Relationship of zeref and acnologia human

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relationship of zeref and acnologia human

The Etherious-human hybrid bastard son of Mard Geer Tartaros. In Zeref and Acnologia's case, the latter could be depending on the former. According to Zeref's words about Acnologia, "he [saw] them as nothing more than insects pestering him" despite originally being a human himself and preferring. Acnologia split into two, his dragon body running rampant in earthland, and his human body is in control of a separate dimension. He displayed the ability to be.

relationship of zeref and acnologia human

Zeref then praised Mard Geer for his attempts to revive E. D and when Mard Geer stated he could realize what Zeref wished for, the black wizard turned the fallen Demon into a book and burned it. He then vanished yet again, taking the Book of E. Later at an unknown location, Zeref ominously remarked that Natsu had to try and overtake him, though not before calling the Dragon Slayer "Etherious Natsu Dragneel" revealing that Natsu was actually the Demon itself.

During the final battle with Animus, Natsu unleashed the power of E. Animus soon recognized Natsu as E. Natsu then returned to normal soon after the fight, though he was left utterly shell-shocked at his transformation and true identity. Though Natsu refused to believe it at first, he was forced to after Zeref pierced a hole through the book of E. After Zeref revealed what really occurred in the past, Natsu lost his patience and attempted to kill his brother as he was told that if Zeref died it would possibly mean his own death as well.

Natsu ignored this and declared his intentions of wanting to kill Zeref only for Happy to fly away with him. Natsu and Lucy were then captured by Dimaria Yesta, one of the Spriggan 12 who spent her time torturing Lucy as Natsu remained unconscious. Just when Lucy was about to have her eyes stabbed out, the power of E. He escapes the chamber and starts hunting Zeref as he pinpoints the latter and he begins to make his move only to be confronted by Gray. Erza made the two come to their senses and Natsu's demonic transformation diminished.

Some time later, Mavis managed to obtain the Book of E. She then met up with Lucy, Happy, and Gray and lend them the book. Happy points out it's Natsu's book and Lucy realizes that she was holding Natsu's life in her hands. Mavis then leaves them to work on a plan to beat Zeref. Lucy, Happy, and Gray then sit on a bench looking over the book.

They soon decide to open the book and when they do Letter Magic flows out of it. Lucy is then shocked about what it says. Lucy then tries to rewrite the words in the book but becoming effected by the books dark magic.

Gray then help's her get through the pain and continues to rewrite the book. The book's changes affected Natsu during his fight with his brother; they gave Natsu the edge he needed to defeat Zeref. Later, Zeref died peacefully with Mavis and due to the book's link with Zeref it disappears. When the book disappeared Lucy claimed that she dis all she could to help Natsu and worried that he could have disappeared along with the book.

However, Natsu showed up where Lucy and the others were, saying that the fight was over. Around that moment, Acnologia managed to escape the Time Lapse and with it's magical power he pulls all the Dragon Slayers into the Ravines of Time where Acnologia faces the former demon.

However, this caused Gray, Happy and Lucy to believe that Natsu disappeared because of his link with the now-deceased Zeref. Acnologia is a gargantuan Dragon whose entire upper body is covered in black round scales which in turn are decorated by spiraling blue markings.

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Its lower body, specifically its belly, inner tail and legs are gray in color and seem to be rather smooth. It possesses a blunt, rounded head with four large and elongated plates extending backwards, and has white beady eyes.

Its mouth is full of sharp teeth, and below it is an elongated protrusion pointing downwards. Its massive tail splits in two at its end where the black plates disappear and takes on a double stinger-like appearance. In his human form, despite being over years old has the appearance of a muscular young man with long dark blue colored hair.

His youthful appearance is most likely due to mastering his Dragon Form and losing the ability to age. His eyes have black circles around them and he bears the same light blue markings as he does in his Dragon form. For attire he dons a high collared black cloak and has a necklace of red dragon claws around his neck and a sash around his waist.

He wears a gold ring on his left arm and baggy pants that are decorated the same as the former article of clothing. After his battle with Igneel his right arm was taken, in his human form it is still missing resulting in him having to hide it beneath his cloak.

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While a few other Dragons appear somewhat cooperative, harmonious and amicable to humans, Acnologia is extremely inimical, dangerous, malevolent and temperamental towards them so he respectively scrutinizes them as infinitesimal. According to Zeref's words about Acnologia, "he [saw] them as nothing more than insects pestering him" despite originally being a human himself and preferring his original human form in casual instance.

It is soon revealed that his hatred towards dragons are due to him losing his family and hometown in an attack, which made him so vengeful that he happily agreed to earn his powers to avenge them and he most likely had planned to kill all dragons for doing so, even those who did not antagonize humanity.

Having watched them kill an innocent little girl made him even more hateful to the point that he vowed to kill all Dragons. Acnologia's hatred for dragons extended to the point that he desired to kill all Dragon Slayers in existence even those who earned this form of Lost Magic through the use of Lacrimasshowing an immensely profound hatred for Dragonkind that extended not only to Dragons themselves but also to those who had their power.

While part of it was to make him the supreme ruler of all Dragons, his main reason was solely out of vengeance. In his human form, Acnologia has a stoic personality even after slicing God Serena 's abdomen open he is still composed after announcing his goal of hunting down and killing the remaining Dragon Slayers. He seems to prefer to get straight to the problem should he agree to meet with humans he deems significant enough to attract his presence as he immediately asked Zeref what he wanted in their meeting.

Despite being the most destructively powerful being alive, Acnologia oddly does not try to conquer the world despite easily having the power to do so, implying that while he holds overwhelming power Acnologia simply does not hunger for dominance even over humans despite hating them and simply desires to be isolated from them. This is also shown when he scarcely appears as he has never been known to appear until the events concerning Tenrou Island and Tartaros.

As both instances contained Dragons or Dragon Slayers his true goals seemed to only be the erasure of every trace of Dragonkind from existence and he apparently wanted nothing more than that or at least considered it to be his purpose for living. However, he still possessed a love for battle as shown when he fought against Irene Belserion and he seemed to be impressed by her power, even giving her praise for entertaining him.

Igneel said that Acnologia had a fear of Zeref's most powerful Demon named E. As a Dragon Slayer, he suffers from motion sickness due to the incompatible sensory hybridization of human and Dragon physiques. History Acnologia as a human before transforming into a Dragon. Prior to the beginning of the series, Acnologia was born as a human over years ago. He lost his family and hometown in a Dragon attack which caused him to gain an intense hatred for all Dragons.

As a result, he became one of first Dragon Slayers during the Dragon Civil War to support the coexistence of both humans and dragons. Unfortunately, Acnologia and other Dragon Slayers turned against their own Dragons, killed them and bathed in their blood. His hatred for all dragons only amplified after seeing Sonya being killed. Originally believed to have been done with the aid of Zeref, Acnologia physically turned into a Dragon and proclaimed himself to be the Dragon King.

This event was forever etched into history as the Dragon King Festival. Despite his vast power, Acnologia remains isolated from humans but he is still feared by the people of Earth Land as he was credited with the single-handed destruction of an entire country. In an instant, Acnologia defeated Gildarts and took his left arm, left leg and gutted his body, leaving him to die before flying away though Gildarts managed to survive, albeit with difficulties and permanent damage.

Tenrou Island arc Acnologia comes to Tenrou Island, likely to fulfill his life-long goal to kill all dragons considering as there were 4 dragon slayers, wreaks havoc on it, and fights the Fairy Tail members on the island.

relationship of zeref and acnologia human

In the battle, it causes so much devastation that Makarov is forced to hold him off to allow the other Fairy Tail Mages to escape.

As the two fight, Acnologia is eventually able to knock Makarov to the ground. Just as it is about to kill Makarov, all of Fairy Tail comes back and starts attacking the dragon. Acnologia then flies into the air, and seemingly destroys Tenrou Island, and all the Fairy Tail members on it with his Dragon's Roar.

After these events, Acnologia takes back up to the skies and disappears from sight. Tartaros arc The return of Acnologia. Acnologia appears one more time at the ruins of Cube where the battle between Fairy Tail Mages and Tartarus takes place. As he nears his destination, both Mages and the Demons take notice of his presence. Effortlessly, Acnologia creates huge explosions with his breath, as well as shockwaves with his wings alone, much to the Mages' despair.

However, Acnologia's rampage is temporarily interrupted, as Igneel, released from within Natsu's body, attacks him, with an intention to stop his rampage. Acnologia and Igneel begin to clash, while all the Mages below watch in horror and awe.

After Natsu jumps on Igneel, the latter fires a huge flame blast towards Acnologia, although the beast easily shrugs off the attack and comes out of it unscathed. Acnologia is then later punched by Igneels' version of Fire Dragon's Iron Fist, however he shrugs this attack off as well.

relationship of zeref and acnologia human

Shortly thereafter, taking advantage of Igneel's worry for Natsu, Acnologia fires a Dragon's Roar at his opponent's head, but misses. Acknowledging Igneel as his enemy, Acnologia speaks to him, citing his displeasure at the existence of Dragons; he ends his comment by saying that he will slay Igneel.

As the fight goes on, Acnologia tells Igneel that he won't escape. However, the latter explains that he didn't intend to run, and that he moved so that he can fight without holding back, in order to defeat the other creature. Acnologia, however, says that it won't be a simple defeat, but an one-sided obliteration. Later as the Face bombs across the continent begin to detonate, Acnologia is sent plummeting towards the earth extremely wounded, much to everyone's surprise.

His body is then used as a victory stand by Igneel, who announces the arrival of the other Dragon Slayers' foster parents to stop the mighty threat of the Magic Pulse Bomb.

Acnologia doesn't stay down for long though, as he slashes out at Igneel and takes their battle back up into the sky. There, he questions Igneel's motives for having the other Dragons hide inside their foster Dragon Slayer children, and, when Igneel asks if he is scared of E.

Acnologia quickly overwhelms Igneel and repeatedly crushes his torso with his claws whilst screaming about destruction; he also derides the Dragon for being the Flame Dragon King yet not being able to fight equally with him and continues his relentless assault.

Acnologia is then quickly overtaken by Igneel and loses his right arm, however in return, Acnologia destroys nearly the entire left half of Igneel's torso and then kills him with his Dragon's Roar. Avatar arc Acnologia meeting with Zeref 1 year after losing his arm to Igneel, Acnologia accepts Zeref's proposal to meet, and does so at an undisclosed rocky terrain, albeit in his human form instead of as a Dragon; Acnologia gets straight to it and bluntly questions what Zeref wants, however he is met with inquisition, as Zeref points out that Acnologia could rule the world with his power if he wished, calling his motives unfathomable, though Acnologia simply says the same of Zeref's motives.

Acnologia then listens and remains calm as Zeref tells him that he will not join or fight against him; rather, he will kill him along with everyone else in the world and fathoms that Acnologia has been waiting for someone to give him a true challenge and states that he will gladly take on the role of that challenger, as he is aware Zeref would not dare take him on without any power boost due to Acnologia being more powerful than him.

However, Acnologia gives a sly grin as Zeref tells him to wait for the ultimate clash between human, Dragon and immortal to approach. Dragon Cry Acnologia in Fairy Tail: In the post-credits scene, Human Acnologia picks up a ribbon that belonged to Sonya The reason behind Acnologia's life goal.

He reminisces when he walked into a cave and saw flashback where Sonya being badly injured by a group of dragons, which infuriates Acnologia and he kills them all afterwards.

Dragneel Family

Alvarez Empire arc Still residing in the cave where he and Zeref conversed last, Acnologia mentions that where his stolen arm still hurts; adding that he will destroy everything at the Dragon King Festival, he gets up and takes on his Dragon form, after which he shouts that he is the true "Dragon King". As he proclaims his supremacy, however, a shadow-like substance extends from where his right arm used to be.

Acnologia killing God Serena. In his human form once again, Acnologia later appears at the eastern war-front, just outside the borders of Bosco. Claiming that he can quite clearly smell the stench of a Dragon, Acnologia senses the source is God Serena, with the Shield of Spriggan seemingly over the moon about finally encountering the "Dragon King". Before God Serena can finish his rant about how difficult it had been to find him, Acnologia, uninterested in hearing anything God Serena has to say, simply and ruthlessly effortlessly kills him, tearing a hole in the side of his stomach with a single swift swipe of his hand.

As the surrounding Mages watch on in awe, Acnologia proceeds to casually walk away from the scene, leaving the collapsed body of God Serena behind. As he takes his leave, he states that there are still seven more Dragon Slayers left, indicating that he intends to annihilate each and every one of them, until all remnants of the Dragons have been wiped out of existence.

He is then intercepted by another one of the Shields of Spriggan named Irene. He tells her to move but she refuses to comply as he wonders she can entertain him for even a moment which she confirms. The two stare each other down then Irene uses her magic to create a sphere of fire which surprises Acnologia who quickly puts up a defense but is blown away. Catching himself, Acnologia notes that must be an enchanter before retaliating as his own magic erupts from the ground creating a large crater.

It causes Irene to leap in the air, after acknowledging their strength, Irene ponders on what will happened to Acnologia once Zeref obtains Fairy Heart and uses it against Acnologia.

He then asks Irene if she believes Zeref has the power to defeat him as she states he will. She then uses magic that Acnologia surprised that he is unfamiliar with as Irene states it's Magic of the new era. He then asks if she enchanted the Earth but she says only the country of Fiore. He then asks her name she reveals herself as one of the Spriggan 12 and she wishes to see Acnologia again before disappearing.

As a result, Acnologia was warped somewhere far away from the shrunken landmass that is Fiore. Later, Irene is defeated and the Universe One spell starts to dissolve, allowing Aconlogia to re-enter the war. He resumes his hunt for the Dragon Slayers and appears where Wendy and Erza are, saying that he is tired of this boring world. Erza and Wendy ponder over the identity of this man since this is the first time they've seen Acnologia in human form but recognize his magic power.

Acnologia ignores them and walks over to Irene's corpse remarking that she was the one who invented Dragon Slayer Magic which makes her the reason for his power and his actions.

He then destroys her corpse by stomping on it while laughing in delight at his vile actions. Erza and Wendy are left shocked and terrified by his action.

Acnologia continues to destroy Irene's corpse until Erza demands him for him to stop desecrating the dead, apparently out of respect for Irene killing herself rather than killing her and possibly some gratitude and familial bond, as Acnologia notices her and points out that she has the same smell as Irene.

He then recognizes Wendy as a Dragon Slayer while Erza questions him over his identity as he smiles in response to her. Wendy then recognizes his magic power and figures out his identity as Acnologia which she tells a surprised Erza as Acnologia attacks them only to be blocked by Jellal.

Jellal wastes no time in attacking the dragon king but Acnologia does not bother defending and takes absolutely no damage to their gathered surprise Acnologia devours Jellal's magic revealing that while he doesn't have a specific Dragon Slayer Magic element his magic makes him immune to all Magic.

Acnologia then transforms into his Dragon form. Wendy refuses to back down and prepares to fight Acnologia, but Acnologia is rammed in by the Blue Pegasus's flying vehicle Christine. Erza, Jellal, and Wendy get on Christine with Acnologia chasing them.

Acnologia continues to chase them, they fire a giant magical beam at him but Acnologia devours it.