Shiroe and konami relationship tips

Sword Art Online Vs Log Horizon

shiroe and konami relationship tips

A bonus tip is to bring a binder or folder to keep the beautiful purchases from the artist alley safe. .. Then comes Treasure, a company which was formed by former Konami employees . 05/26/ Top 10 Platonic Relationships in Anime Among them is Shiroe, a socially awkward graduate student who has been. Oct 18, A compare and contrast of Sword Art Online and Log Horizon, two series that use the same basic concept in completely different ways. SAO on the other hand focuses more on character relationships and Kirito. . is Refreshing and Unnerving · Konami Announces Metal Gear Survive at Gamescom Dec 17, and would be perfect for me who has a tendency to tip to the right!! .. good world relationship including sports Federations (IAAF), Amid the wedding, A socially shameful player identified Shiroe Why think that Blizzard, Bioware, Konami, Namco and also Bethesda really are fun using package?.

Dazaneg's Magic Bag almost always rests on his left side, held in place by a belt. His boots follow a similar color scheme as his pants. A bracer always sits on his forearm, although whether it provides any sort of purpose is unknown. This outfit is topped off by his signature cloak, which has a collar large enough to comically serve as a basin for water.

Personality Shiroe was a graduate student majoring in engineering when he was trapped in the game Elder Tale. Naturally a cautious and thoughtful introvert, he has played the game since middle school and is a veteran with a near-encyclopaedic knowledge of the game, which is known for its depth and complexity. Shiroe remained somewhat of a hikikomori through college, and he notes upon regaining consciousness in Akiba that it's been awhile since he was last outside.

Instead, he is fiercely independent and wary of others who approach him with ulterior motives. He is not above helping people who are really in need, and he appears to have a soft spot for beginners, such as Tohya and Minori.

However, even if he knows that others might not appreciate his actions or thank him afterward, if he sees it as the greater good, he will use any means possible to achieve his goals. In Japanese media, most characters described as "haraguro" appear to be nice but are, in fact, schemers or scoundrels. Both monikers are the exact opposite of his true personality; see the Trivia section. Shiroe is generally a loner and has reservations about guilds, due to unpleasant experiences with people who sought him out only to exploit his expertise in the game.

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He was, however, a member of the informal group of players known as the Debauchery Tea Party and was its unofficial strategist. Shiroe's main class, the Enchanteris an unpopular class in Elder Tale. Lacking the firepower most would associate with a magic-user class, the Enchanter is a pure-support class that shines only when supporting the party with its buffs, de-buffs and binds.

As a result, he loves this class for its potential, its complexity, and because the idea of "a class that can't do anything on its own" offered an experience totally opposite from his tendency toward independence and self-reliance. Due to his expertise in CAD drawing as an engineering student, he chose Scribe as his subclass. After the discovery of cooking without the in-game menu allows a player to produce out-of-the-game products, he started experimenting with his Scribe subclass. After learning about Spirit Theory from Li Ganhe was confident that if the conditions are met, it could be used to create new magic and laws.

shiroe and konami relationship tips

For example, he created a contract between Log Horizon and Rundelhous Code to keep him alive by converting him into an Adventurer and a member of Log Horizon, allowing him to be reborn at the Cathedral.

Synopsis Prior to the Catastrophe Shiroe as a child As a child, Shiroe found it difficult to make friends, and oftentimes went to the library rather than hang out with other people.

shiroe and konami relationship tips

His parents were rarely home due to work, and he grew up resenting them for that, although he later came to regret the way he had been inconsiderate towards them. During some point in middle school, Shiroe had a crush on a girl in his class. However, shortly after the school trip, he was rejected, and constantly muttered "I'm too boring. Four years prior to the main storyline, he became a member of the Debauchery Tea Party until its disbandment two years later. He was the capable "bus guide" who was always pushed into making Kanami's wild and unreasonable requests into reality.

Although joining the Debauchery Tea Party helped him with play with others, he still found himself distrustful of guilds, preferring to act as a mercenary during raids after the group disbanded. For example, he helped the Black Sword Knightsgaining the favor of Isaac despite rejecting a request to join the guild. According to Naotsugutheir first offline meeting entailed a thirty-minute lecture on the difference between black and oolong tea, which then moved on to Taiwanese politics, the EU, and the economy of tea.

The two of them lived an hour's bike ride apart, and were often among the five Tea Party members pulled along to various events by Kanami.

shiroe and konami relationship tips

Along with being a member of the Debauchery Tea Party, Shiroe was also well-known among players for his contributions to the Elder Tale community. He often frequented foreign boards and forums to find out information, and ran a blog or guide called "Shiro Log. When the pack was released, his screen filled with jet black darkness, and when he regained consciousness, he was no longer at his desk but rather appeared to be inside the in-game city of Akiba.

She had nearly been enslaved by Brigandia's guild master, Demiqasbut was saved by a kind Werecat after escaping from Demiqas.

[Spoiler] In terms of romance in Log Horizon, what are your thoughts? : LogHorizon

Realizing fully well that Maryelle's guild, which had low experience in fighting, would not stand a chance, Shiroe is pushed by Naotsugu and Akatsuki to take the initiative, and offers to go in Crescent Moon's stead.

While journeying up to Susukino, he reveals that his offer is more out of his growing spite for Akiba's situation and a desire to get away rather than pure goodwill. Round Table Alliance arc Upon returning to Akiba, he learns after the return celebration about the way Akiba's situation had turned in the weeks that they were gone.

He lives in poverty and as a result has some real anger issues. The only way he can work through them is to punch out whoever is nearby.

shiroe and konami relationship tips

Unfortunately though, that may also be the end of poor Joe Yabuki, as this gets him into a fight with a local gang. Danpei wants to train Joe to focus his aggression into boxing, which sends Joe on his own journey of discovering his self-worth. The character names and even basic story seem totally different. This is because Megalo Box is less of a steampunk retelling of Ashita no Joe and more about capturing the mood and themes of the original story.

Joe Yabuki was considered an icon of the working class back when Ashita no Joe came out inas it was one of the first times an anime had depicted the problems of those who were really struggling. His poor sister found herself permanently crippled as a result of it, and now he wants revenge.

And, of course, the only way he knows how is to play some BFD. Much of the appeal of Basquash is similar: But, also like Megalo Box, its main sport serves as an allegory for modern day: BFD is just another way to give people the illusion that they can break out of their social status while in reality they find themselves enslaved to the league.

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Any Anime Like Megalo Box? If a player dies in Sword Art Online, they die in real life. This is not the case in Log Horizon, they simply just respawn at the cathedral. Albeit in Log Horizon there are some possible negative side effects to dying, but we will not discuss those since that is going into spoiler land.

The players in Sword Art Online had a way of getting out the game, which was reaching and clearing floor Players trapped in Elder Tale did not have such a goal to work for. In Elder Tale, the trapped players were left with no explanations and just had to come to terms with the fact that they may be stuck in that game indefinitely.

So primarily the focus of Log Horizon is the players doing exactly that, building a life for themselves in a world that is nearly as real as the one they came from. In Log Horizon, Elder Tale is the big focus of the story rather than shifting in and out of the game. SAO on the other hand focuses more on character relationships and Kirito. It would have been nice if more time in the series had been spent inside SAO rather than skipping almost every single floor.