Scapula and clavicle relationship quizzes

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scapula and clavicle relationship quizzes

The clavicle (collarbone) extends between the sternum and the acromion of the scapula. It is classed as a long bone, and can be palpated. During this lesson, you will learn all about the clavicle bone in the human body. You'll also Afterwards, test your knowledge with a quiz. It also makes the connection between the chest and the upper arm. The lateral end of the clavicle (also called the acromial end) attaches to the scapula at the acromion process. Scapula. Metacarpals. Mandible. Ulna. Humerus. Clavicle. Carpals. Ribs D. Metacarpals. E. Mandible. F. Ulna. G. Humerus. H. Clavicle.

The anterior surface is convex forward and gives origin to the pectoralis major. The posterior surface is smooth and gives origin to the sternohyoid muscle at its medial end. The superior surface is rough at its medial part and gives origin to the sternocleidomastoid muscle.

The inferior surface has an oval impression inferior to its medial end for the costoclavicular ligament and is called costal tuberosity.

Clavicle Bone Quiz – Superior & Inferior Markings

At the lateral side of the inferior surface, there is a subclavian groove for insertion of the subclavius muscle. At the lateral side of the subclavian groove, the nutrient foramen lies. The medial part is quadrangular in shape where it makes a joint with the manubrium of the sternum at the sternoclavicular joint.

The margins of the subclavian groove give attachment to the clavipectoral fascia.

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Lateral third of the shaft[ edit ] The lateral third of the shaft has two borders and two surfaces. Development[ edit ] The collarbone is the first bone to begin the process of ossification laying down of minerals onto a preformed matrix during development of the embryoduring the fifth and sixth weeks of gestation.

However, it is one of the last bones to finish ossification at about 21—25 years of age. It consists of a mass of cancellous bone surrounded by a compact bone shell. The cancellous bone forms via two ossification centresone medial and one lateral, which fuse later on. The compact forms as the layer of fascia covering the bone stimulates the ossification of adjacent tissue.

scapula and clavicle relationship quizzes

The resulting compact bone is known as a periosteal collar. Even though it is classified as a long bonethe collarbone has no medullary bone marrow cavity like other long bones, though this is not always true.

Clavicle Bone Quiz – Superior & Inferior Markings

Variation[ edit ] The shape of the clavicle varies more than most other long bones. It is occasionally pierced by a branch of the supraclavicular nerve. In males it is thicker and more curved and the sites of muscular attachments are more pronounced. The left clavicle is usually longer and not as strong as the right clavicle. Clavicle form is a reliable criterion for sex determination. Functions[ edit ] The collarbone serves several functions: Acting as a flexible, crane-like strut, it allows the scapula to move freely on the thoracic wall.

The game stops and your brother is taken to the hospital. The doctor takes X-rays and says he has broken his clavicle and needs surgery. Fracture of the clavicle is very common in people of any age. Children of any age are the most prevalent age group for fractures.

The most common site of fracture on the bone is right in the middle.

scapula and clavicle relationship quizzes

It usually happens with a blow to the bone but can happen in sports play, car accident, or being hit on the bone with a heavy object. Symptoms include extreme pain and inability to move the upper arm on the affected side.

Other symptoms may include a deformity, drooping of the shoulder, a rubbing sound when trying to raise the arm, and swelling and tenderness at the site. Diagnosis begins when the healthcare professional examines the site and orders an X-ray. X-ray of Clavicle Fracture Treatment Treatment of a fractured clavicle can be surgical or nonsurgical.

But when is surgery not required? If the fracture does not displace the bone, it can heal itself. In this case, the healthcare professional will immobilize the arm by placing it in a sling.

Pain medication may be over-the-counter products such as Tylenol or Ibuprofen. Surgical treatment is required when the bones are no longer in the normal place.

scapula and clavicle relationship quizzes

Remember the football accident above? He had to have surgery to fix his fracture. The doctor used a pin to fix his fracture, but plates and screws could also be used to hold the bone in place while it's healing. Usually, plates and screws are not removed when the fracture heals but pins are removed.

After a period of time, the doctor will have the person begin gradual exercises to start strengthening the bone. Post Surgical Sutures Complications The major complication of a fractured clavicle is a non-healing bone. Health issues that may contribute to a non-healing clavicle include diabetes and smoking.

The elderly are also more prone to slow bone healing. Shoulder deformity may occur if the fracture does not heal properly.

scapula and clavicle relationship quizzes