Rose leslie and kit harrington relationship

Kit Harington opens up about romance with former co-star Rose Leslie

rose leslie and kit harrington relationship

SavePhoto via Instagram/jonsnowrules. “Game of Thrones” actress Rose Leslie ( Ygritte) and her boyfriend Kit Harington (Jon) are officially. Rose Leslie and Kit Harington have a love story for the ages — and it all started on Game of Thrones, where Here's what you don't know about their relationship. Kit Harington and Rose Leslie starred on HBO's "Game of Thrones" together as Jon Snow and Ygritte, and seven years later the real-life couple.

I panic," he said. He also has some weird superstitions.

Try Not to Melt Over Kit Harington Describing the Exact Moment He Fell in Love With Rose Leslie

Despite Fallon's disbelief, this is a real Italian superstition. The sound it makes.

Rose Leslie and Kit Harington: What you don't know

Presumably she's afraid of severed heads in the refrigerator as well. I kind of like boot him out, so … he can go to the coffee shop," Leslie said. Meyers found this hilarious and asked again if she'd let him read scripts in front of her. And then my mind goes off.

Rose Leslie and Kit Harington: What you don't know about their relationship

It is dedicated to ending child poverty. You can see the full minute version on YouTube. You make my heart sing. You pull your bow string But I wanna know for sure," he sang. Leslie described the proposal to TV Week magazine herself.

I was confident to the max.

rose leslie and kit harrington relationship

It was highly romantic. They sent him pages from a fake script, and within its pages was this description: The skin on the top half of his face has been melted in the extreme heat, blistered and pustulant. Rose Leslie also got tricked by Benioff and Weiss. Their co-stars were on to them Getty Images Perhaps they initially had plans on keeping their relationship strictly professional at first, but the couple reportedly took a liking to each other as soon as Leslie was cast in the HBO show's second season.

However, by AugustTMZ had acquired pictures of the couple holding hands and looking mighty cozy inside a restaurant in London. While rumors of a fling were beginning to spread, Leslie told People magazine in June"Kit is a lovely and funny man, and a dear friend.

rose leslie and kit harrington relationship

We had known each other before we started working together on Game of Thrones. It was always such a privilege to be working opposite him and such a blessing that we get on in real life because it made our characters more believable.

After the cat was out of the bag, Leslie told The Telegraph how difficult it was to keep their love under wraps, especially as it pertained to their GoT co-stars.

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He lied to the press, but he had a good reason Getty Images Leslie wasn't the only one fibbing about their relationship. Harington also stretched the truth more than a few times in an attempt to keep things hush-hush.

Me and Rose [Leslie] are very, very close and very good friends. And continue to be, actually. But no, no love affair. But we have to cut him some slack, especially since he explained why he was adamant about keeping his private life under lock and key. It's not my job, it's not who I am — and I actually think it's more fun for everyone to speculate.

They're both descendants of Charles II. This may sound like an online urban legend that's nothing but hogwash, but there may be some truth behind it.

Kit Harington and Rose Leslie: the Game of Thrones stars' relationship, in pictures

So how does this tie into his relation to Leslie? As creepy as it sounds, they may actually have a mutual royal lineage through their relation to King Charles II, if you believe these sources. How's that for being a supportive partner? Honestly, I was watching Sliding Doors with her the other day, and there's a bit at the end where John Hannah is pouring his heart out to Gwyneth Paltrow and she's lying dead.

I turned to Rose and I said, 'I wouldn't be able to do that with you, because you would piss yourself,'" he told The Times. All jokes aside, the real reason he doesn't want to to take their romance back to the big or small screen has a lot to do with Leslie's acting prowess. She was his first live-in girlfriend Getty Images Harington spent many years sharing a flat in London with his college friend and writing pal, Dan West.

After years of being roomies, they decided it was time to go their separate ways in It's amazing," he said. He revealed that she had moved into his spot, and he had given her full reign to spruce the place up to her liking. Getty Images Considering how Rose Leslie and Kit Harington value their privacy and prefer to remain rather secretive about their relationship, could anyone really be surprised that they have some wacky rules to live by?

Harington told The Times that, while vacationing, they refuse to take photos together with their fans.