Teddy and spencer relationship questions

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teddy and spencer relationship questions

Relationship problems, crazy school trips and that's just the beginning. All those questions I had about spencer just started exploding all at once in my brain . I knew my face was red because PJ came in the room and said, "Teddy, you ok?. When her parents aren't able to answer her many questions, Charlotte "Charlie" . Worried that Charlie is affecting her relationship with Spencer, Teddy decides . Theodora''Teddy'' Rebecca Duncan (born January 30, , age 24) was one of One of her notable boyfriends are, Spencer Walsh, who broke up with her.

teddy and spencer relationship questions

But Teddy is unsure if it's a good idea to meet. They haven't been dating for long, but they have already been talking about living together. They loved each other and Spencer, from the moment he laid his eyes on Teddy, knew he was going to marry that girl. He knew everything about her, so did she with him, or at least she knew a lot.

teddy and spencer relationship questions

Spencer thought he lost her when she moved and would never see her again. But, look, here they are together at last. After three months of dating, Teddy and Spencer tried to have sex with each other.

teddy and spencer relationship questions

But as Spencer was on top of her, memories of when she was raped flooded back to her and she freaked out. She knew this would probably happen because whens she first experienced sex, it was horrific.

Spencer, being the kindhearted man he is, understood her feelings. He kept telling her that she could trust him and nothing would happen to her as long as she was with him.

teddy and spencer relationship questions

They ended up not having sex that night, but they did try again a few weeks later. This time Teddy mentally prepared herself and kept reminding herself Spencer isn't and won't ever be like her rapist.

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She thought if she had one good experience with sex, she could probably forget about being raped and that horrific experience and actually enjoy it. Teddy didn't freak out this time. Spencer made sure throughout it she was okay and if she wanted to stop, he would understand.

He kept kissing her and assuring her she was okay.

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One night, when Teddy is over there, her family is on TV for a viral video, and Mr. Walsh makes fun of the Duncan's without knowing Teddy is the Duncans' daughter. Spencer stands up for Teddy and tells them that they are making fun of her family and that they are really nice people. The Walsh's apologize, and Teddy forgives them. Ivy sees what Spencer is doing and calls him a chicken. Teddy soon finds out and angrily storms away and performs with Emmett instead.

After several mishaps involving all the performers except PJ to get injured, Teddy and Spencer make up. Teddy soon starts to suspect something is up with Spencer when he comes up with excuses to not go to her house much.

Teddy goes to his work where he finds his arm around another girl, Skyler. Spencer sees Teddy and quickly gets up to talk to her. Teddy asks who she is, and he says that she is his cousin. Skyler and Teddy talk later on and find out that Spencer has been lying to both of them, saying they were both his cousin when he was dating both of them.

Spencer goes to her home for the first time. But because of the annoyance of her family, their study date is always interrupted, which irritates Teddy.

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Teddy tries to get her first kiss from Spencer, but he's busy hanging out with Emmett " Dance Off ". Spencer asks Teddy if she could wear his football jersey before the game, because it's a tradition for player's girlfriends. So that is their status: They also kiss at the end of the episode. Spencer and Teddy After this, Charlie bit Spencer. Ivy said it was a sign something fishy was up with Spencer. Teddy finds out he has been cheating on her with a girl named Skyler.

Spencer Walsh

This causes Teddy to break up with him " Girl Bites Dog ". However, he goes to the ski resort to apologize, where Teddy initially rejects him again.

Later in the episode, the two kiss while they become stuck in a stopped ski lift " Snow Show, Part Two ". Series Involvement Spencer is first introduced in the series premiere, " Study Date ". In the episode, Teddy has a study date with Spencer at the library, which she changes to the Duncan house after her mother says she can't go on the study date. Teddy tries numerous times to get closer to Spencer, but her family always interrupts and they never get to kiss.

In " Dance Off ", Teddy and Spencer are officially dating. At the school dance, Teddy takes Spencer and tries to kiss him for the first time, although Emmett interrupts their dance and ruins their night. On their way home, Ivy stalls Emmett and Teddy and Spencer share their first kiss. In ["[Duncan's Got Talent]]", Spencer and Teddy prepare to go to the talent show doing a dance together, but Teddy cannot dance and Spencer fakes an injured leg to get out of it. Once Teddy finds out, she decides to do a dance with Emmett instead, which turns out to be a disaster.

After believing the bite from Charlie would ruin their relationship, Teddy learns that Spencer was cheating on her by dating another girl named Skyler. They both break up with him, leaving Teddy heartbroken along with Spencer.

Before Teddy uploads the video of the song on the internet, Spencer comes to her house and apologizes.