Spiderman and wolverine relationship

Spider-Man and Wolverine – Not As Different As You Thought

spiderman and wolverine relationship

Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine is a – six-issue comic book miniseries published by Marvel Comics starring Spider-Man and Wolverine. More of a father/daughter relationship for several years, Wolverine and . Like Deadpool, Wolverine and Spider-Man generally only tolerated. It's the time when Peter punched Wolverine off the top of Avengers Tower makes LOgans relationship he made it seem like Logan cares enough to hold back.


Villains weren't going to like Spidey anyway, but his tendency to run his mouth and make constant jokes has often put him at odds with other heroes. It's hilarious to read, but for the characters in the scene, it must be excruciating.

Now, this isn't to say that any of these heroes want to see anything bad happen to Spidey, and whenever they need to, they're always ready to team up with him or get his back.

spiderman and wolverine relationship

It's just that once the fight is over, they're not looking for any reasons to keep hanging out with the wall crawler. They might respect him, but they can't stand him. Here are 15 heroes who hate Spider-Man!

In fact, in the example this entry is based on, Peter never met Rocket. That didn't stop him from making a really bad impression, however. Being fiercely loyal to Spider-Man, Thompson forces the Guardians to help rescue him, despite knowing that the Skrulls set a trap.

Something about this mission really ticked off Rocket, because the next time he finds himself on Earth, he specifically calls out Spider-Man as one of the reasons why he hates the place.

spiderman and wolverine relationship

During this adventure, however, it was clear that Red Hulk really didn't like Spider-Man that much. As Logan was reuniting with his mother Peter uses a re-activated Cosmic Cube to resurrect him.


Wolverine lashes out in anger at being pulled back from his final "peace" and Spider-Man, in frustration, fights back. Suddenly time stops around them. Two individuals appear and on hits them both with a bat covered in glowing diamonds.

They are sent back in time Wolverine appears in a wrestling match against a pre-super-hero, teenage Peter Parker.

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Spider-Man wakes up in Canada covered in meat and is confronted by a young pre-Wolverine James Howlett. Logan passes the same bank that has the diamonds as he walks with a teenage Peter. When young Peter claims he does not care if Logan robs the bank, Wolverine's eyes flash with fire and he gains insight into his uncle's death that changed Peter into the heroic Spider-Man. Logan enters the bank vault, but is confronted by Czar and Big Murder. As Dog sets an explosion, Spider-Man is blasted into a cave filled with glowing Diamonds; he is sent through various times and sees the woman from his dreams in the bank.

He wakes up from the impact and is confronted by Czar and Big Murder. Spider-Man and Wolverine wake up, tied to a pole, about to be burned at the stake.

spiderman and wolverine relationship

The two realize they are being toyed but Spider-Man shows he has gotten his hands on one of the diamonds Various camera shots are shown and it is revealed that Mojo has been orchestrating everything, including Spider-Man's dreams, for a reality TV show. Spider-Man meets the woman from his dreams; the dreams were implanted by Mojo in preparation for a "Love Interest".

Czar freezes time and retrieves the diamond from Spider-Man, but Wolverine frees himself with a flash of fire.

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He crossed the country with Hawkeye, braved dangers and destruction, all to try to save the life he had built with Maureen. That says a lot for such a typically nomadic character. In "Wolverine Origins Annual" 1it was explained that Seraph owned the Princess Bar in Madripoor, where she had an immediate hold on him.

She taught him how to kill in secret, and he killed anyone she asked. She was cold and ruthless, but also tender to him, and he became her willing assassin. In "Wolverine"we found out that Seraph was killed by Sabretooth, and made him promise to grant a favor to another old flame, Viper.

He obeyed, showing the depth of his devotion to her, even after death.

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The relationship between them took a dark turn when he discovered she had been manipulating him under the command of Romulus, a mysterious man who had been guiding Wolverine's life since before he was born. She may have been physically small, but had a huge impact on Wolverine's life.

Mystique is a mutant who can change her appearance to match anyone she chooses, and she's been a thorn in the side of the X-Men for years. Her connection to Wolverine goes back earlier than that, though. As revealed in "Wolverine"they first met inwhen she used him in a bank robbery. Later on, she framed him for murder, betrayed him and even orchestrated events to send him to Hell itself.

In turn, he's sought her out to kill her many times in vengeance, and succeeded once. It seems like they just don't know how to quit each other. In "Wolverine" 40we learned that during Wolverine's training under Master Ogun, he went to a small Japanese village in There, he fell in love with the beautiful Itsu, who he courted for years and finally married. It turned out that the Winter Soldier had killed her, and their unborn son had been cut from her body.

Wolverine mourned her for decades, not realizing that his son was still alive.