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[1] See also List of Delhi cricketers References "Akash Malhotra". of the family and is always there to give advice to her children and grandchildren. Bhandari Prem Bhatia Rajat Bhatia Vishal Bhatia Manohar Bhide Bhupinder . However, when obstacles arise leading and the marriage is called off on the last more. paper on customer relationship management practices; Incorporating social . Pranshuman Parashar, Manish Kumar Singh, Chanda Gulati and Alka Malhotra found out that before purchasing durable product consumer used to irrational use of antibiotics and painkillers or to increase prenatal counseling. As part of the program, BPA contacts and builds relationships with public It offers pre- employment services, supplemental education, counseling and . The film stars Dilip Kumar, Waheeda Rehman, Manoj Kumar, Simi Garewal and Pran. . caper thriller film directed by Vishal Bhardwaj and featuring Shahid Kapoor.

Summing up, despite certain weaknesses in the script, Insaaf Ka Mandir is overall a good and entertaining movie which is able to satisfy the audience of all the categories though at the crux of it, it's an emotional drama.

Real life pair — Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bhaduri have been cast together in many movies including classics like Abhimaan and Zanjeer as well as multi-starrers like Sholay and Chupke Chupke. But my personal favourite movie in which tall Amitabh and short Jaya were cast opposite each other is Ek Nazar which got released in I have watched this socio-romantic movie which contains a murder and a bit of mystery also, many times on satellite channels, yet I am never tired of watching it again and again, not for the sake of any message or inspiration or likewise, but for sheer entertainment and Amitabh-Jaya on-screen chemistry which is magical perhaps because of the off-screen chemistry between them.

He is better known for his path-breaking bold movies like Chetna and Zaroorat. In this movie he has directed a good story in such a good manner that the engrossing narrative coupled with the good performances and highly melodious songs has become a very good watch for the audience.

Thoroughly entertaining and leaving a good feeling after it is over. The plot belongs to a courtesan Shabnam Jaya Bhaduri who is a big fan of a Shaayar Akash Amitabh Bachchan who is actually the son of a big lawyer. One more family is in the scenario which is the family of Akash's friend Ashok Raza Murad who is also a young lawyer and the son of a judge.

A meeting of Akash and Shabnam leads to a highly fragrant romance between them. However this romance is not acceptable to Ameena Bai Nadira who is the guardian of Shabnam and owner of that Kotha.

One distant relative of Ashok's mother — Deepak Sudhir is also visiting the Kotha in the disguise of a Nawab. In Akash's house also, this relationship is opposed, leading to his leaving his home and residing with a friend who runs a restaurant.

Subsequent events flow in such a way that Ameena Bai is murdered and Shabnam is charged and tried for her murder. The court-room drama that follows the murder, ultimately leads to the happy ending of the story. The screenplay is very good and the thoughtful direction and good editing has made the movie thoroughly gripping for a viewer to watch. The melodious music serves as the icing on the cake.

Though almost all the songs are simply excellent, special mention is deserved by Patta Patta Boota Boota Haal Hamara Jaane Hai whose first two lines have been borrowed from the classic ghazal sung by the legendary singers like Mehndi Hassan and Ghulam Ali.

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Kishore Kumar and Lata Mangeshkar have sung the ear-soothing songs of the movie which do not hinder the flow of the story, instead they support it and add to its strength. Amitabh and Jaya have delivered very good performances, courtesy their real life romance in that time.

The supporting cast has also done well. I will specially mention firstly for the actor who has played Amitabh's restauranteer friend his is a lovely and admirable performance indeed and secondly for Raza Murad whose debut movie it is. Raza Murad looks very young and he has delivered a knock-out performance in his meaty role. Bollywood did not do justice to this highly talented actor in the later years of his career.

He is an awesome actor all the same. The director has managed to maintain curiosity throughout the movie despite the fact that the murderer can be guessed by the audience. The motive and the background of the murder remains the mystery which is resolved only in the climax. It is a good entertainer by all means. The use of drawings and water colour paintings in the court-room climax for narrating the flash back events, is a commendable example of directorial creativity and imagination.

I will continue to watch Ek Nazar whenever I get opportunity and I recommend it to all the Amitabh-Jaya fans as well as the people interested in watching a gripping socio-thriller with a good dose of romance. Jazbaa is termed as the copy of a Korean movie Seven Days While all the reviewers are singing in chorus that Jazbaa is the Indian version of Seven Days, not a single one is pointing out that Seven Days itself could be inspired by the Bollywood movie - Daag The Fire.

The scripts are different, no doubt but the theme and the undercurrent is the same. Jazbaa is looked upon as a thriller based on the issue of rape but in fact, the real theme of Jazbaa is different. It's the story of a corrupt lawyer whose personal tragedy proves as an eye-opener for her. Then who is a copycat? Is the maker of Jazbaa only who has unfortunately earned the ill-repute of lifting stories of his movies from foreign movies?

But the thief is always the one who gets caught. Whosoever knows the trick of the trade, i. Now for the assessment of Jazbaa. It's a quality suspense-thriller though the filmmaker, i. As clarified in the opening para of this review, Jazbaa is the story of a corrupt lawyer Aishwarya Rai who takes the cases of the outlaws and the guilty only in order to earn handsomely which is not possible by fighting for some cause or ensuring justice to innocents.

However when her daughter is kidnapped, this lawyer who is a single mother, finds the world as upside down for her. With the help of her silent lover who is a suspended cop Irrfanshe pays the ransom not in cash but in kind which is to get a convict of rape and murder free from not only the gallows but also prison.

The bulk of the story goes in the efforts of this lawyer-cum-bereaved mother and her silent lover. On one hand, they are busy in arranging evidences in favour of the convict, on the other, they are busy in searching for the kidnapped child. What happens in the end, proves to be an eye-opener for the corrupt lawyer. Though the director Sanjay Gupta has not done proper justice to the good stuff at his hand, the movie is nevertheless gripping right from the word 'go' to the climax.

The issue of rape is imposed on the script and the data of this crime given in the end are useless and irrelevant.

Actually the focus should have been on the corruption in the profession of law when reputed lawyers become defense counsels for the people guilty of heinous crimes like rape and murder for the sake of getting exorbitant fees from their clients. But the director has not done so. There are 'n' number of plot-holes and untied loose ends alongwith inconsistencies and contradictions in the script and many things are not clarified till the very end, the most prominent of which is the mastermind's getting complete information of every move of the lawyer after the kidnapping of her daughter.

How could it be possible? Sanjay Gupta may be knowing. The audience couldn't make it out even after watching the complete movie. Besides, Sanjay Gupta only must be knowing the relevance of the title of this movie which has nothing to with its story. All the same, the movie works because of its pace. The fast pace of the narrative does not give any time to the audience to pause and think.

The viewer just keep on watching while holding his breath. Besides, this is not a pure thriller. The suspense element has been kept intact till the climax which is a big achievement of the director. No songs are required in this type of movie because songs only interrupt the flow of the fast-moving narrative. This is termed as the comeback movie of Aishwarya Rai and her admirers are going gaga over her performance in this movie. However though the aging actress is quite beautiful even in her forties and post motherhood in her real life, her performance is so-so only.

Those who are admiring her performance are not able to differentiate between acting and shrieking. Despite being a heroine-centric movie, Irrfan takes the cake as far as the clapping and accolades of the audience are concerned. However it's Shabana Aazmi who is the best performer though she is definitely miscast for the role of the mother of a teenager being in her sixties, she straightaway looks as the grandma of a teenager.

While advising all the reviewers to check the facts properly before terming any Indian movie as a copy of some foreign movie because almost all are copycats now including both the Indian and the foreign filmmakers sending originality for a toss, I recommend this fast-paced engrossing movie to all those who are fond of suspense-thrillers.

It will prove to be no less than a roller-coaster ride for them. The extra-ordinary composer and lyricist who was in a league of his own, has left for his heavenly abode on But he will always live in the hearts of lovers of music and Hindi poetry.

He was near blind by birth but never allowed his physical deficiency to overpower his inborn talent. He was not only a composer sticking to melody and Indian classical as well as folk music but also a brilliant Hindi poet and that's why many of his compositions are based on the lyrics penned by him only.

His works, both as a composer and as a lyricist, radiate the fragrance of Indian soil. After starting his journey in Bollywood from composing a song inthe first big break that he got was Saudagar made by the prestigious Rajshri banner of Bollywood.

Since then he became a regular music composer of the Rajshri banner whose movies always followed the tradition of simplicity and Indianness under the leadership of late Tarachand Barjatya, its founder. Later he composed music for the highly popular mythological serials like Raamayan and Krishna also. Talented singers like K. Yesudaas and Hemlata were given opportunities to sing for Hindi movies by him only.

While paying my tribute to this unique and highly talented artiste, I am presenting my review of an old Hindi movie whose songs were composed by him.

This simple but lovely movie made by the Rajshri banner only is Tapasya Saagar Verma Parikshit Saahni but when the two are just about to tie the sacred knot with the consent of their guardians, Indu's life takes a sudden tragic turn when her father passes away and the motherless family has none except Indu to look to.

The tale of Tapasya is nothing but Indu's sacrifice for her younger siblings who were going through their childhood at the time of their father's demise.

The elder sister plays the role of both mother and father for her younger sisters and brother only to come across their selfishness and ungratefulness years later.

Her sacrifice is equally matched by the sacrifice of her beau Saagar who waits for her for years and years allowing his youth to pass with bachelorhood forced on him. Indu's Tapasya ends when she gets united with Saagar in the end. The movie has a North Indian setting but the story has been penned by a Bangla authoress, the screenplay has been written and directed by a Bengali director and the pivotal role has been played by an actress originally from Bengal only.

Thus the total environment has a subtle Bengali touch. The movie is a low budget simple one but strikes a chord in the audience's hearts. It touches and moves. It inspires and strengthens self-belief as well as the belief in the great Indian tradition of sacrificing own happiness for the sake of the family. Except some melodrama at certain places and following the wrong notion of well-educated and well-off females being selfish and ill-mannered, the movie is natural all the way right from start to finish.

I have a great respect for the director Anil Ganguly who has also directed gems like Kora KaagazTrishna and Humkadam He has done full justice to the story of the eminent Bangla authoress in his dual capacity of script-writer as well as director. Besides, nowhere has he deviated from the laudable Rajshri tradition of simplicity and a respect for the Indian family values.

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This simple movie keeps the viewers engrossed because the Indian middle class audience can easily relate to it. In those days at least, the belief of the Indian audience in the Indian family values as well as the life virtues was intact now it has got diluted to a great extent in the wake of consumerism. That's also one reason that this well-presented story won the hearts all over the nation.

In the promotion of the movie, there was a caption on the posters - 'Raakhee in the role she was born to play'. And Raakhee's mind-blowing performance in the pivotal role proves this assertion right. She virtually lived her role of Indu and quite deservingly won the Filmfare award for the best actress for her performance. Always an underrated actor - Parikshit Saahni is not far behind and he has lent able support to Raakhee in this heroine-centric movie.

All others have also done their parts well. Now for the music. The beautiful lyrics of various songs have not been penned by Ravindra Jain as has been the case with many of his movies. The lyricist is the dialog-writer of this movie - M. Prevalence of MS was estimated by using the consensus deinition. Compared to females, males had higher Framingham score 1.

Vishal Malhotra: Pran uncle told me to be true to myself" Vishal Malhotra - Times of India

Hence, there is a need to screen the patient of schizophrenia for the same and manage the same as early as possible during the course of illness. Cardiac risk factors and metabolic syndrome in patients with schizophrenia admitted DOI: Indian J Psychiatry Cardiovascular risk in schizophrenia Framingham risk equation score, provides a validated in a subgroup of this cohort was published earlier.

Assessments Few studies have assessed the future risk of cardiovascular Calibrated scales were used to measure body weight events in the patient of schizophrenia. They also reported that In the Clinical Antipsychotic Trials of Intervention standing. If BP was found than the general population 9. Fasting in a later study too. Framingham risk equation[9] of the Institute. Informed consent was sought from all evaluates the chances of developing cardiovascular disease. It includes fatal and with the patient was approached for the informed nonfatal events such as angina, myocardial infarction, consent.

The score is estimated on the basis of age, the inpatient unit from January to December gender, total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, systolic arterial and diagnosed with schizophrenia according to the pressure, diabetes mellitus and smoking habit. Higher percentage score indicates and Diagnostic Guidelines 10th revision[18] were invited to higher risk and the percentage scores are categorized participate in the study.

The details of all subjects were recorded in structured formats. SCORE function[13] estimates the risk for CVM risk including Patients were enrolled in the study during their first coronary death, sudden death, stroke, aortic aneurism, admission in the study period.

It takes into account the age, gender, total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, systolic Data pertaining to the prevalence of metabolic syndrome arterial pressure, and smoking habit. In this study, patients Education years Frequencies with percentages were Diagnostic subtypes calculated for nominal and ordinal variables and mean, and Paranoid 78 For Receiving antidepressantb 18 SCORE value was 1. Olanzapine was the most commonly prescribed Compared to females, significantly higher proportion of antipsychotic [Table 1].

Very few patients were receiving males were smoker Most commonly prescribed U value Metabolic parameters Cardiovascular risk factors Details of the anthropometric findings and physical Prevalence of various CVR factors is shown in Table 2.

Increased waist circumference was the most smoker and high cholesterol level. Cardiovascular risk in schizophrenia Table 2: However, the mean age of the study groups was The study antipsychotic contribute to the development of MS in was also constrained by the lack of validation of the patients with schizophrenia. This indicates a disparity between the prevalence of MS and CHD rates To conclude, the present study suggests that about compared to findings from the West.

Therefore, the CHD schizophrenia in patients from India may be less than that risk and CMR risk estimated in this study serve as crude reported from the West.

However, although the CVR factors composite indices of the various factors affecting CVR in Indian patients is less than that reported from the west, factors rather than as accurate estimates of absolute risk, this risk cannot be ignored.

These findings suggest that similar to an earlier study in the diabetic population of patients of schizophrenia should be closely monitored for the capital of India. In terms of severity of risk, and how to manage the same.