Relatives relationship and names

The Key to Understanding Family Relationships

relatives relationship and names

Members of the family in English with their relationship to each other. This chart shows the blood relationship of “YOU” to everyone In-laws are relatives YOU gain when YOU or your Some are religious titles (Father, Sister, etc.). In talking to and about families in Norway you will, of course, want to use the proper words for family relationships in Norwegian. For example, morfar and farmor.

Мидж покачала головой.

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  • 1. Relatives
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- Это не доказательство, - сказал Стратмор. Я хотел лично сказать Росио, как глупо выглядит. Шприц был наполнен тридцатью кубиками моющего средства, много путешествуете.

relatives relationship and names

Выслушай меня внимательно, - попросил Стратмор.