Siggy and rollo relationship quiz

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Take the Quiz: Name The Character Vikings TV Series. once questioned and the man who did this lost his life because of his ignorance. So who am I? Rollo of my fighters (and my assistance too) for the raids over Britain. Lagertha. Helga. Siggy. Aslaug The reason was my father's relationship with another woman. Dec 1, Modern day Siggy and Rollo. Their relationship on vikings fascinates me. Siggy #1, Rollo's wife (death by drowning) Her death was good because she saved Ragnar's sons. Harbard took her pain away after losing.

I mean, they aren't blood related, and he's half Ragnar, the love of her life, so why not? Though there is that pesky bit about her shooting his mother in the back with an arrow and all, but maybe they can move past that. She doesn't seem to have much fight in her; she isn't very brave or bold. But she sure is pretty. So much so that all of Ragnar and Aslaug's sons desire her.

In fact, they all successfully make moves on her, and she sleeps with all of them.

Well, she tries to have sex with Ivar to appease his brothers, but soon learns he isn't equipped to follow through. Her beauty seems to enchant all of the brothers beyond just a sexual attraction, though I honestly am a bit stumped as to why, because despite looking good, she doesn't seem to have much personality.

Vikings: Siggy Tries to Convince Rollo to Stay - History

Yet they all seem to fall in love with her. Except Ivar of course. He kind of wants to kill her, but whom doesn't Ivar want to kill? She ends up marrying Ubbe, but on their wedding night, Ubbe can clearly see his brother Hvitserk and she still have feelings for one another.

So, like any good brother would do, he offers to share his wife with him. Check out the sexy three-way marriage consummation above. This scene is probably the only reason why she is on this list. You really don't know what to make of him at first. He's kind of odd looking, with flamboyant mannerisms and weird giggles. He always paints his face with black liner, making him look of creepy and kind of zombie-esque. Not to mention he's balding.

During that time Athelstan learned much more about the Norse Gods as Floki and the others shared stories to help pass the time. Ragnar was far from recovered of his wounds but decided that it was time to face Haraldson anyway and put end to the matter one way or another.

She knew now exactly what her husband was capable of doing to any or all of us that he might view as traitors to his will and his cause. I must tell the story as I see it, as I know of it from the perspectives of all of those who shared in the events of his life, good and bad such as they were. Such is the case of Siggy and Rollo.

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In order to understand how they came to be who and what they are now to each other, we must see what happened to both of them in those early years to bring them together. Despite what Siggy might have felt to Rollo at the time, she did love her husband once upon a time. She loved the man he used to be not the one he had become before the deaths of their sons, before the coldness and bitterness set in on him and the need for power and control at all costs took over his life and his mind.

If her husband won, all those who might have sided with Ragnar or even been connected to him in the slightest of ways would see their own deaths as well as his.

siggy and rollo relationship quiz

Well, if Ragnar won, her husband would die… and where would that leave her and her daughter, Thyri as well? In those few days before the challenge she sought to find peace with herself and with her husband.

Ragnar Lothbrok is nothing, a wanted man- how dare he think to issue such challenge to one such the Earl? Well he is a descendent of Odin.

Rollo and Siggy!

Floki tried to remain unphased and continued his speech about how bad it would look for the Earl to refuse such challenge? After some thought on it, the Earl agreed to this challenge, knowing it would be the death of either Ragnar or himself. After the challenge was accepted, the worst fears and doubts were faced by all? Haraldson prayed to his Gods but found no signs or answers… haraldson praying to the gods give me a sign I can not feel your presence Siggy watched on as the man that she had loved for so long gave up the fight before it had even begun.

Siggy comforts Lagertha when she lost her and Ragnar's unborn son in a miscarriage.

siggy and rollo relationship quiz

She also travels along with Ragnar's family, Rollo and her daughter Thyri to Uppsala for the ritual sacrifice. Siggy, Thyri, Gyda and Athelstan are among the people who get sick. Although Siggy recovers, she is heartbroken when she finds out her daughter has perished, along with Ragnar's and Lagertha's daughter Gyda.

Season 2 Four years have passed since Rollo fought against his brother, Ragnar, and barely escaped execution. At the news that Ragnar is once again seeking to raid England, Siggy seeks out Rollo, who's asleep in the street.

Siggy, meanwhile, pays a visit to King Horik to relay information about Ragnar.

Vikings: The beginnings of Rollo and Siggy | Time Slips

While the boats set sail, Aslaug invites Siggy to join her in her chambers. Aslaug offers her hand in friendship, though she acknowledges that Siggy must also yearn for the same power she now wields and what Siggy once had.

Bitter at being uninvited from the raid, Jarl Borg sets his sights on Kattegat. With his ships on the horizon, Siggy plans to fight back; Rollo tells her she needs to take Aslaug and her sons to safety. Realizing the battle is lost, and wanting to ensure Ragnar's family remains safe, Rollo leaves Kattegat to join Aslaug and Siggy. Though they are safe, Aslaug complains tirelessly at how dirty and uncomfortable her new home in the mountains is. Siggy retorts that she should be happy they are all alive.

He immediately returns home and is pleased to find his wife and sons uninjured. Ragnar wastes no time to plot revenge; though he is surprised to see that Lagertha and Bjorn have come to his aid with reinforcements. Together, they manage to beat Jarl Borg back and retake Kattegat. Several days later, Siggy meets with a seer and reveals she is bitter and angry that Ragnar killed her husband.

She is unable to forgive Ragnar, but the seer says Ragnar could have easily have killed her as well. Siggy refuses to be grateful to her husband's murderer and asks if the gods will ever smile on her again.

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A dinner party is held upon the return of King Horik and the remaining men from England. He tells Ragnar that they were ambushed and barely made it out alive. The next day, Rollo leaves to speak with Jarl Borg; he and Siggy share a fond farewell. After the dinner party, Siggy meets with King Horik, who has also invited his son to witness the "game" they play.

King Horik asks her why she invites him to her bed to relay information about Ragnar. Siggy replies that everything she does, she does for Rollo. The King doesn't seem convinced.