Spencer and caggie relationship quiz

Made In Chelsea’s Spencer Matthews opens up about his night with Caggie Dunlop

spencer and caggie relationship quiz

Like Ross and Rachel in Friends, it'll always be about Spencer Matthews and Caggie Dunlop for fans of Made In Chelsea. Spenny spent. Spencer Matthews from Made In Chelsea is quite the lothario! All these ladies have been linked to him at one time or another. Can you. News Videos Quizzes Tasty . After 10 seasons and four years on the show, Spencer left Made in Chelsea in Chelsea after starring in four seasons, but left in in order to focus on her relationship with rapper Professor Green. Caggie left the show in season three to pursue a singing career.

spencer and caggie relationship quiz

But what about those awkward silences, you ask? Well of course there are awkward silences, no one wants to air their dirty laundry out in public! At least not at first What's good about this book is that Spencer doesn't preach about what he has learnt in life, instead he tells you straight up what happened and how it affected him. He's had a hell of a lot of life experiences considering how young he is, a lot of them involving him making some not-so-clever decisions, but I admire that Spencer takes full credit for his own actions.

The other good thing is that he doesn't try to glamorise his life. He doesn't really encourage the life that he leads, acknowledging that it's not for everyone and it's certainly not normal, but nor does he discourage it. Spencer's writing is really informal and it feels like you're just having a chat as he tells you his life story.

Some details are really quite personal which makes you feel like you're getting a bit closer to the real Spencer Matthews as who he is behind the mask of reality television. So, if you're a fan of Made in Chelsea and you want to know things like how Spencer met Caggie, Hugo, Jamie, Proudlock and the rest of the MIC cast as well as lots of amusing well, some not so amusinganecdotes about his youth and what made him the man he is today - then this is the book for you.

I'd highly recommend this to fans of MIC and Spencer Matthews because this book is full of interesting and surprising things about his life that I never knew and that you can't find out by stalking him on the internet. He has actually led a far more interesting life that you would imagine and if you want a concise and fascinating insight into his life then this book is what you need.

If you don't watch Made in Chelsea you'll probably have very little interest in this book, in which case, the first thing you need to do, is start watching MIC - because, trust me, it's good. E4 acquired the rights to several new US comedies throughout anda few of which were New Girl, Suburgatory,2 Broke Girls, The New Normal, on 31 OctoberE4 premiered a refreshed look as part of the channels rebranding.

spencer and caggie relationship quiz

On 6 JulyE4 will have been on end-of-part programmes going into, inChannel 4 purchased the broadcast rights to the popular American sitcom Friends 3. The first series airing on 9 May on E4.

The series concluded on 27 June after 8 episodes, the show was first announced in April and was described as a fly-on-the-wall-drama. Filming for the series took place between January and Maywith the first full-length trailer airing 28 April and it also features the breakdown of Ollie and Gabriellas relationship as he eventually has the courage to come out as bisexual. Filming for the series began on 29 Julyon 22 Decemberthe shows first Christmas special aired.

The third series airing on 2 April on E4. The series was confirmed on 21 November following the series finale.

spencer and caggie relationship quiz

The series included a relationship blossoming between Kimberley and Richard until some interference from Cheska led to the discovery that she was living a double life.

It also features a love triangle between Spencer, Jamie and Louise causing a drift between best friends, and Millie and Rosie finally rebuilding their friendship, the fourth series began airing on 15 October on E4.

Made In Chelsea news: Spencer Matthews pursues Caggie after split from Stephanie Pratt

The sixth series began airing on 14 October on E4, the seventh series began airing on 7 April on E4. The series concluded on 16 June after 11 episodes and this is notably the only series since Series 2 where it wasnt followed by an End of Season reunion show. The series concluded on 14 September after 6 episodes and it was announced on 18 March that the cast of Made in Chelsea would be travelling to New York City to film a special series of the show.

Despite the series featuring all of the Chelsea cast, there were notable absences from Andy Jordan, Georgia Toff Toffolo, a number of American cast members were introduced during this series including Alik Alfus, Billie Carroll and Jules Hamilton.

Caggie and Spencer - Ask Me To Stay Part 1

It also included to brief return of original cast member Gabriella Ellis, Alik was the only one who remained as a cast member after this series 4. As of JanuaryIMDb has approximately 4. Although all data is checked before going live, the system has open to abuse. The site also featured message boards which stimulate regular debates and dialogue among authenticated users, IMDb shutdown the message boards permanently on February 20, Anyone with a connection can read the movie and talent pages of IMDb.

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