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What is the relationship between the Black Civil Rights Movement and the rights movements of Hispanics, In , after Rosa Parks was arrested for refusing to give up her seat on a city bus, Dr. Martin L. King led a boycott of city busses. We've put together some quick facts and a couple of quizzes. Why not What was Rosa Parks arrested for on Dec. 1, Where was Martin Luther King Jr. born? 4. E. MLK Jr.'s chief partner in the civil rights movement. PBS Black Culture Connection Test your knowledge of Black History & Culture with a Quiz! Pick from the list MLK, Rosa Parks, Jackie Robinson. Can you Can you tell the difference between Martin Luther and Martin Luther King Jr.?.

Initially, the demands did not include changing the segregation laws; rather, the group demanded courtesy, the hiring of black drivers, and a first-come, first-seated policy, with whites entering and filling seats from the front and African Americans from the rear. Ultimately, however, a group of five Montgomery women, represented by attorney Fred D. District Court, seeking to have the busing segregation laws totally invalidated.

Many black residents chose simply to walk to work or other destinations. Black leaders organized regular mass meetings to keep African-American residents mobilized around the boycott. Integration at Last On June 5,a Montgomery federal court ruled that any law requiring racially segregated seating on buses violated the 14th Amendment to the U. That amendment, adopted in following the U.

Civil Warguarantees all citizens—regardless of race—equal rights and equal protection under state and federal laws.

Rosa Parks: Facts, Biography & Timeline

The city appealed to the U. It had lasted days. Integration, however, met with significant resistance and even violence. While the buses themselves were integrated, Montgomery maintained segregated bus stops. Snipers began firing into buses, and one shooter shattered both legs of a pregnant African-American passenger. On January 30,the Montgomery police arrested seven bombers; all were members of the Ku Klux Klana white supremacist group. The arrests largely brought an end to the busing-related violence.

Have students record his or her significant events on the same timeline they created for King Then, have students identify four events of significance in their own lifetime. They will be adding two of them to a class timeline. Include the King events on your class timeline.

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You may want to highlight those so as to distinguish between his and others. Discuss the following questions as a group: What are the shared experiences of those interviewed?

What are some differences between the experiences of those interviewed — how could you categorize them? What voice is missing from this timeline? What does it tell you about your school community and its diversity?

The Montgomery Bus Boycott

How have we changed? How have we not changed? Has our nation grown? Have students read this speech in groups.

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Have each group identify five items that King visualizes for the U. Then, have students search through the Sunday newspaper for articles and ads that illustrate those five items. After the discussion, have students write a word opinion article that defends their own opinion on the issue. Record these adjectives on the board or on a large piece of paper. Have students, in groups of 3 or 4, identify the top five leadership traits a U.

Each group should record these traits on a large piece of paper and provide reasons the president needs them.

Next, have students peruse the Sunday newspaper looking for articles about the presidential candidates. They should read each article looking for the leadership traits of each candidate. Have each group rate the leadership qualities of each candidate. They must come to a consensus on this rating.