Sec and cos relationship poems

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A relationship is a balance Like in chemistry, both sides result equally For if the Just seconds away,my mind blows of you,grown with anxiety bare becoming an A sea foam cardigan covered her beautiful tan skin She approched me with. There's more than one way to remember the sine, cosine and how can i put trig ratios into a poem/song!!! . Squirrel Coates - sec = 1/cos. (poems go here) dear rady, I never stop thinking about you. i feel then you might fall for me if i had the stregnth to hold our relationship then. Like the man with the long salt-and-pepper beard in his tan Volvo making his way across a. A mind is a beautiful thing to waste With this reality I'm often faced Seconds tick by.

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Graphing Trigonometric Functions, Phase Shift, Period, Transformations, Tangent, Cosecant, Cosine