Tidus and yuna relationship help

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tidus and yuna relationship help

So lets put aside that Tidus and Yuna don't have the perfect relationship. They apparently have issues just like any other couple. I hear they. But what I like about Tidus and Yuna's relationship is that it isn't the focus Bevelle, Tidus apologizes to Yuna and promises to help her defeat. It helps that the story is somewhat evolved around their relationship. I really like the idea that Tidus is a named derived from "tide," and Yuna is.

His interview with Gamestm. Along with the voice acting, characters were given more expressive faces to match the dialogue using skeletal animation technology and motion capture.

The Oracle Turret

While voice acting brought a new dimension to the game, it also produced one of the most cringeworthy moments in the franchise. Over time, certain voices became so familiar and iconic for fans.

tidus and yuna relationship help

Likewise, these voice actors have forever cemented their association with these beloved characters. Many of these long-time favorite animated comic book voice actors and actresses can be found behind the voices of the Final Fantasy X characters too.

Though limited to just their voices, many actors see more of themselves in the characters once the final movie is completed. In many animated films, specific characteristics of the voice actor are translated to their animated onscreen personas.

tidus and yuna relationship help

In the case of Final Fantasy X, however, the animation and graphics had already been completed by the Japanese production company so the characters themselves could not be altered.

Writers were provided with limited information about the original Japanese scripting, so they had more freedom to create their own unique story. Thanks to the creativity of the English writing team, though, they were still able to bring more personalized aspects of the actors to their animated counterparts.

While the addition of the full voice action brought more life and realism to the FF characters, it also brought more headache for the English voice actors.

With the production of Final Fantasy taking place in Japan, the dialogue was, of course, in Japanese. The issue was that the writers had to create scripting that not only matched the animated mouth movements of the characters but still accurately told the story of the game.

tidus and yuna relationship help

Also, the cadence difference in both languages made for many sections of dialogue that contained awkward pauses and characters speaking to themselves. A self-taught musician, Uematsu has single-handedly composed the moving scores for the first Final Fantasy game released in to Final Fantasy IX in While such would be positive if Yuna was unhappy with all aspects of who she was during X, that is decidedly not the case.

tidus and yuna relationship help

She still very much enjoys helping others and doing good for the world, which those around her seem to recognize even better than she does.

Having never fully regained a feeling of meaning during the two years she spent in Besaid, seeing the sphere of Tidus gives that back, goading her into becoming a sphere hunter to search for clues to the fate of her lost love.

Just as he could have been her purpose before, he suddenly is again, giving her something to strive for.

Final Fantasy X Lore ► Tidus' Origins Explained (Making The Ultimate Sacrifice)

Just as she must discover that adopting his behaviors wholesale does not reflect who she truly is, she must also realize that she cannot rely on him exclusively for her sense of self-worth. In making this discovery, Yuna comes to admit a hard truth: But nothing leads to you. Her decision to protect Spira is her own, not influenced by how she believes she should behave, and she demands to set the terms of how it will be done.

Why Tidus and Yuna are my favorite couple in gaming – VG Story Reviews

With the final battle against Shuyin who is, in a way, the culmination of her own internal struggles; he is at once the shadow that sent her on a fruitless pursuit of Tidus, and someone with whom she can empathize, having lost someone just as he hasthings finally click into place for Yuna, and her true self shines through.

Under certain circumstances, a very revealing scene occurs when Yuna leaves the final battle—as she crosses the Farplane to return to the surface, Tidus appears to her as a specter. Yuna then says that her love for him is still strong, but she no longer fears living a life without him: You were with me the whole time.

I kept thinking you might be, kept hoping.

Things You Never Knew About Final Fantasy X | ScreenRant

You will always have a place. While there are other possible endings wherein this scene does not take place, the sentiment applies across the board: Yuna no longer feels the need to chase after an image of Tidus, and rather than adopting an ill-fitting identity based on how others say she should behave, she finds meaning and purpose within herself.

Surely if he had not disappeared, she would not have experienced the identity crisis she did after X. After losing her faith and purpose in life, Yuna was set to turn to Tidus as an example on which to base her identity. He easily could have become her crutch as she adopted his mannerisms and character without being pushed outside her comfort zone.

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The name Tidus is derived from the Okinawan word tida, which means sun, while yuna means moon. However, with him gone, she is compelled to find her own source of light, left to the hard work of coming to terms with who she is as a person—and comes out the other side, shining with it. She is on uncertain ground, unsure where she will go from that one moment, the life she once knew long gone.

That, through many trials and great uncertainty—and a thousand or so costume changes—is exactly what she does. She can be with him, or without him, whatever her choice may be.

tidus and yuna relationship help

After all, it is her story.