St clare and francis of assisi relationship quiz


st clare and francis of assisi relationship quiz

Her relationship with Christ is explained in Scripture (see Lk ff, Mk. , Mt. St. Francis was a 13th century founder of the Franciscan Order (and its various St. Clare of Assisi is the Patron Saint of television so television workers . St. Clare of Assisi was born in Assisi on July 16, , as Chiara Offreduccio, the beautiful eldest Take the Saints Trivia Quiz now! At years-old, she heard St. Francis of Assisi preach during a Lenten service in the church of San Giorgio. In his essay “Falling in Love and Loving,” the sociologist F. Alberoni says that “the relationship between St. Clare and St. Francis has all the.

Clare's Franciscan theology of joyous poverty in imitation of Christ is evident in the rule she wrote for her community and in her four letters to Agnes of Prague. Inthe army of Frederick II came to plunder Assisi. Clare went out to meet them with the Blessed Sacrament in her hands. Suddenly a mysterious terror seized the enemies, who fled without harming anybody in the city. She died on 11 August at the age of Her last words as reported to have been, "Blessed be You, O God, for having created me.

Her remains were interred at the chapel of San Giorgio while a church to hold her remains was being constructed.

st clare and francis of assisi relationship quiz

This move by Pope Innocent ensured that the canonization process for Clare would begin shortly after her funeral. Pope Innocent was cautioned by multiple advisors against having the Office for the Virgin Saints performed at Clare's funeral Bartoli, The most vocal of these advisors was Cardinal Raynaldus who would later become Pope Alexander IV, who in two years time would canonize Clare Pattenden, At Pope Innocent's request the canonization process for Clare began immediately.

While the whole process took two years, the examination of Clare's miracles took just six days. Construction of the Basilica of Saint Clare was completed inand on 3 October of that year Clare's remains were transferred to the newly completed basilica where they were buried beneath the high altar.

Some years later inSaint Clare's relics were transferred to a newly constructed shrine in the crypt of the Basilica of Saint Clare, where her relics can still be venerated today. The celebration was ranked as a Double as in the Tridentine Calendar or, in the terminology adopted ina Third-Class Feast as in the General Roman Calendar of The calendar revision removed the feast of Tiburtius and Susanna from the calendar, finally allowing the memorial of Saint Clare to be celebrated on 11 August, the day of her death.

The Basilica di Santa Chiara began construction a year after Clare's canonisation, and her remains were transferred there on 3 October from the church of St George, also in Assisi. Her bones are now in the crypt at the Basilica, having been rediscovered in In art, Clare is often shown carrying a monstrance or pyxin commemoration of the occasion when she warded away the soldiers of Frederick II at the gates of her convent by displaying the Blessed Sacrament and kneeling in prayer.

Pope Pius XII designated Clare as the patron saint of television in on the basis that when she was too ill to attend Massshe had reportedly been able to see and hear it on the wall of her room. According to the Filipino essayist Alejandro Rocesthe practice arose because of Clare's name.

In Castilian clara refers to an interval of clear weather, and in Spanishit also refers to the white or albumen of the egg. Lake Saint Clair between Ontario and Michigan was navigated and named on her feast day in The Saint Clair River and St. Clair County, Michigan were also consequently named for her. Mission Santa Clarafounded by Spanish missionaries in northern California inhas given its name to the universitycitycounty and valley in which it sits.

Southern California's Santa Clara River is hundreds of miles to the south and gave its name to the nearby city of Santa Clarita. The early California missions were founded by Franciscan Friars, who had a special devotion to Saint Clare. Franciscan Friars of the Third Order Regular. Miracles and cures were reported at his gravesite in which his body lies incorrupt.

Those devoted to the Sacred Heart of Jesus may ask St. Margaret Mary Alacoque for special intercession.

Pope visits tomb of St. Clare of Assisi, founder of the Poor Clares

Her feastday is celebrated on October 16th. At early age she was healed from a crippling disease by a vision of the Blessed Virgin. She gave her life to God.

She joined the Order of the Visitation at Paray le Monial. In she received a revelation from Jesus which included twelve promises to her and to those who practice a true devotion to His Sacred Heart. Vincent de P aul is the Patron on charitable workers. He was born in France inthe son of a peasant farmer and he became a priest at age He dedicated his whole life to the service of the poor and organized many lay people in groups of service to the homeless poor.

In the United States, many soup kitchens are outreach programs of the St. Vincent de Paul Society. Charles Bor romeo is the Patron Saint of catechists. He was an important figure in bringing about the reform of the Council of Trent. Money Managers are under the special protection of St. Matthew is the son of Alphaeus and lived on Lake Genesareth at Capernaum. He was a Roman tax collector, a position feared by all. Local people looked upon him as collaborating with the enemy. Nevertheless, Jesus invited Matthew to follow him.

Matthew preached among the Jews for 15 years in the East as well as in Ethiopia. He is the Patron Saint of accountants, bankers, bookkeepers, security guards and tax collectors.

Joseph of Cup ertino is a Saint who levitated and is known as the Patron Saint of aviators. He is also referred to as the "Flying Friar. His father was a poor carpenter and died before Joseph was born. He was born in a stable. At young age, Joseph had visions. As an apprentice shoemaker at age 17, Joseph applied for admittance to the Friars Minor Conventuals but he was refused. Then he applied to the Capuchins and was accepted in the year as a lay brother.

He didn't last long there due to his ecstasies. Subsequently he was admited to the Franciscan convent near Cupertino as a cleric student for priesthood and even though he could barely read was ordained to the priesthood at age Despite his lack of education, he had such a gift for spiritual knowledge and discernment that he could solve intricate questions. His life became a series of visions and ecstasies, which could be triggered any time or place by the sound of a church bell, church music, the mention of the name of God or of the Blessed Virgin or of a saint, any event in the life of Christ, the sacred Passion, a holy picture, the thought of the glory in heaven, etc.

Yelling, beating, pinching, burning, piercing with needles - none of this would bring him from his trances, but he would return to the world on hearing the voice of his superior in the order. He would often levitate and float which led to his Patronage of people involved in air traveland could hear heavenly music.

Astronomers often pray to St. Dominic feasday August 8th was born of wealthy Spanish nobility, studied in Palencia. He was a canon of the church of Osna. His lifelong apostolate was against the Albigensians especially in France. Founded the Order of Friars Preacher in He became a friend of St. Dominic is credited with invention if the Rosary. John Ber chmans is the Patron Saint of altar boys and girls.

His feastday occurs on November 26th and he was the son of a shoemaker, one of five children, three of whom entered religious life. He had a great devotion to his position as an altar boy. He spent much of his time caring for his mother, who was in poor health. He later was a novice and student at the Jesuit College at Malines.

The Saint studied and he died in Rome. Died of unknown causes following his participation in a public debate, and while clutching his rosary, crucifix, and rules. John Berchmans was not noted for extraordinary feats of holiness or austerity, nor did he found orders or churches.

He made kindness, courtesy, and constant fidelity an important part of his holiness. The path to holiness lies in the ordinary rather than the extraordinary. Tim othy feastday January 26 was a close personal friend of St. He was a missionary and the head of the Church at Ephesus. He was martyred in the year He is the Patron Saint of people with stomach disorders. An thony of Pad ua is also the Patron Saint of the poor. Anthony also known as the Evangelic Doctor feastday June 13 was a Franciscan priest.

When the remains of Saint Berard and his companions, the first Franciscan martyrs, were brought to be buried in his church, Anthony was moved to leave his order, enter the Friars Minor, and go to Morocco to evangelize. Shipwrecked at Sicily, he joined some other brothers who were going to Portiuncula.

Lived in a cave at San Paolo leaving only to attend Mass and sweep the nearby monastery. One day when a scheduled speaker failed to appear, the brothers pressed him into speaking. He impressed them so that he was thereafter constantly travelling, evangelizing, preaching, and teaching theology through Italy and France.

He was a gifted speaker, he attracted crowds everywhere he went, speaking in multiple tongues; legend says that even the fishloved to listen. One of the most beloved of saints, his images and statues are found everywhere.

Proclaimed a Doctor of the Church. Blaise whose feastday is February 3rd, was a physician and the Bishop of Sebaste, Armenia. He lived at a time when Agricola became the governor of Cappadocia and persecuted Christians. Agricola's huntsmen went into the forests of Argeus to find wild animals for their arena games and they found many waiting outside a cave Blaise was praying in.

Blaise was arrested and thrown into prison. While in prison he healed fellow prisoners including a child who was choking on a fish bone.

This led to the blessing of throats on his feast day. Benedict is the Patron against poisoning. He is the founder of western monasticism and is better known as Benedict of Nursia. His feastday is July He is the twin brother of Saint Scholastica. He studied in Rome and dismayed at the lack of discipline with fellow students went to live in a cave at Subiaco.

He founded a monastery at Monte Cassino where he wrote the rule for his order. Unhappy with his efforts, some monks tried to poison him. They were not succesful because the Saint blessed the cup of wine before drinking it and the cup shattered. Eventually he established twelve monasteries. He was born in Nursia circa and died March 21, Amand is the Patron Saint of innkeepers. He was a 6th century hermit and at age 20 his family tried to kidnap him and bring him home from his hermitage, but they failed.

He became Bishop of Maestricht and was given permission to wander and preach. He evangelized in France, Flanders, Carinthia, Gascony, and Germany, sometimes getting beaten by the locals. He founded several monasteries and convents. He is associated with brewers and vintners because he spent so much time preaching and teaching in beer and wine making regions. People who love the world around them, that is the environment, pray to St. Francis of A ssisi.

Francis was a 13th century founder of the Franciscan Order and its various branches for male, female religious and lay people who "talked to the birds. We celebrate his feastday on October 4th. Joseph is the earthly spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Foster and adoptive father of Jesus Christ. He was a carpenter and also a visionary who was visited by angels. Noted for his willingness to immediately get up and do what God told him.

He died prior to the Passion of Jesus. We pray to him for a happy and holy death. He is also the Patron Saint of those seeking to follow the interior life and of workers. He is Patron Saint of a great number of countries. Vitus is the Patron Saint of comical persons. Vitus was born in Sicily in the late 3rd century.

Francis and Clare, Saints of Assisi

After exorcizing the son of the anti-Christian Emperor, he was sentenced to death for sorcery. When lions were sent to maul him, they would only lick his feet.

He was then dropped into a cauldron of molten lead, from which some accounts say he sprung up "refreshed as if from a bath," while others state that as the means of his demise. Legend has it that at the very moment of his death, a torrential storm came and destroyed several pagan temples. It is believed that doing a dance in front of his statue on his feast day will ensure good health for a year. This is probably why he's associated with epileptics and comics. Vitus is also the Patron of dancers and one of the Patrons of actors; and he's invoked against dog bites, snake bites, lightning, storms, epilepsy and oversleeping.

His feast day is June For the grace of making a good confession, we may turn to St. He was born in in the southern Italian town of Muro. The son of a tailor, he himself became apprenticed to a tailor at the age of twelve, around the time of his father's death.

As he grew up, Gerard spent a lot of time in prayer and he developed a great love for God. He became known for his kindness to people and led a frugal life, so that he could share his earnings with the poor. When he we 23, a team of Redemptorists gave a mission in Muro. Gerard was so impressed by them that he decided, against the wishes of his family, to join the Order. The missioners, thinking that Gerard would not be able for the religious life because of his poor health, refused to accept him.

But Gerard persisted with his request and eventually left home to become a Redemptorist Brother. Gerard had won the love and devotion of many for the numerous miracles attributed to his intercession.

He is well known for his protection of expectant mothers and is recognised as Patron of Mothers and Babies. He is also venerated as Friend of the Poor and Saint of the Worker, and his special gift was as a friend and helper of those seeking to make a good confession.

Publishers and book sellers turn to St. John of God for protection. He was a shepherd and spent a wild youth travelling throughout Europe as a soldier and mercinary. After his conversion he sold pious books. After that, he began to care for the sick, poor and homeless. He founded the Order of Hospitalers. When you are bothered by insect bites, please pray for relief of the itch to St. He was a disciple of St.

Peter who travelled with him to Rome and he travelled with his cousin Saint Barnabas with St. He is also Patron Saint invoked against impenitence and the Patron Saintof attorneys, barristers, captives, stained glass workers, prisoners. Jewellers may turn for help to St. He was a skillful metalsmith. He was generous to the poor and he ransomed slaves. He built churches and a monastery and a major convent. Sufferers of jealousy may pray to St.

Elizabeth of P ortugal. Elizabeth was a queen b. She was known as a peacemaker.

st clare and francis of assisi relationship quiz

Against indiscretions, we pray to St. We also know him as the Martyr of the Confessional. While a child, cured the prayers of his parents who then consecrated him to God. Great preacher who converted thousands. Counselor and advocate of the poor in the court of Wenceslaus IV. Confessor to the queen, and taught her to bear the cross of her ill-tempered husband the king. Imprisoned for refusing to disclose the queen's confession to the king.

When he continued to honor the seal of the confessional. Symbol of Bohemian nationalism. Died 20 March ; burned, then tied to a wheel and thrown into the Moldau River; on the night of his death, 7 stars hovered over the placed where he drowned. Emygdius will protect us against earthquakes, when we ask for his intercession.

Herbert and relief of droughts go together. We celebrate his feastday on March 20th. He was a friend of St. Cuthbert and died with him in The Saint lived a hermit's life on the island in Lake Derwentwater which bears his name.

It is not entirely clear how St. Herbert became Patron of relief of droughts. Sebaldus helps us along in cold weather.

Clare of Assisi

He was a Benedictine hermit who worked with Saint Willibald. He died in c. For protection against bad weather, pray to St. He was Bishop, born in Salency, Picardy, and was ordained at thirty three, attained fame as a preacher and missioner, and became bishop of Vermandois in Anthony of Padua is the Patron Saint of a good harvest.

For those in the African Youth movements, St. Charles Lwanga is of special interest. Charles was Ugandan and we celebrate his feastday on June 3rd. He was martyred with 21 companions during the persecutions of King Mwanga in He was burned to death in Actresses could turn to St.

Pelagiawho is known as the "Beardless Hermit. Pelagia immediately converted, confessed, was baptized, turning away from her former life, she moved to Jerusalem and lived as a hermit the rest of her days.

If you're an actor, St. Genesius may intercede for you. His feastday is August 25th. He was hired to act in a play that made fun of Christian Baptism, and converted on stage. He refused to renounce his new faith, even at the emperor's orders and was martyred by Diocletian. He's the Patron Saint of actors, clowns, comics, dancers and several other professions. Victims of abuse may turn to St. Rita of Cascia for assistance.

We celebrate her feastday on May 22nd. Her parents, known as the "peacemakers of Jesus" had Rita late in life. Her parents had her married to an ill-mannered abusive man. She had two sons. The husband was stabbed to death, and after that, Rita, devoted to the Passion, entered a convent of Augustinian nuns.

In response to a prayer to suffer as Christ, she received a wound in her forehead caused by a crown of thorns and which bled for 15 years. The Patron Saint for those who oppose abortions is St. She is the daughter of St. Bridget and is also known as Catherine of Vadstena. She's never been formally canonized, but is venerated as a saint. She helped her mother in setting up the Order of Bridgettines.

He lived from He had to leave the Jesuit Novitiate because of ill health. He studied medicine and offered his services to the Jesuit missions in Canada. On the way to Ste. Marie, he and Isaac Jogues were captured and tortured. Mountain climbers pray to St. Bernard of Menthon for special favors.

Accountants are under the special protection of St. Thomas M ore is the Patron of Lawyers and attorneys. His feastday is on June 22nd. He was a devoted family man, the father of four children. He died inmartyred for his steadfast refusal to reject his faith. He is the Patron Saint of adopted children, difficult marriages and large families, as well as attorneys and lawyers. Christopher is the Patron Saint of travelers.

He was a man of great stature, who wished to serve the mightiest of rulers. It is rumored that one night he carried a little child on his shoulders across a river, but the child got so heavy that he could barely get accross. That child was Jesus and he had been carrying "the weight of the world.

Teresa of Avila came from Spanish nobility. She was crippled by disease in her youth but was cured after she prayed to St. At age 17, she entered the Carmelite Order. Uneasy about the laxity of the rule, she founded a reform convent. She was a mystic. She died in She was proclaimed a Doctor of the Church on 27 September. Roch is the Patron Saint of Invalids. He was a French noble who was sympathetic toward the poor and the sick.

He contracted the plague from people he was caring for. His feastday is August 16th. He died in Montpelier, France in The correct answer is the blind. Raphael is the Patron Saint of the blind. We celebrate this Archangel's feastday with St.

Michael on September 29th. He is one of the three angels known by name. In Scripture, we find the following reference to the Archangel Raphael: At that very moment Tobit returned and entered his house and Sarah the daughter of Raguel came down from her upper room.

Peregrine was initially an anti-Catholic. He was converted when St. Philip Benzini, whom he struck across the face, prayed for him. He joined the Servites in Siena. He suffered from cancer in his leg and the night before a scheduled amputation, he prayed and was healed. As a result, he is the Patron Saint of cancer patients. Jude is the Patron Saint of desperate or hopeless causes.

st clare and francis of assisi relationship quiz

Jude's feastday is on October 28th. He is the brother of James the Lesser and the nephew of Mary and Joseph, thus very closely related to Jesus. If you don't know where to turn, you could ask our Blessed Mother and St.

st clare and francis of assisi relationship quiz

Jude to intercede for you. John of G od celebrates his feastday on March 8th. He was a shepherd. He became a solder but in his 40's gave up the military and settled in Grenada, Spain, where he began to help the poor, homeless and the sick. He is the Patron Saint of alcoholics, heart patients, hospitals and hospital workers and some others. However, if I provided you with the total list, we'd be giving away answers to other questions!

Anthony of Padua is the Saint we pray to when we lose things. He is a doctor of the Church, and a revered follower of St. His feastday occurs on June 13th. Folks who are shipwrecked, starving, or oppressed also pray to him for intercession.

He is the Patron of Portugal, as well. In addition, he is the Patron of horses and donkeys.