Robin and slade relationship

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robin and slade relationship

Now once Slade strikes for the titans he blows up the kid flash's knee of crisis but despite that robin; super boy and wonder girl escape the. Batman defeats Deathstroke by taking advantage of the two-way connection between him and Robin by using a taser on. In Teen Titans “The End, Part 2” Slade tells Robin, “It's what I do best,” Slade and Adeline's relationship went south quickly, starting with the.

robin and slade relationship

Slade enjoyed using and manipulating others, so he most likely saw the benefit of leaving them alive. It was a gamble, but that was the type of environment that Slade Wilson thrived on. He was assigned to take out a group of biologically engineered beastmen, where he ran into the Titans while they were investigating the same group. Slade would assist them, which would eventually lead them to the leader of the beastmen — a man who went by the name of Jericho. Joseph begged Slade to take him out Joseph begged Slade to take him out, to which he complied, driving a sword through his heart.

But Joseph survived, transferring his mind into his father's body seconds before perishing. One of his most notable features, on screen or in the comics, is his mask. The mask of Deathstroke is legendary item amongst heroes and villains alike. Slade's left side of his mask is orange, containing a single black outlined eyehole. The right side of his face is primarily skeletal, containing no flesh. Hence the infamous mask was born, creating mystery and intimidation at the same time.

Like any comic book character, Slade has various adaptations and looks. In Teen Titans Go!

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The benefit to this was that he could take on massive amounts of damage without even flinching. He could also summon a monster through burning scarecrows. While being disguised, Slade could use telekinesis in retrieving his staff, after Robin had knocked it out of his hand. He could also alter his physical shape, reducing his muscular frame to that of a small old man.

He often relied on his martial arts skills like heightened speed, strength, reflexes, and agility. In using these simple techniques, he once had all five Teen Titans looking like toddlers while he ran circles around them.

He possesses the knowledge of minor magic spell casting which he used from time to time. Often though, he relies on technology to gain an upper-hand on his opponents.

robin and slade relationship

Slade had a vast number of secret hideouts, advance technology, unlimited resources, and a robot army at his disposal. Using these tools allowed him to capitalize on his strengths of laying traps, orchestrating schemes, and manipulating others to do his dirty work.

Slade systematically took out every member except for Green Lantern Slade systematically took out every member except for Green Lantern. Arrow would eventually get a shot in by driving an arrow through the empty right eye socket of Deathstroke.

Most of Slade's plans were strictly scientific in nature, though he did summon a fire elemental in one episode. Slade was shown to be ambitious, calculating, and incredibly sadistic; however, his underestimating of the bonds that existed between all the Titans and his fury over not being able to sever those bonds often led to his undoing.

Slade's main goal was apparently to kill the Titans, conquer the city, and quite possibly the world.

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In the first two seasons, Slade sought out an apprentice, by starting with Robin in the first season, whom he coerced into working for him by threatening to kill the other Titans with nanobots, and then Terra, whose desire for control and acceptance that he preyed on. Slade was killed at the end of the second season by Terra, who dropped him into a lava-filled pit, and was, as a result, mostly absent in the third season, with Brother Blood, who acted as the main villain.

In the Season 3 episode "Haunted," Slade appeared as a figment of Robin's imagination, due to a chemical reagent that was released from his mask when Robin touched it, and caused Robin to see hallucinations of Slade which attacked him. Robin's mind made the injuries inflicted upon him real. Robin eventually figured out what happened and overcame the hallucination. However, it's revealed that this gas had been triggered from the outside by an unknown party. Slade returned in the fourth season as an undead servant of Raven's demonic father, Trigon.

He is Caucasian as seen in a fight with the Titans where a tiger Beast Boy rips some of his clothing off, revealing his flesh. He also seems to either have dirty blond or gray hair judging from his silhouetted head see picture to the leftbut since we only see him in shadow, it is unable to determine his true hair color.

In Teen Titans Go! Personality Slade is an extremely calm and composed individual, remaining an enigma to both enemies and allies alike throughout the series. As a result, not much is known of his true personality by anyone, although the comparison has been made on multiple occasions by multiple people that he and Robin share similar traits, such as an intense dislike of losing, fiercely dedicated, and borderline obsessive in accomplishing their goals.

Although many people don't know Slade's intentions to fight, it is made clear a couple times. The epitome of an evil mastermind, Slade is clever and calculating, never coming into view unless he has the complete advantage, and flees the moment that advantage is compromised.

A master manipulator, he prefers to bait others into traps rather than directly confront them himself, and uses his robotic minions to their fullest extent, as they're often seen fighting in his stead.

robin and slade relationship

Throughout the first two seasons, for reasons which are not entirely clear, he is shown tirelessly working on recruiting new apprentices, setting his sights on both Robin and Terra respectively. Using his intelligence and charisma, he exploits their weaknesses and fears, and is not above blackmailing them into submission, as he did with Robin in Apprentice, Part 2.

Slade is scary and intimidating due to his evil and sadistic personality. He is so stubborn and determined on what's right in front of him which becomes his downfall. His stony disposition makes him seem all the more ruthless and unemotional. In a conversation with Robin in The End, Part 2, Slade admits to feeling no remorse for any of his crimes, saying "it's what I do best" when Robin tells him that everything that he's ever done has only made people suffer.

Occasionally, he will lose his temper. An example is when Trigon betrayed him, regardless his intense loyal service to the interdimensional demon, and had his fire-minions seize him which lead to him demanding the demons to obey him with outrage.

Despite his wicked personality, he admitted that he did not wish Trigon to destroy Earth. Powers and Abilities Superhuman Physical Capabilities: Slade possesses great strength and endurance, such as the power to leave a huge dent in solid steel with one hit, seen in Apprentice Part II when battling Robin and aiming to punch him instead. He also has enhanced reflexes and displays a mastery in many forms of armed and unarmed combat, making him a terrifying and formidable opponent.

In the Teen Titans: In addition to his great strength, Slade is also a nimble fighter, demonstrating his superior agility in combat on numerous occasions and has been shown to be able to move faster than even Robin during their brief scuffle in Apprentice Part II. By deducing one's strengths and weaknesses, Slade has been able to hold his own, if not outright overpower superpowered opponents, including all the members of the Titans at one point or another. In addition, he is a master of psychological manipulation, a master planner, and cunning strategist, and has also demonstrated skills in disguise and ritual magic.

Former Powers As Trigon 's second in command, Slade was granted the ability to fly, teleport, phase, and to generate demonic fire blasts demonic pyrokinesis. As an effective non-living entity at that time, he also possessed no sense of pain and the ability to withstand even massive amounts of physical damage. In " Forces of Nature ", disguised as an old sage, he was able to summon a monster through burning scarecrows aligned similar to the Mark of Skathimplying either that he was associated with Trigon all along, hence why he was chosen as his herald after death, or that he simply has knowledge over the occult and is merely a coincidence.

In his disguise, Slade seemed to use telekinesis to retrieve his staff after Robin knocked it out of his hand, and vanished in a puff of smoke. While the former might have been a magical ability, spell, or device, the latter may just have been a smoke bomb though Slade was somehow able to disguise his muscular frame to look like a small old man. Trivia Slade appears in a total of twenty episodes in the series; though one of which was as a vision only, one of which where he is not seen but a robot replica is seen, and two in flashbacks only.

Slade's original comic name "Deathstroke" did not make it through the censors due to hesitance to use the word "death" in a children's animated series; thus, the character is referred to by his first name. However, his original name is mentioned in the tie-in comic Teen Titans Go!

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He is also changed from an assassin and mercenary-for-hire to an enigmatic criminal mastermind. Though it's debatable if children found "Slade" sinister enough for a villain name. Strangely Killer Moth was allowed to keep his name. Despite the fact his name also references death. The name change might have been because the name "Deathstroke" fit more for an assassin whereas it was less fitting to the criminal mastermind character that Slade was portrayed as in the show.

He is actually the only villain from the original comic to not use his original supervillain name. Slade is the only main antagonist at large.

Because of this his current fate is a complete mystery. In " Forces of Nature ", Slade is disguised as an elderly mystic who bears resemblance to Slade's maskless comic book appearance. The only child of Slade not to appear was his firstborn son Grant Wilson.