Shinji and asuka relationship fanfiction naruto

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shinji and asuka relationship fanfiction naruto

Naruto - Rated: M - English - Fantasy/Romance - Chapters: 32 - Words: , Shinji and Asuka, being the last humans alive, must fend for themselves, and. Evangelion - Rated: T - English - Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1, - Reviews: 13 - Favs: 44 - Follows: 4 - Published: Aug 14, - Asuka L. S., Shinji I. -. A page for describing ShipTease: Fanfiction. Ship Tease / Fanfiction Asuka and Shinji even got an on-screen kiss and make-out session. . Naruto · Dreaming of Sunshine: Nothing solid just yet - but the one-sided Naru/Hina is definately.

But when he does he learns more then he bargained for. This reborn world holds many differences, however Now on indefinite hiatus.

shinji and asuka relationship fanfiction naruto

Miku is determined to get Len back for being rude, But what happens when Miku joins the School committee that her friend Rin told her about? When he starts to get to know her will he risk his life just to protect her, or will she do that for him. IchigoxHarribelxNeliel, OC as well. M for Violence, Lemon, and Harem Possibly. Shinji Ikari has a life changing encounter one day, and Maya Ibuki gets dragged along too.

Is this really what it seems? Chaos and romance ensues. I do NOT own anything- hence why it is called a fanfic. Please leave reviews, comments, and suggestions. Dying Light - Rated: But the Sound Kunoichi they are facing as well. All the while, the specter of death looms over them.

Can Kazuto survive the coming ordeal? Contains strong Lemon s. After escaping captivity she tracks down this human and their relationship begins there.

Rated M - Strong sexual scenes, sexual themes, gore, bloody violence, threat and strong language. Rated M for lemons, language, and later some Violence.

Rated T but may go to M later for interspecies relationship. Now she has become one of us, and by experiencing our pain for herself struggles to understand us. But can such understanding ever be achieved, or is she destined to become caught in a cycle of misery?

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Shinji x Arael, Rated M for disturbing scenes, violence, and language. What if Shinji was introduced to a form of art other than music. This is for all those people who want more "suggestive details, wink wink nudge nudge". Hope you like it. Taking Advantage by lord of the land of fire reviews Shinji finds himself without his memories.

shinji and asuka relationship fanfiction naruto

Surely though the people around him won't try to take advantage T - English - Humor - Chapters: Will Naruto find a new friend within the hands of the evil sound village? Or will he find Kin more then just a new friend? It Can't Get Worse by Zentrodie reviews A simple little try to replicate their high sync ratio goes bad with traditional results Evangelion - Rated: Decisions and Deceptions by Neferius reviews When you discover a purpose in life, you will need to decide how to protect it.

You will have to deceive both your past and your future in order to protect what's truly important. However, they are just rumors.

shinji and asuka relationship fanfiction naruto

If Konohagakure was allowing rookies into the exams, that means they must have some very skilled ninja in their ranks. They have proven themselves a great asset to our village and should be recognized, as such, in the Chuunin Exams. But she couldn't shake the feeling that he wasn't telling her the entire truth of the matter. Seeing that it was useless to continue arguing with the Tsubasakage, Misato lowered her head and reluctantly said no.

But before Misato could reach the door, the Tsubasakage stopped her. The two were now alone and the Misato knew this meant he needed to talk to her privately about this matter. The Tsubasakage looked at her seriously before speaking. Caught off-guard, Misato replied instantly. Seeing no point in leaving, Misato stayed; she knew there was an ulterior motive behind the Tsubasakage's decision.

Kozo didn't even turn to look at her when he replied, "Yes, as a matter of fact. Fuyutski sighed heavily before turning to fully face Misato in his chair. It is quite possible that something big is about to occur and it involves those two villages and the Chuunin Exams.

I want you to gather as much information as possible before the final part of the Chuunin Exam. If this whole exam is, indeed, a ruse to start a war I want our village to be ready if it ever comes to us.

Also, if the war is being involved with another Shinobi Nation, I want to know that as well. If it comes to war, I want you to assist Konohagakure as much as possible before leaving. Even before the "mountain massacre", Tentougakure had suffered great losses during the Great Shinobi War and many of their best ninja were killed in that war.

The thought of another war frightened her and she hoped that it wouldn't happen. Misato swallowed hard before asking, "When do we leave? Asuka, in her red kunoichi outfit, Shinji in his brown jacket and pants, and Rei in her blue gui with a white sash tied around her waist all waited patiently for Misato.

Asuka paced very impatiently from left to right, while Shinji and Rei sparred with one another practicing their taijutsu. Where the hell is Misato-sensei!? A few minutes later, after calming Asuka down, Misato had gathered her students to a bridge within the village. She had stayed quiet as they walked, which kinda bothered Shinji. Is it a new mission? Well if that's…" Asuka began but her eyes widened as she registered her sensei's words. Asuka then shoved Shinji out of her way as she brought herself up to Misato with stars in her eyes.

Misato's face grew stern. We leave first thing in the morning and we'll be training along the way. I also hope all of you will be prepared for these exams. I can tell you right now; these exams will not be easy. I should know; I've taken them before.

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I must also warn you that other villages will be sending their genin to the exams and some of them may be stronger than any of you. We leave at tomorrow so get some rest. The next morning, Misato awaited her three students at the village gates.

The Tsubasakage stood with her as her students approached. First Shinji, then Rei, and after a few minutes Asuka. Tsubasakage examined each one of them and noted their appearances. Shinji adorned his usual attire, which was a fish net-patterned violet shirt covered with a brown blazer and a brown khaki pants. His shuriken pouch was wrapped around his right leg and he adorned his village forehead protector, which had the shape of a half cut maple leaf and he wore the standard blue shinobi sandals.

Rei wore a light blue doge-like t-shirt with a pair of light brown shorts with her shuriken pouch in the same area as Shinji's. Her forehead protector was wrapped around her neck and hung loosely above her chest. Around her waist was a white sash, which was wrapped in a bow behind her and she had bandages wrapped around her forearms. Asuka wore a red one-piece Chinese-like outfit that had the left sleeve cut short while the right side had a fish net sleeve.

Like Shinji and Rei, her shuriken pouch was wrapped around her right leg while on her left leg she had another fish net that extended from her thigh to the top of her knee. She also had a dark red cloth wrapped around her left arm while she wore her forehead protector like a headband while two hair pieces made a pair of bands in her fiery red hair.

shinji and asuka relationship fanfiction naruto

Each of them wore their back packs and were ready for the long journey to Konohagakure and Kozo was there to see them all off. Misato, adorning her red Jounin jacket and violet clothes, waited for them and when all of them were ready, the turned towards the exit of Tentougakure and began their long walk to the Chuunin Exams.

Watching them, Kozo muttered quietly to himself.

shinji and asuka relationship fanfiction naruto

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