Touma and misaka relationship quizzes

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touma and misaka relationship quizzes

Explore Henry nguyen's board "Misaka Mikoto" on Pinterest. | See more See more. Shirai Kuroko & Misaka Mikoto A Certain Magical Index, Kuroko, Anime Couples, Anime .. Kamijou Touma X Misaka Mikoto A Certain Scientific Railgun , A Certain Magical Index, Manga PlayBuzz Japanese Names Girl, Anime Quizzes. Misaka Mikoto slowly realizes her feelings towards Kamijou Touma, how growing feelings for Touma and their relationship as it progresses. misaka mikoto misaka touma touma x misaka Toaru Majutsu no Index Toaru Kagaku no Railgun. Touma and Misaka by alexpowerup Couples Cosplay, A Certain Scientific Railgun, PlayBuzz Japanese Names Girl, Anime Quizzes.

Using his spell again, he gathered the blade back, and used it to strike down the wall on them, forcing Touma to take Itsuwa to avoid the falling debris.

touma and misaka relationship quizzes

Here, Touma realizes that a member of God's Right Seat who is on the same level as Vento would not attack with just a blade, and became disturbed by him. Seeing this, Terra of the Left mocks him, and states to him that he should at least allow him to enjoy their little situation a but more even if what he is facing is the best Touma has.

Then, Touma and Itsuwa attacked simultaneously. Using his spell, Terra stopped the movements of Itsuwa's spear, stopping it in mid air. Touma attacks but Terra is faster, and the blade hits Touma's body but it does not cut him as he expected though he is still hurt by it. Touma then punched the guillotine that hit him and it is once again destroyed, causing Touma to think more about the implications of Terra's spell. As he regathers his flour, Itsuwa states that Terra's power is Precedence, to which Terra explains to her the symbolism used for his blade, the mythology associated with Christ's death, and it, being the reason why he has the Precedence spell.

It is based on the secret ceremonies required to complete the story of the Son of God is the alteration of the order of precedence, the Execution of Light, and flour he shapes into a blade as medium is a by-product.

After his explanation, he is confident that them despite knowing of how his abilities origins and mechanics, he can still defeat, and he was right.

touma and misaka relationship quizzes

He then gives them time to make a up a plan for his entertainment. Motoharu declares that he has cornered Terra of the Left now. He takes the handgun he took from Oyafune Monako a while back, and as he shot Terra, he quickly predicts what Terra was going to say for his spell.

Motoharu, confident that he can beat Terra, boasts that he can beat him and takes out a black origami figure, and Terra can only watch in silence. As Itsuwa relates to Touma that Motoharu wants them to go to the Palais des Papis at the same time Terra and Motoharu starts making their move, explosions ring out, the invasion of Avignon has begun. Academy City invasion of Avignon Although annoyed that his battle with Motoharu was interrupted, as he wanted more battlefield data for his precedence spell, Terra of the Left quickly escapes them during the attack by Academy City's HsPS Powered Suits.

Seeing that Academy City is simply attacking civilians, though non-lethally, dumbstrucks Touma, and reminds him of why Monaka may have asked her to help stop the protests in the first place.

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Itsuwa tries to check on Touma asking him if he is all right as she helps her out. Motoharu calls out to Touma and tells her to go to Palais des Papes. Touma asks if it's all right to leave without doing anything seeing as it is Academy City that is attacking, to which Motoharu says that going after Terra comes first, and that the Academy City forces are after the Document of Constantine as well.

Motoharu tells Touma and Itsuwa to go to the palace, seeing it as the only chance to destroy the document. Motoharu then says that he will stop the Academy City forces and negotiate with them.

There, he comes upon Touma and Itsuwa again, dismayed at the attacks stopping the spell, and says that are retreat would be the best option. Touma and Itsuwa obviously doesn't want him to leave, but mocks at their powerlessness, challenging them to stop him.

Touma and Itsuwa move first but Terra quickly uses his spell that forces Itsuwa to help Touma dodge Terra's attack, which tears apart the palace. Itsuwa then manages to strike Terra but he used his spell to make blades not work on his skin. The force of the attack knocks Itsuwa down taking Touma with her. She is hurt by the debris and Terra takes advantage of that fact, he makes flour have a higher precedence to human skin, swinging down his blade towards her.

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However, manages to destroy it before it reaches her. He tries again and Itsuwa just pushes Touma aside, making Terra miss. Terra mocks her for getting in Touma's way.

Itsuwa agrees, but says to Terra on how he has revealed his fatal weakness. Terra uses his Precedence again to make the ceiling collapse with his flour, forcing Itsuwa to hurriedly wedge her spear between the ceiling and floor.

Without her weapon Terra attacks her, hitting her body and knocking her out. The ceiling then returns to normal and Terra gloats over his victory.

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Later, after Touma has already defeated Terra and is interrogating him about what exactly Imagine Breaker is, an attack from an HsB blows the two of them away. Itsuwa regains consciousness and finds Touma again knocked out and injured by the explosions caused by the HsB Parts of the room are seen to have actually melted due to the sheer amount of heat and are covered in steam.

Itsuwa overhears a figure speaking just as she is about to start tending to Touma. The figure is speaking with one of the A terrified Itsuwa sees Accelerator in the scorching flames. She stays hidden, not knowing if the figure is friend or foe, steam giving her enough cover so as to not be seen.

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The figure leaves soon after to a deeper part of the palace. She states that she finds the figure, who can stand in flames like that, even more terrifying than Terra. Acqua of the Back Arc Two days before the start of the arc, the Anglican Church and Academy City both receive letters from Acqua of the Back threatening that he will crush Touma, and warns them that if they intend to stop him, then they must prepare to use all their power.

Moreover, he sends the corpse of Terra of the Left to the Anglican Church prove the letters' authenticity, and Itsuwa is then called to confirm Terra of the Left's identity, having fought him in Avignon. Because of this threat, the Amakusa Christians were sent to protect Touma, since they can be used as a scapegoat when things get bad and that since they're based on Japan it gives them a geographical advantage.

Itsuwa is first seen outside of Touma's school and discovers much to her surprise, a large man chasing Touma. Mistaking him to be Acqua of the Back as she has never seen him before, she tries to attack him.

The chase is brought to an end, and Saigo is apparently forced into a retreat due to "health" reasons, much to Touma's relief, allowing him get lunch. After class, Touma speaks to a saddened Itsuwa, embarrassed by her mistake.

Itsuwa asks Touma if he knows who Acqua of the Back is, to which he informs her that he has met him back in September Itsuwa later tells Touma that Acqua's target is him, saying that the Anglican Church and Academy City has received letters of challenge. Touma is doubtful with Acqua of the Back going after him after Vento of the Front telling him on how the Pope required many documents to have people attack Academy City.

Itsuwa points out that it is because that Touma had a hand in stopping their nefarious plots that they have Acqua of the Back after him. Itsuwa notes that the British Library is checking on his history, and though there is not much to go on, concludes that he must be powerful to be included in God's Right Seat and has the strength of a Saintand wishes for Kanzaki to aid them.

Itsuwa points out that fighting in Academy City should be a great advantage, as both Vento of the Front and Terra of the Left gave them opportunity to fight back due to interference of science. Still though, Touma says that he doubts that it would be that simple.

Itsuwa tries to reply but can only mince words and in a flustered states says that she will be protecting him as they have been given orders by the Anglican Church. Touma asks again why Itsuwa is there with him, as he does not believe what he has heard.

She then reiterates that she is his bodyguard. Meanwhile, the Amakusa Christians bored with Itsuwa's slow pace in getting together with Touma plans to have him plant his head plant on Itsuwa's breasts. Saiji and the other later leave quickly without a trace. Meanwhile, Itsuwa doesn't know what to do, she is flustered and tries to rub the part of Touma's head.

In order to fulfill her job, Itsuwa started to assemble her spear, and in order to stop her, Kamijou hugged her, leading to Mikoto becoming angry again, forcing Touma run around Academy City.

Itsuwa tries to explain to Index regarding God's Right Seat but is told to be quite about it by Touma around in Index as he doesn't want her involved. Itsuwa understands but is flustered after Touma took her away by the wrist. As Index becomes incensed, Itsuwa notices Sphynxand gives it high-class cat food as a present. Touma notices the various foodstuffs in Itsuwa's bag, to which she claims is that despite her being a bodyguard, she shouldn't just eat and drink for free, telling Touma to entrust her with the housework.

The atmosphere completely changes as Touma becomes enthusiastic, much to Index's surprise. He shows Itsuwa the wok for her to use Itsuwa's presence greatly lightens Touma's mood. Touma gave her a whistle to use whenever she is in trouble and he will come to help her she keeps that whistle with her even at the current time Now here is the super sad part after there many fated meetings Misaki fell in love with Touma they hanged out together very often i think she even invited him to her dorm room not sure though but then the tragedy happened Misaki was targeted by some group of i don't remember the name but they were like skill out and hated espers she was about to get killed but Touma protected her from them but then there was a moment where he had to directly shield her from an attack using his body, which left him bady injured, the paramedics said he wont make it to the hospital without anesthesia which was not available at the time.

So Misaki used her powers to cut the connection of the nerves of the pain receptors but she forgot to tell the medics that her power works on the principal of altering the body fluids cerebrospinal fluid- I am a medical student so i know and this cost her the Ultimate price. Touma got well but he lost all memories of her moreover to add to the injury he can't make new memories with her either.

The doctors gave up and told Misaki now only a miracle can help her. The current Misaki is waiting for that miracle to happen. I find it highly ironic that she is hoping for a miracle to happen to the one who is the ultimate destroyer of all miracles.

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This is the reason she is not in good terms with Misaka. Whenever Misaki sees her hanging out with Touma she remember how exactly like that she used to hang out with him not the zapping part so you know, you can imagine how bad it must feel that now Misaka is taking away her prince.

touma and misaka relationship quizzes

She trusts him the most and helps him from behind the shadows. She is the only girl that has kissed Touma on the forehead though but it still counts.