Troy and annie relationship poems

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troy and annie relationship poems

Community Quotes - Every line ever said from NBC's Community. Duncan: Let's do this. [Door closes]. Annie: Hi, everyone. Hi, troy. Hi, abed. Abed: Hi. Annie: Hi, senor chang. . It's getting a little relationship-y. And he gave me something. See more ideas about Community tv show, Troy and Annie community. Community quote Jeff Winger Community Quotes, Movie Quotes, Troy, Annie Jump back into life at Greendale with this handy-dandy relationship chart about our. Troy has her pushed back against the table and Annie's hands are he has seriously underestimated Annie's attachment to this relationship.

Wild West A J fanfic, because how could I not? A brief glimpse at Abed's thoughts as the group looks at one another as potential sexual prospects. Set during Romantic Expressionism. I found a fic that was written years ago that only had one chapter so I decided to finish it. That fic was by Brizdyn.

The 7th chapter is the last. T - English - Romance - Chapters: Emotional Intelligence and the Side Effects of Optimism by albatross9 It's the start of their fourth year at Greendale, but Jeff is a bit too preoccupied with the secret he and Annie have been keeping to be excited about graduating early. Despite Annie's optimism, Jeff is afraid that if everyone finds out about them that the group will never be the same.

Man, it sucks to always be right. Britta has her face on the floor, lying down next to her seat at the study table. K - English - Chapters: Until one day when someone gets drunk and Abed's world is turned upside down. Can Annie calm him down? Can she let him know how much she loves him?

K - English - Romance - Chapters: A lot has changed since their Greendale days. It takes place in February ofor what would've been February of Season 5. We'll all be in class together again next year. I was afraid…" An odd look crosses her face but she shakes it off, "But it doesn't matter.

The study group will live on! Well dammit, Annie was sort of right. It's the middle of the summer and he misses his Spanish Group of Misfit Toys. For one brief moment he looks at his phone and considers calling Britta or Abed or Troy or Shirley or Annie or even… Pierce. In the end though he just shoves his phone between the couch cushions, watches a Real Housewives Marathon and only leaves the house later for his spray tan appointment.

She drunk dials him. It turns out though that she's at Britta's where they're having a girl's night he would pay good money to be a fly on the wall at that party and she'll spend the night on the couch if she can't drive.

They called to ask me if my refrigerator was running. Jeff falls asleep with the sound of Annie's giggle tumbling around in his brain - he reminds himself to talk to Britta about supplying underage pill addicts with alcohol. Three things of total inconsequence happen during the next semester: He and Michelle are out to dinner and he's telling her about Pierce's Botox injections.

Britta was doing a generational study in her psychology class and had asked Pierce to participate as a member of the older generation. Pierce had, of course, been offended and had shown up the next day to school in skinny jeans and an Ed Hardy tee-shirt. Even more horrifying than that — he had been to a cosmetologist for Botox injections. He spent the rest of the week looking surprised at everything.

troy and annie relationship poems

Everyone else spent the week just trying not to stare. Britta had apologized profusely. But Michelle's laughing too hard about it all and suddenly it's not as funny as it had been earlier and he's irritated for the rest of the night.

He runs into Annie at the grocery store. Or rather, he's about to turn into the cereal aisle when he sees her there, comparing the nutritional facts on two kinds of Raisin Bran. He almost doesn't recognize her because she's not wearing makeup and her hair is pulled back in a pony tail and she's wearing sweats like she just got out of the gym.

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He turns around and walks away. He's pretty sure there's a stale box of Cheerios in his pantry anyway III. His English teacher is one of those creative types that wants the class to write poems about their feelings towards literature. After the class reads Frankenstein she instructs them to write about coming to consciousness — "Think of the things that made you wake up to this world like a butterfly emerging from it's cocoon.

He spends the next fifteen minutes trying to figure out why. For her twentieth birthday they go bowling. It's dorky and ridiculous and Shirley makes them wear party hats but it's actually a lot of fun and Annie throws her arms around his neck when she bowls a strike. He walks her to her car at the end of the night It's a questionable neighborhood and Abed left in Troy's car and Brita left in Shirley's and Pierce is Pierce and it's just a matter of safety.

Annie's doing that "happy beaming Annie" thing that she does and Jeff's smiling down at her and it's only natural really when she pops up on her toes and presses a kiss just to the corner of his mouth. That's all it is. His head turns, his lips sliding against hers and suddenly he's got her pressed up against the car, gasping into his mouth.

She grips his arms and kisses him back kisses him back and it's only when her leg starts to hitch up against his hip that they both stop. They stay like that for a moment — pressed together, his hands at her waist — breathing, until he brushes another kiss to her jaw line and whispers in her ear, "Happy Birthday. He breaks up with Michelle two days later. These two events are NOT related. It's a sunny Thursday afternoon when Jeff walks in the library to find Annie in Troy's arms.

Troy has her pushed back against the table and Annie's hands are fisted in his collar and she's making the same soft noises he heard her make back on the night they went bowling. They don't notice him so he silently turns right back around, almost running into Abed. Abed, who is looking like someone just ran over his puppy.

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Jeff throws his arm around his shoulders and says, "Come on buddy, let's go get some ice cream. Except that Troy has a little bit more of a jaunt to his step and sometimes the two of them are found cuddling on the couch in the library, or in the cafeteria, our outside classrooms. But Annie is really happy. So that's the upside. Jeff and Britta have sex. He's bored one night and somehow he finds himself calling Britta, and she's answering and a half an hour later they're doing shots at a seedy bar with a bunch of twenty-one year old frat boys.

They get drunk enough that they can't drive and it only seems natural to give the cab driver one address and then to start making out in the backseat. They're laughing and arguing and kissing as they stumble into Jeff's apartment and the last thing Jeff remembers is Britta saying, "This is probably a bad idea. He wakes up to Britta muttering and trying to jam her boot back onto her foot. I have to go.

Jeff smacks his head back into the headboard. Annie and Troy broke up. Apparently, Troy broke up with her because he really didn't think it would be a huge deal and he's kind of into this girl that works at his gym and he has seriously underestimated Annie's attachment to this relationship.

Needless to say, Annie did not handle this well. Jeff has the sudden image of a boiled bunny rabbit that makes him shudder. Britta and Shirley have taken her to dinner and consoled her but they're both worried and when Shirley tells him this there's a hint of "now it's your turn" in her voice.

It's not exactly in Jeff's wheelhouse to deal with emotional twenty-year-old girls women but he texts her that night and forty-five minutes later they're sitting in his car in the deserted school parking lot.

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She's in the passenger seat with her head against the window. But then she laughs, "But you're Jeff. You can't und-" Jeff sighs and interrupts her, "Annie, you know what my problem is? I don't care about anything.

troy and annie relationship poems

You on the other hand, you care about everything. So…" She picks her head up and shakes it, looking at him firmly. You care…" He holds up his hand, "Nope. I care about nothing. You made a fool of yourself for Pierce. But then something breaks and she starts to giggle, her hand pressed to her mouth. Sex with me is not funny. He watches her, smiling. You know I love you Jeff. The car is warm "And thank you.

For the record, I think it's pretty cool how much you care about everything. Don't change that just because… for anything. When he pulls away her eyes are closed and she smiles softly before leaning forward and capturing his lips again.

It's weird because it's not weird and it's just a comforting kiss between friends but it's not… "I'm still not having sex with you," she whispers against him. He laughs and leans back into his seat, turns the key in the engine. You do care about something. So things are weird when they return for their third year.

Britta and Jeff are awkward around each other she still won't look him in the eye and Annie and Troy really aren't speaking.

Pierce keeps making inappropriate comments like, "What is this, a swingers club? There's a weird tug in his stomach though when Jeff sees Troy across the cafeteria and they just nod at each other and then eat at different tables.

Or when Britta pulls in next to him one morning in the parking lot and they have a stilted, "Hey, what's up? That's cool" kind of conversation. The only one Jeff has class with is Annie. They pair up to work on an oral presentation about Aztec Rituals. She's the only one he knows in the class and she'll probably do most of the work anyway so… They agree to meet in the library but when Jeff gets there Annie's standing in the doorway just looking at the empty table and everything just seems wrong.

With a hand at her elbow he guides her outside and they work at a table in the main quad. For the rest of the week they either meet at the cafeteria or near the snack stand or at the closest coffee shop off campus - avoiding that room in the library at all cost.

They do the presentation They get an A and Jeff was right, Annie did do most of the work but they continue to meet and study together anyway. The year passes quietly. He and Annie don't have class together anymore and their schedules are completely different but they still meet for coffee every Tuesday morning it's just ritual, he's used to it, it doesn't mean anything. Sometimes she nags him about skipping classes how does she even know?

But mostly they just talk about things like Annie contemplating moving out of her parent's house or Jeff's uncertainty about whether or not he even wants to go to law school anymore or how they both secretly miss Senor Chang's teaching style. For her twenty-first birthday Annie doesn't want a party because what does the occasion really mean to someone who's already been in and out of rehab?

Plus things are weird without the whole group and she still hangs out with Shirley or Britta on occasion but it's not the same. Jeff skips one of his morning classes so he can run to the store.

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When he sets a purple frosted cupcake with a single candle in front of her at lunch Annie looks like she's going to cry so he quickly lights the wick and says, "Don't expect me to sing. Piece collapses at home one night about two weeks later.