Root and shaw relationship memes

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root and shaw relationship memes

The fact that Root and Shaw's relationship got as much traction as it did Shaw and “Root” (using quotes to distinguish between Root and her. @kate-the-rabbit asked: whose arc is your favourite? root's, shaw's, or the machine's? PoI Meme | nine characters [4/9]. You can't expect me. Root and Shaw's relationship is one of the best on TV. .. above, I have only scraped the tip of the iceberg from those party quotes/preview.

Ultimately she receives a call from Shaw saying she needs her help. Finch says it's a trap, and Root acknowledges it but is determined to go after Shaw anyway.

root and shaw relationship memes

The two trace the call to a psychiatric facility in New York and infiltrate the building, but it is soon revealed to be Samaritan's headquarters. Root discovers the room Shaw had been staying in, including the blood-stained coat she had been wearing at the Stock Exchange, and catches sight of Shaw from the window being led into a van outside.

Martine taunts Root about "her little girlfriend" telling Martine about Root's cochlear implant and threatens Finch.

but root and shaw love each other exactly as they are | Tumblr

Root snaps Martine's neck and Samaritan threatens her and Finch's lives if the Machine does not reveal her location. Shaw is last seen in the front passenger's seat of the van, being driven to an unknown location.

Shaw first reappears to the audience in episode 4 as Samaritan's prisoner. Shaw's interactions with Samaritan and their simulations are shown in episodes 4, 6, 7, and 8. While initially Shaw appears to escape in episode four and reunite with Root and the rest of the teamit it ultimately shown to be a simulation meant to trick Shaw into telling Samaritan when the team and The Machine are located - something that she has failed to do at least 6, times.

This reaches Shaw just in time, and she begins to plan her escape. In episode 8, Shaw finally escapes from where Samaritan is holding her which is revealed to be in South Africashooting Lambert despite his efforts to convince her it is all a simulation. As Shaw drives away, a news report on the radio refers to events the rest of the team was dealing with - confirming this it is in fact reality. I read your file, and I'm kind of a big fan.

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So, I really don't want to hurt you. I just need the name. You really have no idea what you're caught up in, do you? Who you're actually working for. Did you honestly think the source of the numbers was Guantanamo? Some sad taxi driver rotting away in a cage somewhere?

root and shaw relationship memes

I mean, you should know torture almost never produces good information. Sadly, we are on a bit of a clock. Wilson's men started looking for Veronica here three hours ago. Now, Aquino was hired to build a home for something very special. Something I want to find. One of the things they left out of my file: I kind of enjoy this sort of thing. I'm so glad you said that. Root's phone rings Oh, and just when we were starting to really connect.

Their first scene together.

root and shaw relationship memes

Shaw wakes up in a car with Root, ziptied to the steering wheel Root: The tasing, the drugging, or whatever this is? I had to make sure you'd hear me out.

root and shaw relationship memes

She needs our help and I figured you wouldn't come willingly. The Machine's given me a mission, and step one is to team up with you. Besides, the Machine gives missions to Harold and the government. Relevant, irrelevant, why would it be talking to you? Because now there's a third category.

And my relationship with the machine is a little As for trust issues, I'm happy to take the first step. This is the part where you give me one good reason to believe anything you say.

You took a road trip with your father to watch the Houston Oilers play the Philadelphia Eagles. He bought you a sweatshirt- Shaw: Don't talk about my father. It told you that? The Machine trusts me. Even if you don't. You spent years working for the Machine, and she was never wrong. If you don't help me, someone might destroy her, and innocent people will die.

Forget how you feel about me. How would you feel about that? I'll forget how I feel about you. But when this is over, you better hope I don't remember.

root and shaw relationship memes

Root recruits Shaw for a mission after tasing and drugging her. This is not something we should go about lightly. It's the only way. There will be larger consequences if we make this decision. We need to be ready for that. John isn't gonna make it if he winds up in a crossfire between a bunch of feds and organized criminals in his current state.

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Hanna and computers were the best things Root had going on in her life. Computers were easier to understand and deal with than humans and let her enact a measure of control over something in a world where she felt trapped and not in control. Especially after Hanna died. The universe and humans and emotions are a giant chaotic mess without rhyme or reason, but computers are perfect, logical.

She cared about Hanna and then she lost her and that hurt horribly. One of the reasons her emotions and mannerisms often come off as over the top and child-like is because she never allowed herself to learn to regulate them. Then the Machine enters the picture. Shaw, meanwhile, is clearly bisexual and, I would argue, homoromantic.

At one point she explains that men and their gross feelings are useless to her: Guys these days have so many… emotions. They cry, they wanna be held.

I go out, have a fun night or three, and then, uh, I move on. No muss, no fuss. Meanwhile, though, she has giggled like a schoolgirl totally anomalous behavior for our resident bored hardass over Taraji P. They so get each other, you guys! Their torture banter is in sync! And Root keeps doing this thing where she shows up and drags Shaw along on adventures, and Shaw has gotten progressively less reluctant.

There is no one else in the world for whom Shaw would do this. She saves people all the time now, but because those are her orders, not because she particularly cares to. Meanwhile, there is no one else in the world Root would feed and tease and chase around the way she does Shaw.

It even sent them on a romantic getaway to drink fruity drinks and fuck up some goons! I want to be clear, though: