision Cards in A Level and IB Psychology

However, studies have shown that in isolated populations in Tanzania and Cameroon Dixson,men consider such hourglass women sickly looking. They prefer WHR of between 0. Sex differences in sexual jealousy — males greater GSR response to imagined sexual infidelity of partner, females to emotional infidelity Buss, Fathers do help out — greater investment by fathers associated with improvement in health and lower rates of infant mortality Reid, AO2 Alternative perspectives- Evolutionary perspective limited because male parenting depends on many other factors e.

Discuss the influence of childhood on adult relationships.

relationship formation maintenance and breakdown